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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 4

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IPSCIO Record ID: 5828

License Grant
Italian Licensee has agreed to acquire the Italian marketing authorisations for defibrotide and related trademarks, as well as certain other related assets, from Italian licensor. The companies have also agreed to enter into a distribution agreement whereby licensor will be entitled to distribute the oral formulation of defibrotide in Italy until 31st December 2008. In addition, licensor has agreed to waive its right of first refusal to market future therapeutic indications for defibrotide in the European market.
License Property
Defibrotide is for for the treatment and/or prevention of hepatic veno-occlusive disease (VOD) in Europe for seven years.  Veno-occlusive disease (VOD) is a disease affecting the liver. VOD is a complication that occurs in up to 25% of bone marrow transplantations, and may also occur after ingestion of certain plant alkaloids.  â€œProciclide Assignment of Trademarks” means the private deed of transfer with respect to Prociclide.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7554

License Grant
With this agreement, where the Parties share a Director in common, the Licensee obtained exclusive rights to distribute, market and sell defibrotide to treat VOD in the United States. This license expires 8 years after product launch. In 2005, the Licensor expanded the Licensee’s current license territory to North America, Central America and South America, subject to receipt of marketing authorization, if any, in the applicable territory. In January 2010, the Company amended its existing license and supply agreement to encompass the intravenous formulation of defibrotide for the prevention of VOD in the Americas and to transfer the NDA post-approval in the United States.
License Property
Hepatic veno-occlusive disease (VOD) is one of the most important complications of high-dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplantation. VOD is a clinical syndrome characterized by jaundice, hepatic enlargement and fluid retention typically seen by day +30 after transplantation. Severe VOD is complicated by multiorgan failure and a high mortality rate approaching 100%.  Defibrotide (DF) is a novel agent with both antithrombotic and fibrinolytic properties that has emerged as an effective therapy for severe VOD.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3987

License Grant
License grant. Subject to all terms of this Agreement, the Licensor grants to the Licensee, for the Term, the exclusive, non-transferable, non-divisible License under the Patent Rights and the Know-How to Market the Finished Product in the territory, with the right to sub-License its rights to its Affiliates in the territory.
License Property
Product shall mean a pharmaceutical product in intravenous formulation containing the Compound as the active ingredient and intended for the treatment of hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients with hepatic veno-occlusive disease, and/or the prophylaxis of veno-occlusive disease.

The Parties believe Defibrotide has the potential to not only treat, but also prevent VOD. Veno-occlusive disease is a potentially life-threatening condition, which typically occurs as an important complication of stem cell transplantation. Certain high-dose chemo-radiation therapy regimens used as part of SCT can damage the lining cells of hepatic blood vessels and so result in VOD, a blockage of the small veins of the liver that leads to liver failure and can result in significant dysfunction in other organs such as the kidneys and lungs (so-called severe VOD).

Field of Use
The rights granted apply to the healthcare industry relating to the intravenous formulation of Defibrotide which is for the prevention of veno-occlusive disease (VOD).

IPSCIO Record ID: 26362

License Grant
The agreement grants a non-exclusive License to use the know-how and the patent to market defibrotide under the trademark Noravid in Italy for both current and future uses as approved by the Italian Ministry of Health.
License Property
Defibrotide is used for prevention against deep vein thrombosis. It is a deoxyribonucleic acid derivative (single-stranded) derived from cow lung or porcine mucosa. It is an anticoagulant with a multiple mode of action.  

Licensee is required to purchase the defibrotide exclusively from a specified supplier.

Licensor will provide the existing technical information, know how and scientific assistance needed to market, promote, and sell defibrotide.

Field of Use
The rights granted apply to the pharmaceutical market in the healthcare industry.
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