Simplify your Patent Research & Analysis:
With Role-Based IP Analytic Workflows

The Most Advanced Semantic & AI Technology for Your Intellectual Property Research Objectives

Skylight ip is the simple application (“App”) that unlocks a gateway to the collection of patent data, royalty rates, license agreements and custom curated non-patent literature.  The heart of the App harnesses the power of semantic search technology and returns relevant data to meet your information needs.

When searching the United States Patent and Trademark Office and European Patent Office patent filings, information to help answer questions such as who the market participants are, what patterns of activity or innovation are evident, any evidence of prior art and patent status is returned.  A unique grouping feature offers you the capability to cluster patents by similar assignments, citations, claims, application date, CPC classifications, applicant countries, patent status and the like for increased scrutiny.

This App’s unique one search to many information sources feature simultaneously returns relevant royalty rates, license agreements and knowledge from the RoyaltySource intellectual property database and custom curated non-patent literature.  Access to these sources increase information offering you the opportunity to expand competitive intelligence, observe contract language and license terms and expand market participant prospects.