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Created On: 2020-07-15
Record Count: 4

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IPSCIO Record ID: 66691

License Grant
LICENSOR of British Virgin Islands hereby grants to LICENSEE for the Term for the Patented Licensed Technology the exclusive (even as to LICENSOR), sublicensable, royalty-bearing right and license to make, have made, use, import, offer for sale, and sell the Licensed Product incorporating the Patented Licensed Technology and Improvements in the Exclusive Territory, provided however that any agreement entered by LICENSEE to use the Patented and Unpatented Technology and its Improvements (e.g., license, joint venture, or other agreement) for any territory outside Asia except for the United States must be reviewed and approved by LICENSOR.
License Property
The term 'TPID Technology' as used in the Agreement and its schedules and exhibits shall mean any and all technology which is licensed to and/or is developed, possessed, used, and/or owned by and for LICENSOR related to anti-counterfeiting, product authentication, product safety monitoring, supply chain tracking and management, and any and all applications and improvements, enhancements, or modifications related thereto, including, but not limited to, taggant, scanners, marking equipment, hardware, software, other components, algorithms, software, systems, procedures, protocols, processes, and other technologies, as described in, inter alia, (a) LICENSOR’s prior filings and submissions with any regulatory authority; and (b) LICENSOR’s prior patent, trademark, copyright, and/or other intellectual property filings and submissions, including those listed in Exhibit A attached hereto. Included, without limitation, within the scope of the term 'TPID Technology' are the technologies and all applications and aspects related thereto known or referred to as:

Ø Synthetic DNA or SDNA;
Ø Any and all technologies related to TPID’s projects in China and other parts of Asia, including, but not limited to, the project with AQSIQ;
Ø Any and all technologies related to TPID’s projects with Biofield Corp.;
Ø Any and all technologies related to TPID’s projects with Versa Card, Inc.
Ø technologies related to TPID’s projects with MacKay Group Limited or MacKay Innotech Limited;

The term 'Unpatented Licensed Technology' as used in the Agreement and its schedules and exhibits shall mean any and all components of the TPID Technology other than the Patented Licensed Technology, including, but not limited to, devices, sensors, other components, algorithms, software, systems, procedures, protocols, processes, information, data, methods of use, techniques, ideas, inventions, trade secrets and any other technical information or proprietary technologies relating to the development, use or sale of any device, sensor or other product, service, or manifestation of the TPID Technology. To the extent that the Patent for certain Patented Licensed Technology expires, lapses, and/or is otherwise terminated or rendered invalid, such Patented Licensed Technology shall be automatically and immediately deemed Unpatented Licensed Technology for the balance of the Term for the Unpatented Licensed Technology, provided that this Agreement is still in effect and has not been properly terminated.



The present invention provides a method of labeling, detecting and managing the goods and device thereof. The method of present invention includes the step of defining the label of goods, the label comprises at least one chemical element in the chemical element inhering in the goods and/or additional chemical element; the step of providing the database which contains the labeled data; the step of detecting the signal sent by goods, generating the detection data and comparing it with data in the database; the step of determining whether the good to be detected is the labeled good or not according to the comparing result, and reading at least one message of the good in the database. The goods labeling and detecting solution of the present invention can used in many fields of society economic and administrative management, such as identification, goods label, preventing the goods replaced with others, physical distribution management, statistic analysis and so on.

IPSCIO Record ID: 291202

License Grant
The parties enter into this Agreement to jointly develop and have Licensee exclusively manufacture and market DNA-enhanced thermal transfer ribbons.

Licensor grants a non-exclusive license to use Licensors logos and trademarks to be used in association with the Products to promote and market the Products.

For distribution, Licensor grants exclusive worldwide rights to manufacture and sell thermal transfer ribbons containing Licensors DNA markers.

License Property
Licensor is in the business of developing, selling and marketing of DNA anti-counterfeit and security products.

Licensor owns exclusive rights to certain proprietary technologies involving the extraction, recombination, encapsulation, and preservation of botanical DNA, the DNA Technologies.

Product means thermal transfer ribbons, which utilize and integrate the DNA Technologies.

DNA Technologies mean the proprietary technologies and know how owned exclusively by Licensor involving the extraction, recombination, encapsulation, and preservation of botanical DNA and the embedding, implanting or attaching of botanical DNA into various products.

Field of Use
The parties agreed to jointly develop thermal transfer ribbons incorporating our SigNature DNA Markers to help prevent counterfeiting and product diversion.

The DNA Technologies are used to forensically authenticate products, to detect and deter counterfeiting, to protect brands and intellectual property assets, to provide enhanced security for physical plant, documents, identification cards, passports, drivers licenses, currencies, databases and other products and applications, and can be embedded into various industrial and consumer products.

IPSCIO Record ID: 30225

License Grant
Licensor, President and CEO of Licensee, hereby assigns to Licensee his rights in the Licensor Technology and any Licensor Trademark thereof in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.
License Property
Biometric Authentication Technology means the technology relating to self-authenticating card/panel systems that provides for the biometric identification of individuals/users independently and by positive match of fingerprint characteristics encrypted and stored onboard the self-authenticating card/panel systems with the issuer's database containing the fingerprint characteristics of each person registered by whatever means, providing the appropriate account information, authorizing and recording the transaction, updating status, applying and confirming appropriate charges for database searches and account updates, and alerting the issuer to any duplicate fingerprint characteristics found in the database.

'Licensor Technology' means all patents, copyright, trade secret and other proprietary rights associated with Biometric Authentication Technology that Licensor owns, including, without limitation, the Licensor Patents.

Field of Use
The rights assigned apply to the scientific technology industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27463

License Grant
The Company granted an exclusive license to use the technology in connection with detention facility systems in the United States.
License Property
The Technology includes patented and trade secret technologies which are designed to allow authentication and re-authentication of biometric skin surfaces, including finger and thumbprints.  The Technology is designed to identify  authorized  card,  document and other item users by means of self-authenticating  panels/substrates  which register and  re-authenticate authorized users without the assistance of databases or external devices of any sort.  The biometric sensing panel component of the Technology will enable instantaneous fingerprint identification.  The sensing panel is designed to utilize microchip-assisted and electrically-powered sensing, storing, computing transmitting/signaling and associated technologies which are designed to be housed in a credit card sized surface panel.
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