Simplify your Patent Research & Analysis:
With Role-Based IP Analytic Workflows

The Most Advanced Semantic & AI Technology for Your Intellectual Property Research Objectives


Simple & Intuitive with Powerful ANALYTICS: No Training Required

You don’t need a pilot’s license to get behind the controls of Skylight!

Skylight provides Virtual Research Assistants that ask you questions to collect input criteria that is relevant to your specific use case.  You don’t need to interpret what to input and how to run and filter queries.

The analytic logic is built into the workflow, you simply provide the relevant topical descriptions or categories; exemplar patents and relevant organizations that are specific to your research objective.

Skylight IP is the simple application that unlocks a gateway to collections of patent data, royalty rates, license agreements and custom curated non-patent literature.  Skylight harnesses the power of semantic search technology and returns relevant results to meet your information needs.

Get Analysis That is Aligned to Your Specific Research Objective

Don’t Settle for Search Solutions that Require You to do ALL of the Analysis!

SkyLight’s Virtual Research Assistant Provides Targeted & Timely Insights, Including:

  • Clustered Categories – not a list of results that you are then required to organize
    • A list of Organizations/Assignee’s
    • List of Inventors represented within the cluster
    • Drill down to our Patent Reader to review full patent text of all patents in a cluster
  • Timeline Graphics showing trends at the cluster & organization level
  • Related Content Tab – Discover Non-Patent Literature related to IP in the cluster
  • Ability to export results to CSV for additional analysis or import to 3rd party applications
  • Option to Save your analysis parameters to quickly re-run a report

Skylight’s unique one search to many information sources feature simultaneously returns relevant royalty rates, license agreements and knowledge from the RoyaltySource intellectual property database.  Access to these sources provides the opportunity to expand competitive intelligence, observe contract language and license terms and expand market participant prospects.


IPSCIO’s Search & Clustering Technology utilizes proprietary machine learning algorithms to quickly find and organize the most relevant content.

The patented semantic search technology is being used daily by leading enterprises and top IP law firms, you may be using right now as part of leading IP Search Platforms.

But now for the first time – you can get access directly from the developer – to this powerful technology coupled with our advanced clustering technology that is built right into our simple workflows.

Get Access to the most powerful IP Semantic Search & Clustering Technology Available!


SkyLight’s Approach is to Create Objective Centric Use Cases that Answer Questions Relevant to Specific Roles of Users Within the IP Landscape.

Our Current Roles Include:

  • IP Strategist: focus on strategic portfolio analysis and competitive analysis
  • Licensing Executive: use cases focused on identifying licensing or sale candidates
  • Portfolio Manager: workflows designed to save time on routine tasks such as patent renewal analysis and shaping disclosure objectives and priorities
  • HR Staff: Research top inventors in specific technology areas to support retention and recruitment efforts

Workflows significantly increase ease of use & accuracy of results!

  • EXPLORE our Current Roles and Specific Workflows

Additional Roles and Workflows are in Development
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