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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 7

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IPSCIO Record ID: 6356

License Grant
The Licensee entered an exclusive worldwide License with the undisclosed inventor of the product, ProCede, for men with thining hair.
License Property
ProCede is a cosmetic hair solution that is supposed to help thicken hair and improve the appearance of thinning hair. ProCede does not regrow hair. Procede doesn't need FDA approval because it doesn't contain any drugs like minoxidil or finasteride. It's a cosmetic hair system that is formulated for men, although their shampoo, conditioner, gel and hairspray may be used by women as well.
Field of Use
We offer ProCede directly to the consumer through catalogs and through some publications. ProCede, however, is patented by the inventor in the United States and is protected internationally by a Patent Cooperation Treaty filing, which enables the inventor to file for patent protection in various foreign countries in which we intend to market our ProCede product.

IPSCIO Record ID: 29367

License Grant
Inventor hereby grants the Licensee an unlimited, exclusive world-wide License, including without limitation the rights to manufacture, distribute, market and sell the Product/Formula, to pursue, at the Licensee's sole discretion and at its expense, claims against third parties infringing the Patent, subject to the limitations set forth herein, to sublicense the Product/Formula and to conduct formal and informal clinical studies involving the Product/Formula.
License Property
The Inventor's product is a hair growth product that produces hair growth on the human head within 48 hours after application on persons suffering from alopecia and other hair loss conditions. Inventor shall be under no obligation to disclose the Formula until such time as the patent application for the Formula and/or Product has been filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

IPSCIO Record ID: 238950

License Grant
The Licensor granted the Licensee a sole and exclusive license, royalty and advisory agreement relating to the Licensors PilarisMax shampoo formulation and conditioner. The term of the agreement will be the life of the US Patent held by Licensor.
License Property
PilarisMax is a line of hair loss products.  PilarisMax’ lead product is a shampoo with three potent naturally occurring DHT blockers in an innovative sulfate free base that has shown to be safe and effective in supporting hair health and thickness in both men and women.
Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the personal care industry relating to hair care products.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4080

License Grant
Licensor, a shareholder of Licensee grants to Licensee the exclusive right and license to manufacture and sell the products.  Licensee may sublicense the IPH Product Line without Licensor's consent.
License Property
Licensor holds the worldwide intellectual property rights for the products listed on the “IPH Product Line”.  IPH Product Line refers to health, cosmetic and hair care product. The Licensee acquired the formulas for approximately 190 products that include cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers, anti-acne cream, eye (lid) care, age restoration creams, moisturizing, volumizing, restoring shampoos and conditioners, hair control gels, mousse, clays and sprays, and nutritional supplements.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27822

License Grant
The Licensee entered into a contractual agreement with the Licensor, the worldwide distributor, manufacturer and owners of title and interest in a unique hair product currently known as Kerasome whereby the Licensee will have the exclusive right and license to manufacture, market, promote and sell the product.
License Property
Kerasome is a natural hair building solution for men and women.
Field of Use
The rights granted apply to the hair industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1160

License Grant
The Licensor, an individual, has granted the Licensee an exclusive, worldwide right to the invention covered under US Patents for a consumer hair removal device.
License Property
Licensee is interested in obtaining an exclusive license to manage, develop, manufacture, market, use, and sell the new consumer radio frequency hair removal tweezers device (hereinafter the “Patented RF Patented Tweezers”) invented which Licensor has received letter of United States Patent Number 5,049,149 on September 17, 1991, the new consumer hair removal conductive solution (hereinafter the “Patented Conductive Solution”) which Licensor received letters of United States Patent No. 5,364,394 on November 15, 1994, a new method and system for permanent removal of multiple hairs (hereinafter the 'Multiple Hair Removal System Products') which Licensor has received letters of United States Patent No. 5,470,332 on November 28, 1995, new consumer radio frequency hair removal device ('Patented RF Tweezers') for which Licensor has received letter of United States Patent Number 5,049,149 on September 17, 1991, new consumer hair removal conductive solution ('Patented Conductive Solution') for which Licensor received letters of United States Patent No. 5,364,394 on November 15, 1994 and new method and system for permanent removal of multiple hairs (hereinafter the 'Multiple Hair Removal System Products') invented by THOMAS L. MEHL, SR. (hereinafter 'MEHL'), and for which Licensor  has received letters of United States Patent No. 5,470,332 on November 28, 1995.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1939

License Grant
The Company hereby grants to the Licensor a non-transferable exclusive license under the Technology to make, have made, use, or sell the Products in the Field.
License Property
Products shall mean finished products incorporating synthetic or cosmetic melanins for use in the Field.

Patent Number 5,216,116 Soluble Melanin; 5,227,459 Synthetic Melanin; 5,744,125 Cosmetic Melanins, etc.

Field of Use
Field shall mean cosmetic and non-pharmaceutical uses of the Product, but including over-the-counter topicals; methods to make, have made, use, or sell certain technology related to synthetic and cosmetic forms of melanin and methods for using melanin, which is the natural substance that give color (pigment) to hair, skin, and iris.
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