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IPSCIO provides royalty rates for all intellectual property including patents, technology, trademarks, copyrights, right of publicity.  We report transactions across all industries collected from public documents filed with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission over the last 20 years.

Four ways to access royalty rate data are available depending upon your purpose and need for detail.

  1. Annual Summary of general benchmark measures include average, median, maximum, minimum and the interquartile range in our Annual Summary.
  2. Industry Overviews present license party profiles and a more in-depth analysis of the general royalty rate benchmark measures and high-level deal terms by licensee product.
  3. Pre-Built Royalty Rate Reports are constructed using Artificial Intelligence to organize the most relevant technology and trademarks into collections of similar license agreements.

The Pre-Built Royalty Rate Reports return transaction information such as:

  • A summary of the property licensed or purchased
  • Compensation details, including royalty or lump-sum payments
  • Names of the parties to the agreements
  • Deal structure
  • Full text agreements