IPSCIO RoyaltySource® (Royalty Rates Database)

Reliable data

RoyaltySource® has been the go-to royalty rate database - the first of its kind - since its founding in 1997, based on 30 years of experience in the IP Management Industry. It was the founding of this brand that opened our internally-used data records available for public sale. IPSCIO emerged out of this service in order to meet the growing demands and service needs of IP manager & litigators - extending beyond royalty rate data.

IPSCIO RoyaltySource® takes the extra step to ensure you are receiving relevant data, free of duplicates. Our experts have decades of experience screening source documents, news articles and release statements, to ensure you are receiving accurate and reliable data. We apply proprietary algorithms and expert curation to ensure your search leads to royalty rate data relevant to your search.

Free access

Our royalty-rate database is accessed by simply entering a keyword into the search-bar above. If you require assistance in determining where to look for your project’s needs, we encourage you to reach out to our specialists operating the legacy RoyaltySource "search request" service at RoyaltySource.com.

Regardless of how your search is conducted, you are able to review the results. For all IPSCIO data purchases, the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. View IPSCIO RoyaltySource® pricing, here. Please note that RoyaltySource.com users will be charged a $100 search fee if no results are selected. For more info on RoyaltySource.com pricing, click here.