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Created On: 2020-07-15
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 7759

License Grant
Under the terms of the Agreements, the Licensor granted the Licensee exclusive licenses to market, distribute and use Licensor's interactive SportXction(TM) System software, technology and patents on the Internet and interactive television, in all business activities in which such technology was legally usable, including for contests and wagering on sporting events world-wide.
License Property
The Licensor has designed, developed and patented an interactive hardware and proprietary software system that enables users to wager at fixed prices during the course of a sporting event, such as soccer, football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis and cricket, among many others. The SportXction(TM) System accepts bets not only on the outcome of a sporting event, but also on discrete parts of the event and on specific game situations.

The SportXction System enables users to wager at fixed prices during the course of a sporting event, such as soccer, football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, rugby, cricket, and snooker. This system can be operated across various interactive mediums, including the Internet and wireless, touch screen, hand-held devices, interactive television, mobile phones, and standalone kiosks.

Field of Use
The Licensor acquired the Licensee and as a result, the Licensor is now in the business of providing interactive gaming services to partners such as licensed bookmakers, mobile telephone companies, cable and satellite television companies and operators of Internet wagering sites, in locations where legally permitted.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7109

License Grant
The Licensor signed a two-part Patent and Software Licensing Agreement with the Licensee.

Per the first part of the Agreement, the Licensor grants to the Licensee an exclusive License (excepting one other Company that the Licensor is already in discussions with) to use the SportXction® Software System, including the right to subLicense the product, in the United States and Canada.

The other part of the Agreement provides the Licensee with the exclusive use (excepting one other Company that we are already in discussions with) of the Licensor's patents in the Unites States and Canada.

License Property
Prior to the signing of this Agreement, the Licensee previously had non-exclusive use of the Licensor's patents.  This was the result of the Licensee previously purchasing certain sports wagering assets from Progressive Gaming International Corporation, prior to PGIC’s bankruptcy.

SportXction® System, enables users to wager at fixed prices during the course of a sporting event, such as soccer, football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis and cricket. The SportXction® System accepts bets not only on the outcome of a sporting event, but also on discrete parts of the event and on specific game situations.

Rapid Bet Live is a real-time betting module used with Primeline that allows patrons to place live action wagers (intra-game wagers) on various betting options that run throughout an entire sporting event.

Field of Use
The rights granted apply to sporting industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26910

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee the limited right, license and privilege to use, reproduce, modify, translate, archive, display, perform, market, publish, distribute, transmit and operate the Licensed Technology, solely in connection with the Licensee Service, as well as the right to promote the Licensed Technology, solely in connection with the promotion of the Licensee Service (including without limitation screenshots and other graphics contained in same) within content provided by Licensee and other content providers, in each case by any method or means or in any medium now known.  Licensor is willing to grant Licensee certain rights in the Licensed Technology (as defined below).
License Property
Licensed Technology means the interactive, online technology specified and described in the Agreement (including, without limitation, all Licensor proprietary software (including the source code therefor), methods of operation, hardware designs and interfaces)), together with all modifications, translations or enhancements of the Licensed Technology created by or on behalf of Licensor during the Term and all flowcharts, programmers’ notes and such other materials as may be reasonably necessary for a competent programmer to modify and maintain all of the foregoing.

Our innovative system, which is patent pending as of the date of this registration statement, permits users to pick and exchange predictions with other users.  Predict It accumulates all user picks into a database that, over time, allows Predict It to calculate the accuracy of predictions for any set of events whose outcome can be measured objectively.

Our initial product offering, Predict It Sports, allows users to pick and exchange predictions on sporting events with other Predict It users. We utilize our database to calculate the accuracy of those predictions and allow other users to view the entries.  Our system, unlike chat rooms, bulletin boards and stock tracking systems, enables users to quickly find and view the predictions of the best analysts, who in turn may earn money each time their future predictions are viewed. Users may post predictions and view the predictions of others free of charge. Licensee plans to develop and operate, using certain technology owned or controlled by Licensor, a Web-based service targeted and marketed to Persons (including without limitation in the Chinese or English languages) in The Peoples Republic of China (including Hong Kong) (the PRC).

Field of Use
Licensee desires to obtain a license to use, translate and modify such Licensed Technology for use on Licensee's services subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.  The Predict It business allows users to participate actively by predicting the outcome of events and evaluating the results of their participation and those of other users.
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