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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 10

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IPSCIO Record ID: 5149

License Grant
We have a royalty arrangement under a terminated employment agreement with Licensor, our former Vice President, Research and Development, pursuant to which we were obligated to pay royalties based on gross sales of a prior version of the Biofield Diagnostic Device and its sensor.
License Property
The Biofield(R) Diagnostic System, employs single-use sensors of our own design and a measurement device to detect and analyze changes associated with the development of epithelial cancers, such as breast cancer.

The Biofield Diagnostic System takes multiple readings from an array of test points on the skin surface of the symptomatic breast and asymptomatic breast to measure differentials which may exist between test points.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26135

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee of Hong Kong for the Term for the Patented Licensed Technology the exclusive (even as to Licensor), sublicensable, royalty-bearing right and license to make, have made, use, import, offer for sale, and sell devices, sensors and other products or services incorporating the Patented Licensed Technology and Improvements in the Territory.
License Property
Licensor is the sole owner and holder of all intellectual property, proprietary rights and know-how, and all other rights and interests related to and associated with the Biofield Breast Cancer Technology and the Patented and Unpatented Licensed Technology.

The Licensor's Diagnostic System is a breast cancer diagnostic device, which employs single-use sensors to measure and analyze changes in cellular electrical charge distributions associated with the development of epithelial cancers, such as breast, ovaries, skin, prostate, and colon cancers. The company's device is intended for palpable breast lesions, in women under 55 years of age.



US Appli.#

Depolarized Pre-Gelled Electrodes

Discriminant Function Analysis Method & Apparatus For

Disease Diagnosis & Screening – Device 1

Discriminant Function Analysis Method & Apparatus For

Disease Diagnosis & Screening With Biopsy Needle Sensor

Apparatus & Method For Screening & Diagnosing Trauma

or Disease in Body Tissues

D.C. Biopotential Sensing Electrode Assemblies For

Apparatus For Disease, Injury & Bodily Condition

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Noninvasive Method For Determining Treatment Based

Upon Lesion Cell Proliferation

D.C. Biopotential Measuring Unit

Method & Apparatus For Screening or Sensing Bodily

Conditions Using DC Biopotentials



Method & Apparatus For Disease, Injury & Bodily Condition


(Response re restrict appl. To 1 invention)


Method & Apparatus For Sensing & Processing


(Filing, claims & assignment fees)


(Formal drawings to Patent Office)


Field of Use
The rights granted apply to the breast cancer field.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27570

License Grant
Licensor, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Licensee, hereby grants and agrees to grant to Licensee a license, with the right to grant sublicenses, to use the Licensed Patent Rights, the Licensed Copyrights, the Licensed Technology, and the Licensed Trademarks, to make, have made, use and sell, during the term of this Agreement, Products employing the Licensed Intellectual Property.

The License Agreement grants the Licensee the exclusive right to distribute the BreastCare DTS™ in the United States, Canada and certain countries in Asia, including China. Rights granted include the right to grant sublicenses, to use the Licensed Patent Rights, the Licensed Copyrights, the Licensed Technology, and the Licensed Trademarks, to make, have made, use and sell, during the term of this Agreement, Products employing the Licensed Intellectual Property. The license granted is limited to the United States, Canada, Asia and, subject to Licensor’s Right of First Refusal, the Open Territory and is exclusive within the United States, Canada and Asia as to all parties including the Licensor and non-exclusive as to the Open Territory except to the extent that Licensor does not exercise its Right of First Refusal. The Licensor hereby grants to Licensee the exclusive right to use the trademarks as set forth within the Exclusive Territory, the non-exclusive right to use the trademarks as set forth in the Open Territory, subject to Licensor’s Right of First Refusal, and the non-exclusive right to use the trademarks set forth within the Exclusive Territory and, subject to Licensor’s Right of First Refusal, the Open Territory.

License Property
Licensor owns or controls certain proprietary rights, including, but not limited to, patents, trademarks, copyrights, United States Food and Drug Administration ('FDA') filings, clinical studies, data, techniques, trade secrets, contract rights, concepts and know-how, relating to a product referred to as BreastCare DTS™ referred to herein as the “Product.” The Product has been cleared by the FDA to be marketed as an adjunct to mammography and other procedures for the detection of breast disease, including breast cancer. Licensor also owns or controls or has contracted to obtain the benefits of certain apparatus and methods for making the Product.

The BreastCare DTSâ„¢ measures underlying breast tissue temperature and not skin surface temperature by retaining the emitted heat when BreastCareâ„¢ DTS is placed against the breast for 15 minutes. The averaged and recorded reading on the BreastCare DTSâ„¢ has taken into consideration that the temperature patterns of a woman's breasts are closely symmetrical. This method detects abnormalities by comparing the temperature differences in the corresponding areas of a woman's breasts.

The licensed technology includes the BreastCare DTSâ„¢.  It is patented, non-invasive and FDA-cleared as an adjunct to mammography and other established procedures for the detection of breast disease, including breast cancer. DTS stands for “Differential Temperature Sensor,” indicating the ability of the device to compare temperatures in one area of the breast with others in the same breast and the other breast. The BreastCare DTSâ„¢device consists of two mirror image, lightweight and disposable foam pads with three wafer-thin foil sensors on each pad. Each of the three segments on each pad contains 18 rows of heat-sensitive chemical dots. The device is easy to use and requires no electricity or probes. The test is completely non-invasive. The pads are easily placed on a woman’s breasts inside the bra for 15 minutes. The device measures the deep heat energy that is transferred to the surface of the skin. Each heat-sensitive dot is calibrated to record the temperature of the surface of the breast. The dots themselves change color from blue to pink when exposed to specific temperatures. The results are clearly displayed and can be immediately evaluated. The heat-sensitive dots have embedded memory, which allows the results to be read after each test is completed.

U.S. Patent 6,086,247 as well as all related applications and/or issued patents. Related applications includes any related foreign or U.S. issued or pending applications, continuation applications, continuation-in-part applications, divisional applications, reissue applications, and provisional application.
U.S. Patent 6135968 – Differential temperature measuring device and method; Prostate Screening Device.
RE 32,000
RE 4,624264
Patent 4651749

BreastCare DTSTM BreastAlertTM Differential Temperature Sensor

Field of Use
The grant provides the right to develop, manufacture and commercialize the Product and derivative products for, among other purposes, the detection of disease, including breast cancer.  The Products covered by the License shall include any temperature sensing product manufactured by or on behalf of the Licensor using the patented technology or improvements thereto.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1490

License Grant
The Licensor hereby grants to the Licensee during the term hereof, a non-assignable, indivisible, non-transferable exclusive right and license in and only within the Territory, to assemble, use, and sell its BreastAlert medical device in Chile and Singapore.
License Property
BreastAlert is a non-invasive test used by physicians to detect breast disease, including breast cancer.  Apparently, as early-stage breast cancer advances, metabolic activity increases, producing excessive heat.  In many cases, this heat will be detectable at the surface of the breast. BreastAlert is a pair of mirror-image, lightweight, disposable, soft pads.  Each pad has three wafer-thin segments containing columns of heat-sensitive chemical sensor dots. When these pads are placed over a woman's breasts inside her bra for a period of 15 minutes, these dots change color from blue to pink and registers skin temperatures due to heat conducted from within the breast tissue to the surface of the skin.  By comparing the temperature differences on the same regions of the two breasts, the physician can determine if there is a probability of medically significant breast disease.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4537

License Grant
Pursuant to this agreement, Licensee was granted an exclusive, worldwide license to exploit all biomedical applications of certain enhanced infrared detector technologies known as Enhanced Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors, or EQWIP. These technologies enhance the sensitivity of other Licensee's technology. The EQWIP technology is protected by a patent owned by Licensor. The proprietary technology licensed is used in the Licensor's BioScanIR system.
License Property
The BioScanIR system detects changes in blood flow distribution in tissues and organs characteristic of a cancer or vascular disease utilizing new patented QWIP sensor technology.  The sensor is thousands of times more powerful than ones used previously for infrared breast cancer detection.  It assists physicians and researchers in differentiating between normal and abnormal tissues by detecting very small changes in perfusion.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26489

License Grant
The Company hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive, worldwide, royalty-bearing, limited license under the Licensed Technology to make, have made, import, use, sell and have sold the Devices solely within the Field of Use.
License Property
U.S. 5,860,934                    Method and Device for Mechanical Imaging of Breast         Issued 01/19/99

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U.S. 09/843,056                   Apparatus and Method for Mechanical Imaging of Breast      Filed 04/26/01

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U.S. 09/819,419                   Real Time Mechanical Imaging of the Prostate               Filed 03/28/01

Field of Use
Field of Use shall mean the diagnosis of and the treatment of (a) benign prostatic hyperplasia; (b) prostatitis; © prostate cancer; or (d) any other conditions of or disorders of the prostate, whether healthy or diseased, and any other condition of urologic disorder which may be diagnosed, imaged or treated using any diagnostic or imaging process.  Prostate imaging system and related patented technology.

IPSCIO Record ID: 130224

License Grant
Sublicensor, with the consent of its licensor, grants to Sublicensee an exclusive, worldwide license, including the right to grant sublicenses, without limitation, to manufacture, use, sell, import and offer for sale Products under all Sublicensors right, title and interest in the Patent Rights and Technology.
License Property
Sublicensor is the exclusive licensee of the patents and applications, specifically US patents 5,713,356, 6,102,857, 6,490,470, 6,633,774 and pending patents US No. 20040127783, European Union No. 97944607.7,  Japan No. 516884/98, and Canada No. 2187701.  The patents relate to imaging properties of tissue based upon differential absorption of electromagnetic waves in differing tissue types by photo-acoustic techniques.
Field of Use
This sublicense is used for breast tissue imaging.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5999

License Grant
On October 17, 1991 an agreement was signed between Israeli University and various Licensees regarding the project of Sitoscan.
License Property
The CellScan is a static cytometer, or an instrument for measuring fluorescence emanating from living cells while the cells are in a static state. A key element of the CellScan is its patented Cell Carrier which can accommodate up to 10,000 cells, each in individual wells. Each well holds one living cell, such as a lymphocyte or a tumor cell. The CellScan can repeatedly and continuously monitor the fluorescence intensity and polarization emitted from stained living cells for purposes of cell research and disease diagnostics.

The CellScan is a technology designed for the viewing and testing of cells. The CellScan was originally developed to diagnose breast cancer by testing a patient’s blood sample. Various medical and research institutions in Israel, the United States and other countries are exploring the use of the technology for the detection of breast cancer, prostate cancer and gynecological cancers, and for the detection of other diseases such as atherosclerosis and tuberculosis. In addition, an advanced version of the CellScan called the research CellScan has been developed which, we believe, has research applications in a number of areas including gene therapy and drug and vaccine development.

Field of Use
The Licensee, a company that designs, develops and markets innovative liquid fuel cell products principally for the mobile handset and portable consumer electronics markets acquired the rights to the CellScan by assignment from the Israeli University of a License from the University, the Licensor, to Licensee.

IPSCIO Record ID: 6628

License Grant
The Licensee acquired control of Bio field, a development-stage medical technology company. The Licensee acquired all of the Company’s common shares owned by the Company’s former chairman and chief executive officer, Licensor and affiliates, pursuant to a Stock Acquisition and Voting Agreement (the Long Agreement) and a Stock Acquisition Agreement between Licensee and the Licensor.
Field of Use
The Licensee has developed an advanced medical device and associated diagnostic system, the Bio field Diagnostic System to assist in detecting breast cancer, and has secured exclusive marketing rights to products for treatment of oral and genital herpes and a diagnostic test for cervical cancer, and seeks to secure marketing rights for other complimentary products.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27509

License Grant
The Company’s Chief Executive Officer grants to Licensee  the exclusive right to modify, customize, maintain, incorporate, manufacture, sell, and otherwise utilize and practice the above stated Patent, all improvements thereto and all technology related to the process, throughout the world. This license shall apply to any extension or re-issue of the Patent.
License Property
The CTLM employs a high-speed pico-second pulsed titanium sapphire laser and proprietary scanning geometry and reconstruction algorithms to detect and analyze masses in the breast indicia of malignancy or benignancy.  A device for detecting breast cancer through the skin in a non-invasive and objective procedure.

Patent number 5,692,511, issued on December 2, 1987

Field of Use
Licensee is a medical technology company that has developed a Computed Tomography Laser Mammography (system for detecting breast cancer through the skin in a non-invasive and objective procedure, which incorporates the use of the Patent (the CTLM).
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