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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 5

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IPSCIO Record ID: 5811

License Grant
The License Agreement grants us a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-assignable License to use Licensor’s patents, trademarks and technology rights relating to the licensed products and the processing and reporting of laboratory analyses of samples collected using the products.
License Property
The products licensed are Cholesterol Panel; Hemoglobin A1c; Prostate Screen; Thyroid Test and Anemia Test.

Cholesterol Panel (a lipid profile consisting of total cholesterol, high density cholesterol, low density cholesterol and triglycerides).  This Cholesterol Panel is the first self-collected lipid profile for dried blood sample analysis that satisfies the National Cholesterol Education Program’s rigorous performance standards. It is used in the management and determination of coronary heart disease.

Hemoglobin A1c (a test that meets the certification standards of the National Glycohemoglobin Standardization Program). This test is critical for proper blood sugar monitoring and regulation by persons affected with diabetes.

Prostate Screen (a test to determine blood levels of prostate specific antigen). This test is used to help determine abnormal prostate conditions, such as prostate cancer.

Thyroid Test (a test to determine blood levels of thyroid stimulating hormone). This test is used to help determine thyroid dysfunction and to successfully manage treatment regimens.

Anemia Test (a rapid response test – like a home pregnancy test, the results are available to the user immediately – for low hemoglobin levels). This test is used to monitor and identify the onset or change in hemoglobin levels, which is a common side effect for many disease states including HIV, chronic kidney disease and cancer.

Field of Use
Products specialize in the use of micro-sample blood transportation devices and unique scientific procedures for the clinical testing of these micro-blood samples.

IPSCIO Record ID: 6345

License Grant
The Company grants an exclusive, worldwide, royalty-bearing License, with the right to subLicense, to make, have made, use, sell and import Licensed Products, which includes finished products used for the detection of the Company’s proprietary prostate cancer biomarkers in both urine and biopsied prostate tissue for differentiating clinically significant prostate cancer from other prostate conditions, and to use Patent Rights and Know-How covering the prostate cancer biomarkers.
License Property
Licensed Product(s) shall mean finished products consisting of one or more nucleic acid detection reagents for the assay of one or more Prostate Marker(s) for use in the Field, the manufacture, use, sale or importation of which, but for the rights granted herein, would infringe a Valid Claim within Patent Rights.

Method of Identifying Patterns in Biological Systems and Uses Thereof

Biomarkers Upregulated in Prostate Cancer

Biomarkers Overexpressed in Prostate Cancer

Methods for Screening, Predicting and Monitoring Prostate Cancer

Methods for Screening, Predicting and Monitoring Prostate Cancer

Field of Use
Field shall mean the use of a molecular diagnostic assay using the Licensed Prostate Markers in in vitro diagnostics relating to prostate cancer, including the detection of the presence or risk of prostate cancer, or the selection of therapy, or in a Research Application related to prostate cancer.

IPSCIO Record ID: 2236

License Grant
The Company hereby grants an exclusive license under the Technology to offer and sell the HIV Product in the Territory, including but not limited to the right to perform HIV testing, and to use the Software solely for the purpose of performing such testing, at a Testing Facility for purchasers of the HIV Product, for the term of this Agreement.
License Property
HIV Product shall mean that Aware(TM) brand mail-in HIV test, consisting of a blood sample home preparation kit (the Sample Collection Kit), procedures for analysis of the blood sample at a mail-in central laboratory and reporting of results to customers.

Title Re-Armable Single-User Safety Finger Stick Device Having Reset for Multiple Use by a Single Patient. Physical Elements of the complete Sample Collection Kit Finger Stick Device, Blood Collection Card, with bar code, Directions for Use, Information About AIDS insert, Tyvek Bag for Collection Card, Return package.

Field of Use
The rights granted apply to Blood.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3802

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants an exclusive license with the right to grant sublicenses to Affiliates, and, upon prior approval by Licensor, to third parties under the Licensed Technology to import, make, have made, use and sell any Licensed Product in the Field of Use within the Licensed Territory.
License Property
Licensor has certain patent rights and technology covering genomic biomarkers related to prostate cancer.

The Licensor announced an alliance and licensing Agreement with the Licensee for development of a new molecular diagnostic test for prostate cancer based on the Licensor's discovered prostate cancer biomarker signature.  The parties have successfully completed all phases of the clinical trial process with the hope of achieving the statistical significance necessary to validate the ability to commercialize a test.

The agreement covers a unique 4-gene test that may enhance the early detection and staging of prostate cancer, thereby helping doctors make better decisions on diagnosing this disease and determining more appropriate, patient specific treatment plans. Licensor will lead the research effort through the application of its patent protected SVM technology. Licensee will have a right of first refusal to license and commercialize any subsequent cancer tests resulting from licensor's development endeavors. Licensee anticipates that it will begin validation work on the cancer marker immediately and follow with appropriate clinical studies to support the preliminary findings. Once the clinical studies are completed, licensee will seek the necessary regulatory approvals and clearances.

U.S. 7,117,188 Method of Identifying Patterns in Biological Systems and Uses Thereof

U.S. 2007/0092917 Biomarkers for Screening, Predicting, and Monitoring Prostate Disease

Field of Use
'Field of Use' shall mean diagnostic tests using gene biomarkers for differentiating clinically significant prostate cancer from other prostate conditions using biopsied prostate tissue.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4939

License Grant
In 1992, the Company entered into an exclusive licensing agreement for diagnostic technology related to cholesterol testing with an undisclosed Licensor.
License Property
SpinPro (Registered) is a disposable HDL cholesterol testing device.  SpinPro (Registered) simplifies and improves the methods used for performing certain tests in the laboratory.  By reducing the number of manual steps involved in the testing process, the laboratory can save labor costs and achieve more consistent and accurate results.  The first application of this device is for the testing of HDL cholesterol.
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