RoyaltySource + Non-Patent Literature + Patents

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At the center of this collection of Non-Patent Literature is the RoyaltySource® intellectual property dataset.  Included are license and purchase agreements focused on IP sourced from public documents filed with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission over the last 20 years.

The RoyaltySource dataset is composed of transaction information such as:

  • A summary of the property licensed or purchased
  • Compensation details, including royalty or lump-sum payments
  • Names of the parties to the agreements
  • Deal structure
  • Full text agreements/contracts

Access to supporting literature continues to expand your insight into the economic, industry, business and technology forces that play on IP validation, development, value and commercialization.  Source types include:

  • Open Access & Premium Journals
  • Technical Standards
  • Industry specific websites, news sites and associations
  • Company websites that include technical product information