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Category: Business Manufacturing, Subcategory: Energy, Created On: 2021-01-27, Record Count: 4


This Trademark collection includes royalty reports related to business facing trademark licenses related to the energy industry.
This unique collection of trademark transactions and supporting information was developed using our AI algorithm to curate similar royalty reports into a cohesive collection to support your licensing, transfer pricing or other transaction scenarios where documented royalty rates and/or deal terms are important.
Category: Business Manufacturing
Subcategory: Energy
Created On: 2021-01-27
Record Count: 4

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IPSCIO Record ID: 7480

License Grant
Australian Sublicensee is granted a Sublicense under the Westinghouse Agreements to allow Sublicensee to use the Marks and the name “Westinghouse” as part of the Sublicensee’s trade name in connection with the importing, assembly, installation and sale of Systems to its customers in the Territory.
License Property
Sublicensors have exclusive licenses and rights from Westinghouse to use the “Westinghouse” trade name in various agreed forms and the Marks as part of Sublicensor's manufacture and sale of Systems.

“Trade Name” means the trade name “Westinghouse Solar”, or such other trade name incorporating “Westinghouse”.

Field of Use
Systems means photovoltaic solar energy systems.

IPSCIO Record ID: 240477

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee, a joint venture 75% owned by Licensor, during the term of this Agreement, a royalty-bearing, non-exclusive license to use the licensed marks in the licensed territory on or in connection with the products, pre-commercial units, and services, in strict accordance with the standards of quality.

Licensee is authorized to use the licensed marks only on or in connection with products, pre-commercial units, and services, including use in packaging, labeling, general publicity, letterheads, signs and other forms of advertising, instruction books, and other literature relating to products, pre-commercial units, and services. In no event, however, shall Licensee use the licensed marks as part of a trade name or authorize others to do so, except as may be expressly provided for in this Agreement.

Licensor hereby grants to Licensee, during the term of this Agreement, a worldwide, non-exclusive license to use the licensed name in its corporate name and trade names.

License Property
The term licensed marks shall mean and be limited to the trademarks, service marks, and logos.  Licensors trademark and trade name, 'GE' .

The terms products, pre-commercial units, and services shall have the respective meanings set forth in the Distributor Agreement between Licensee and Plug Power, L.L.C., of even date herewith (the Distributor Agreement).

The term standards of quality shall mean and be limited to the specifications for products, pre-commercial units, and services set forth in the Distributor Agreement.

The term 'Products' when used herein shall mean the PEM Fuel Cell-Powered Generator Sets.

Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the energy industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 154696

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants a non-exclusive license to use the Licensed Marks in the territory on or in connection with the Products, Pre-commercial Units, and Services, in strict accordance with the  Standards of Quality.  Licensee shall have the right to sub-license the use of the Licensed Marks to third parties with which Licensee enters into authorized written sub-contracts.
License Property
The licensed mark is Plug Power.

Licensor is a leading provider of alternative energy technology focused on the design, development, commercialization and manufacture of hydrogen fuel cell systems used primarily for the material handling and stationary power market.

Field of Use
The Pre-Commercial Unit shall mean a 7kW output PEM Fuel Cell-Powered Generator Set.

The term Products shall mean the PEM Fuel Cell-Powered Generator Sets.  The Products shall include the following items manufactured by or on behalf of Supplier: Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel-Cell Powered Generator Sets, without changes or additions (other than standard installation materials – e.g., ducting, pipe, wire), and components (e.g., fuel processor, fuel cell stack, power electronics), replacement parts, upgrades, accessories, such as combined power and hot water packages, and improvements, of various sizes no larger than 35kW of maximum continuous output that  meet the Commercial Unit Specifications, and are designed for use in residential, commercial, and industrial stationary power applications,  such as base load power, peaking power, emergency back-up power, enhanced power quality, cogeneration, trailer-mounted units for temporary stationary power and/or rental power use.

The Services shall include the following activities associated with the Products and Pre-Commercial Units including Installation, Permitting, Application Engineering, Operation, Routine Maintenance, Unscheduled Maintenance, Repair, Overhaul (e.g., stack replacement), Upgrade, Remote monitoring, diagnostics, and/or control (i.e., dispatch), Operator and Customer Training, Customer Service and Customer Support.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26949

License Grant
In connection with the purchase agreement, the German Licensee will be granted a non-exclusive license to use the trademarks 'Hartmann & Braun' and 'H&B' solely in connection with the design, manufacture and sale of products by the instrumentation and control unit of licensee to customers in Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland for use in nuclear powered electric generating facilities, nuclear processing facilities or nuclear test facilities for the term of fifteen (15) years.
License Property
Trademark: 'Hartmann & Braun' and 'H&B'
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