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Category: Sports, Subcategory: Fitness or Racket, Created On: 2021-01-27, Record Count: 6



This Trademark collection includes royalty reports related to fitness or racket sport products such as exercise machine, tennis racquet, apparel and court equipment under trademark license.
This unique collection of trademark transactions and supporting information was developed using our AI algorithm to curate similar royalty reports into a cohesive collection to support your licensing, transfer pricing or other transaction scenarios where documented royalty rates and/or deal terms are important.
Category: Sports
Subcategory: Fitness or Racket
Created On: 2021-01-27
Record Count: 6

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  • Apparel
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IPSCIO Record ID: 3991

License Grant
Licensor grants Buyer, of the People’s Republic of China, an exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-sublicensable license to the Licensed Marks (SCHWINN) solely for use on Indoor Cycles and Accessories in the Commercial Channel and in connection with marketing and selling Indoor Cycles and Accessories in the Commercial Channel.
License Property
Field of Use
Indoor Cycle shall mean a stationary exercise machine that simulates bicycling and is part of the larger class of Stationary Cycles which consists of Indoor Cycles, Upright Cycles, and Recumbent Cycles.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5713

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive license and right to utilize the Property in association with the manufacture, advertising, distribution and sale of Licensed Articles Worldwide (hereinafter referred to as the Territory).
License Property
'EagleRider' brand name
The Licensor is engages in the rental of motorcycle and power sport fleet for tourists.
Field of Use
The rights granted apply to the motor sport and water sports markets.

The Company’s products include team and factory graphics kits for motocross, ancillary clothing and travel bags, wetsuits, vests and gloves, dry jackets and graphics kits for Nascar and leading wakeboarding brands and athletes. In addition, we license other leading power sports brands to create apparel and ancillary products that we distribute on both a wholesale and a retail basis.

IPSCIO Record ID: 6762

License Grant
The Company entered in to a five-year licensing agreement with the option to renew for two additional 5-year periods.  Under the agreement, the Company has the right to sell merchandise under the licensed name, VOLKL® mark worldwide without any restrictions.
License Property
VOLKL® mark
The VÖLKL covers Bags, namely, handbags, luggage, all-purpose sports bags, travel bags; rucksacks.
Field of Use
The Company is an importer and wholesale distributor of high-end performance and lifestyle apparel, tennis racquets, tennis bags and sporting goods accessories.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27914

License Grant
Licensor, Licensee’s President, granted the Licensee an exclusive, worldwide License to use the WonderWand mark and products.
License Property
Licensor owns the trademark WonderWand and the associated products there to.
Field of Use
These products include tennis rackets and tennis merchandise such as bags, clothing and ball retrieving machines.  Licensor retains title and ownership of the products.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27996

License Grant
The Licensee entered into an exclusive license agreement with the English Licensor to use the Edwards name in connection with manufacturing, selling and distributing tennis nets and court equipment worldwide, except in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
License Property
Trademark: Edwards
Licensor manufactures and supplies sports equipment and netting for outdoor pitches, tennis courts, and indoor sports halls in the United Kingdom and internationally.
Field of Use
The rights granted apply to equipment in the sports industry.
Tennis nets and court equipment

IPSCIO Record ID: 186730

License Grant
Licensor grants to the Danish Licensee a revocable and non transferable license to use Talents Image and the right to require Talent to make the Personal Appearances, as  specified, only in respect of the Purpose.

Licensor grants to Licensee for the duration of the Term the revocable and non transferable right and license to use Talents Image in the Territory for the Purpose in the following ways:  (a) on Licensees website and social medias; and  {b) in sales material, brochures, in store material, PR, Press Ads and Print Ads.

Licensor agrees to grant Licensee an exclusive license for use of the Marks during the Term throughout the Territory in connection with the Purpose.

License Property
The right to use Talents name, image and likeness worldwide.  The Talent, Mo Farah is a recognized and widely known international distance runner.
Field of Use
The Licensee designs, manufactures and markets virtual training and fitness products and services.
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