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Category: Technology Licenses, Created On: 2022-04-28, Record Count: 4


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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 4

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IPSCIO Record ID: 5369

License Grant
The University Foundation hereby grants to Licensee for the term set forth below and under the royalty basis set forth below, an exclusive license to make, have made, use or sell Licensed Products in the United States and throughout the world.
License Property
Licensed Application shall mean United States Patent No. 5,613,334, entitled Laminated Composite Reinforcing Bar and Method of Manufacture was issued on March 25, 1997; and a Canadian patent application entitled Laminated Composite Reinforcing Bar, Patent Application No. 2,222,451 was filed on December 19, 1997.

IPSCIO Record ID: 28665

License Grant
The University grants to the Licensee a world-wide license under Regents' Patent Rights to make, have made, use, and sell Licensed Products and to practice Licensed Methods.
License Property
Certain inventions, generally characterized as SD 96-103 'Retrofit and Repair of Concrete and Masonry Walls with Carbon Overlays', which is the subject of U.S. Patent Application No. 08/667,916
Field of Use
'Field of Use' means the construction, retrofit, repair, or reinforcement of reinforced or unreinforced cementitious or masonry walls or other structures.

IPSCIO Record ID: 66648

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee, a majority stockholder of the Licensee, an exclusive, non-transferable, license for use in the Territory, with a limited right of sublicense.
License Property
Licensor holds all rights, title and interest to certain inventions and intellectual property entitled 'Cellular Concrete Technologies Technology as described in Patent No. US 5,900,191; Patent No. US 6,046,255; US Patent Application No. 13/560,882; US Trademark Stable Air(R); Canadian Trademark Stable Air(tm); US Trademark CCT; US Trademark CCT Add Air(R); US Trademark to be filed Projectile Arresting Technology (PAT)(tm); US Trademark to be filed California Block(tm) and Wall Panels '.

Patent No. US 5,900,191 issued 1999, 'Foam producing apparatus and method'
Patent No. US 6,046,255 issued 2000, 'Foam and foam/cement mixture'
US Patent Application No. 13/560,882; Filed 07/27/2012, 'Foam Production System & Method

US Trademark Stable Air(R) registered on 1997, and renewed in 2007
Canadian Trademark Stable Air(tm) applied for in June 2012
US Trademark CCT registered in U.S. on May 1, 2012
US Trademark CCT Add Air(R) registered in U.S. on May 1, 2012
US Trademark Projectile Arresting Technology (PAT)(tm) first used in commerce March 2012 and to be filed in 2012
US Trademark California Block(tm) and Wall Panel first used in commerce August 2012 and to be filed in 2013

IPSCIO Record ID: 7341

License Grant
The Canadian Licensor, a majority of the shareholder of Licensee, extends to Licensee a worldwide exclusive license under the Licensed Patents, with an exclusive right to sublicense the Methods and Devices to sublicenses.
License Property
The Licensor is the owner of certain valuable patents and patent applications relating to materials, methods and devices relating to their CorruvenTM wood panel.

Licensed Patents shall mean; United States Patent Application No. 61/118,532; Canada Patent Application No. 2,650,873; International Patent Application No. PCT/CA2009/001739; and Canada Trademark Application No. 1420103; and any continuation, continuation-in-part, divisional, reexamination certificate, reissued patent, and/or certificate of correction thereof and any patents granted upon any extensions thereof and any foreign derivative patents or counterparts thereof, whether or not in existence as of the Effective Date.  The patent applications are entitled '(Elastic) Waved Wood Assembly and Method of Making Same'. The International Patent Application was filed on November 27, 2009 claiming a priority of November 28, 2008, and has since entered a national phase in Canada, the United States, Brazil, Chile, China, the European Patent Office, Israel, India and South Korea. The applications are currently pending in each of the aforementioned countries, except in Canada, where the patent has already issued.

Methods and Devices shall mean methods, structures, assemblies and devices employed in making the Products which are covered by at least one of the claims contained in the Licensed Patents.

Products shall mean any CorruvenTM wood panels and any other products utilizing the Licensed Patents sold by Licensee for use according to the Licensed Patents.

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