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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 779

License Grant
The Licensor, an equity partner, granted the Licensee an exclusive License to utilize the Technology in the Worldwide territory, in the Field of minimally invasive devices, products and methods for diagnostic and therapeutic medical applications for humans and animals and a Non-Exclusive License in the Licensed territory outside of the Field.
License Property
Patents and Patent Rights
U.S. and PCT Pending Applications
Tab    Filing Date    Application No.    Title    JFM Reference
1    26-May-2006    60/803,289    Compact Minimally-Invasive Biomedical Monitor    92329.052206US
2    11-April-2006    11/279,290    Blood Monitoring Systems and Methods Thereof    92329.l47l05US2
3    11-April-2006    PCT/US2006/l3443    Blood Monitoring Systems and Methods Thereof    92329.147105PCT
4    30-June-2006    PCT/US2006/26l05    Non-Invasive, Spectral, Glucose Monitoring Systems and Methods Thereof    92329.147205PCT
5    25-April-2006    11/380,063    Microneedle With Glucose Sensor and Methods Thereof    92329.147305US2
6    25-April-2006    PCT/US2006/l5356    Microneedle With Glucose Sensor and Methods Thereof    92329.147305PCT
7    11-July-2006    PCT/US2006/26774    Minimally Invasive Allergy Testing Systems and Methods Thereof    92329.l47805PCTl
8    11-July-2006    PCT/US2006/26734    Minimally Invasive Allergy Testing Systems and Methods Thereof    92329.147805PCT2

9  PCT/US2007/6l604    Minimally Invasive Allergy Testing with Coated Allergen  

10    Allergy Testing Cartridge with Coated Allergens    92329.0l0l07PCT

Field of Use
“Field” means minimally invasive devices, products and methods for diagnostic and therapeutic medical applications for humans and animals.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1804

License Grant
The Company hereby grants the worldwide right to manufacture, cause to be manufactured, promote, sell, market, distribute and use the Pump Technology; programmable implantable insulin pump system.
License Property
Implantable microinfusion pump systems intended for in vivo use; utilizes Pump Technology for diabetes or non-diabetes applications. Glucose Controllers, Glucose Monitors, Long-Term Glucose Sensors and the abdominal lead that connects the implantable pump to a Long-Term Glucose Sensor are not Licensed Products.  An apparatus or system which utilizes Glucose Sensing Technology to control an insulin infusion device in a human or in an animal.   Any monitor product utilizing Glucose Sensing Technology to provide indications of glucose concentration or changes in glucose concentration in a human or in an animal.

IPSCIO Record ID: 391427

License Grant
The Australian Licensor, the Parent of the Licensee, hereby grants to Licensee a non-transferable, non-assignable, non-sublicensable, royalty-bearing and fee-bearing, limited license during the Term, in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement under (1) the Licensed Rights and (2) Licensor’s ownership and legally enforceable rights in Biosensor, solely
a. to act as the regulatory authorisation holder for the purpose of, prosecuting the application of, and obtaining any, Regulatory Approval, including, being authorized to carry out any one or more Investigation for the purpose of (a) seeking approval from the relevant Regulatory Authorities to prosecute any approval for an Investigational Device to be used by an End User; and (b) applying for an IDE, including, obtaining approval for the Investigational Device to be shipped lawfully for the purpose of conducting Investigations for that Investigational Device, with an objective to submit such Investigations to the Regulatory Authority for Regulatory Approval.
The License is granted as an exclusive license in the Territory.
License Property
Technology related to measuring, or otherwise determining, the following (a) the amount or concentration of glucose; (b) the existence of biological markers of cancer; and (c) allergy/ immunology and hormones, each in a bodily fluid (e.g., saliva, blood) (each an “Indicator” and collectively the “Indicators”).

The Licensed Product comprises a product using the Organic Thin Film Technology, the Biosensor Technology encompassing but not limited to
a biosensor strip for one or more Indicator, including glucose Indicators; and

a proprietary smartphone application for the purpose reading, storing, analyzing and providing patient support programs for any one or more of the Indicators; and/or

a dedicated sensor strip reading device that is derived from the Licensed Rights.

Licensed Rights
1. The invention(s) described in PCT/AU2013/000207 and associated patent applications Australian provisional patent application 2012900885; PCT/AU2013/000207; Chinese patent application 201380022888.2; US patent application 14/382927;

2. The invention(s) described in the publication ‘printable organic thin film transistors for glucose detection incorporating ink jet printing of the enzyme recognition element, and the invention(s) described in PCT/AU2016/050555 and associated patent applications PCT/AU2016/050555 and the National Phase applications it will ultimately produce; and

3. all project intellectual property within the field,

Licensed Trademarks
Common law trade mark ‘Glucose Biosensor’

Field of Use
Licensee's flagship product is the Saliva Glucose Biosensor, a POCT expected to substitute the finger pricking invasive blood glucose monitoring for diabetic patients.
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