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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 7621

License Grant
The Agreement is to develop a carrier-grade unified communications product. Licensor, a shareholder of the Company,  licensed certain intellectual property to Licensee on a non-exclusive non-transferable basis.
License Property
The agreement is to develop a carrier-classified unified communications product that will become Licensor's primary hosted messaging solution for business and residential customers

Licensor will provide technical resources to Licensee. The technical resources at Licensor are experienced in testing, implementing and integrating new product offerings. These resources will be assigned to VMI LivingLAB projects to aid in the development and verification cycles. The LivingLAB will bring together a multi functional team representing a cross section of divisions of the company to bring the expertise and knowledge developed in the areas that VMI is developing products. They will give insight into the ever-changing requirements of a service provider.

Licensor is a convergent carrier, with an integrated network and system perspective and owns or has licensed certain intellectual property (including software in source or executable form, confidential information, trade secrets, business methods or processes or patentable matter, for example) used in the LivingLAB environment.

Field of Use
The use is for the development and verification of current products and provides specific professional, project management, administrative and support services.

IPSCIO Record ID: 203442

License Grant
Licensor grants to the Korean Licensee and its Subsidiaries, a worldwide, nontransferable, non-exclusive license, without the right to sublicense, under the Licensors Intellectual Property, to the extent the Licensors Intellectual Property is required for utilization of Channel Estimation Module or CEM technology in the Licensees Products, and Future Developed Intellectual Property rights to make, have made, import, use, sell, lease or otherwise dispose of, the Licensees Products.
License Property
The Prototype System means the prototype of a Licensees adaptive antenna array enhanced Code Division Multiple Access BTS which consists of a AAA RF front end and Licensors channel estimation function integrated into the Licensees modified base transceiver station system (BTS).

Licensor shall provide labor, facilities, materials, and services required to design, document, build, and deliver the components as specified herein for an Adaptive Antenna Array BTS system, including
• RF Front End
• Channel Estimation Modules
• Beamformer Design Implementation
• Channel Estimation Software

Field of Use
The field of use is solely for mobile communications applications and to make, have made, import, use, sell, lease or otherwise dispose of Licensees Components.

The channel estimation function integrates into the Licensees modified base transceiver station system, and,  assist with the design incorporation of Beam forming capability into the Licensees Cell Site Modem ASIC.

IPSCIO Record ID: 6029

License Grant
Licensor and Licensee entered into a Patent License and Settlement Agreement. In the Agreement, the parties agreed to resolve all of Licensor's outstanding patent infringement claims. Under the terms of the Agreement, we paid Licensor for a fully paid-up, nonexclusive License to use the Licensed Patents for non-fax services. In addition, we agreed to pay a running royalty for a non-exclusive License to use the Licensed Patents for fax services. The parties have agreed to dismiss all pending litigation.
License Property
These patents and patent applications relate to various innovations in the fields of unified communications, multimedia messaging, Internet fax and voice messaging, and document management.

U.S. Patent No. 6,350,066, entitled 'Systems And Methods For Storing, Delivering, and Managing Messages.'

Field of Use
Licensee is leading a new category of convergence services focused on Phone Companion Services, to offer services that combine the benefits of land-line telephones with the flexibility of mobile phones. This trend is called fixed-mobile convergence.
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