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Category: Services and Products, Subcategory: Commercial Products, Created On: 2021-01-27, Record Count: 5


This Trademark collection includes royalty reports related to commercial products such as software and telecom equipment under trademark license.
This unique collection of trademark transactions and supporting information was developed using our AI algorithm to curate similar royalty reports into a cohesive collection to support your licensing, transfer pricing or other transaction scenarios where documented royalty rates and/or deal terms are important.
Category: Services and Products
Subcategory: Commercial Products
Created On: 2021-01-27
Record Count: 5

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  • Telecommunications Svcs & Equip
  • Software
  • Semiconductors
  • IC
  • Security
  • Computers & Office Equipment
  • Information Technology
  • Mobile
  • VOIP
  • Wireless
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  • Advertising
  • Telecommunications Svcs

IPSCIO Report Record List

Below you will find the records curated into this collection.  This summary includes the complete licensed property description so that you can review and determine if this collection covers the topics, technology or transaction type that is relevant for your needs.  The full report will include all relevant deal data such as the royalty base, agreement date, term description, royalty rates and other deal terms.  For reference, here is a sample of a full IPSCIO curated royalty rate report: Sample Report

IPSCIO Record ID: 6899

License Grant
The Chinese Licensor hereby grants the Chinese Licensee, a related party, a non-exclusive and non-transferable license, under the conditions that the Licensee strictly adheres to the terms and provisions as set forth in this Agreement and the written directions of Licensor, to this Agreement for development and commercialization within and only within the boundaries of the People’s Republic of China (excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong Special Administrative Regions, and Macao Special Administrative Regions).
License Property
The Licensor licenses the Licensed Trademarks to the Licensee strictly for purpose of developing data security products incorporating encryption algorithms owned, controlled or licensed by the PRC government, to be manufactured by the Licensor.

The Licensed trademarks include: “Watch”& Logo (Registered No. 1259036; Authority of Registration: Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China);  
“Timecos” (Registered No. 1473842; Authority of Registration: Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China);  
“TimeCOS” (Registered No. 1473843; Authority of Registration: Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of China).

IPSCIO Record ID: 165683

License Grant
Licensor and Licensee, a Subsidiary, are parties to the License Agreement. This amendment trademark/ service mark license agreement addresses the royalty rate and clarifies the royalty rate does not apply to Products under the Marks for give-away or promotional purposes.

The agreement was for the sale of any devices or equipment not originally purchased from Licensee but sold under the Marks by or on behalf of any of Licensees authorized distributors, subsidiaries, or joint venture companies under sublicense from either Licensor or Licensee.

License Property
The property is the trademarks and service marks.
Black Box® and the Double Diamond logo are registered trademarks of Licensor.

The Licensor is a provider of communications products.

Field of Use
Licensee is a leading digital solutions provider dedicated to helping customers design, build, manage and secure their IT infrastructure.

IPSCIO Record ID: 288910

License Grant
Licensor grants Licensee a personal, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive license to use the Licensed Mark in connection with the refurbishing, marketing, promotion, distribution and sale of Lucent Products commencing on the date of this License Agreement and ending December 31, 2001.
License Property
Licensed Mark or Licensed Trade Dress means the mark Classic Lucent'.
Field of Use
The Products List includes terminals, circuit cards, and other adjuncts for:
      Key Systems
      System 25
      System 75
      System 85

This License Agreement is to allow Licensee to refurbish and resell used business premises communications products also known as customer premise equipment (CPE) manufactured by Licensee's predecessor companies, AT&T Corp. or American Telephone and Telegraph Company (collectively, AT&T) and to minimize customer confusion that might otherwise arise as a result of the continued use of the AT&T name and marks, or the Lucent name or marks, by requiring Licensee to remove such AT&T or Lucent name and marks and to apply a single distinctive Lucent mark (the 'Licensed Mark') to such products.

IPSCIO Record ID: 260406

License Grant
Licensor grants the exclusive right and license to use the Trademarks within the geographic area, in the design, manufacture, advertising, sale and promotion of the Licensed Items.
License Property
Licensor is the owner of the trademark AirTouch and associated designs and trade dress.
The AirTouch brand covers communication services.
Field of Use
The promotion and sales of telephone numbers, SIM, or UIM cards and air time and services as MVNO.   The license covers Communications, data, security and entertainment product and supporting equipment  consisting of, but not limited to, landline, VoIP, IP browsing and Wireless (RF, Cordless, WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, GSM, CDMA, CDMA2000, WCDMA, TD SCDMA, LTE, and WiMax or any new wireless system under any other appellation) hardware. The hardware will include, but not be limited to, telephones, terminals, headsets, speakers, modems, USB dongles, and related accessories, as well as security peripheral terminals including sensors, cameras, alarms, detectors, keypads, and remote controls and video system including videophone on cordless unit, power line voice, etc.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26562

License Grant
We entered into a Business Rights Transfer and a royalty agreement whereby we obtained 40 URL’s and an accompanying business strategy for developing a market for the delivery of wireless broadband internet services in Europe.
License Property
Field of Use
We will offer a rapidly developing technology which provides the 'last mile' of broadband internet service.
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