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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 3

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  • Energy & Environment
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  • Alternative and Renewable Energy
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IPSCIO Record ID: 5128

License Grant
The Company has entered into the following licensing agreements granting the Company the use of certain proprietary information, technology and patents.  License of electromagnetion technology, (liquid waste-to-energy technology).
License Property
The ElectroMagnetion Owners have filed a patent application on ElectroMagnetion(TM) and are developing the related technology, here defined as new bonds among molecules, caused by suitable electric and/or magnetic fields.

'Licensed Trademark 'Eletion(TM), Magnetion(TM) or ElectroMagnetion(TM) Technology or other word and/or design, used with or without any other word and/or design, in or as a brand name for Licensed Products or Licensed Services or Licensed Systems.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3393

License Grant
Owners hereby grants to Licensee, for the License Term only, an indivisible, non-assignable right and license to make, use, lease, sell, and otherwise practice commercially the defined Licensed subject matter as defined in items 1a-1g hereonabove.
License Property
'Licensed Know-how' means unpatented proprietary technical, professional, or commercial information as it applied to AquaFuel(TM) disclosed to Licensee by Owners, and useful in designing, making, or using Licensed Products or performing Licensed Services.

'Licensed Patent' means any patent (or disclosed patent application) according to the limitations of this license to Licensee herein and containing a claim defining the composition, design, machine, process, product by process, manufacturing, structure, operation, or use of the ElectroMagnetion(TM) Technology as deemed an enhancement to AquaFuel(TM), insofar as owned or licensable by Owners and so licensed to Licensee in or for the License Territory.

'Licensed System' means any apparatus, assembly, device, or structure for producing or using a Licensed Product, with or for use with (or without) other accessories.

'Licensed Trademark 'Eletion(TM), Magnetion(TM) or ElectroMagnetion(TM) Technology or other word and/or design, used with or without any other word and/or design, in or as a brand name for Licensed Products or Licensed Services or Licensed Systems.  License of electromagnetion(TM) technology, (liquid waste-to-energy technology).

Field of Use
'Licensed Product(TM) means by-product or related composition whose production, structure, or use embodies any Licensed Know-how, is defined by a claim of a Licensed Patent or disclosed patent application and/or would infringe a Licensed Patent in the absence of this ElectroMagnetion(TM)-AquaFuel(TM) License.

'Licensed Service' means any designing, making, specifying, or any  instruction, leasing, or performance of other services relating to any Licensed Product for, to, or with a customer or other party.

'Licensed Specification' means any requirement or standard identified by Owners to Licensee relating to composition, design, manufacturing method, structure, workmanship and/or resulting appearance, form, identity, quality, or presentation of a Licensed Product or a Licensed System.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3658

License Grant
The Assignor hereby grants to the Assignee, for the Assignment Term only, an indivisible, right and assignment to make, use, lease, sell, and otherwisepractice commercially the defined Assigned subject matter.  Assigned subject matter relates to scientific information disclosed to Assignee by the Assignor, and useful in identifying and optimizing the basic physical and chemical effects underlying the Assigned Products or performing Assigned Services.
License Property
'Assigned Trademark' Santilli's Magnetiona, Santilli's MagneGasa, Santilli's PlasmaArcFlowa Technology, Santilli's Magneculesa, Santilli's Magneliquidsa, or other word and/or design, used with or without any other word and/or design,in or as a brand name for Assigned Products or Assigned Services or Assigned Systems.  The Assignee shall form three companies to exploit the technology in Europe, Asia and United States.

The MagneGas(TM) technology permits fuel production with a sufficient energy density to be used as a combustible fuel in a compressed form. The Company believes that MagneGas(TM) can be cost competitive to other liquid fuels when produced in large quantities.

The Company expects that revenues can also be generated from both the elimination and processing of liquid waste. It is intended that MagneGas(TM) be sold for any fuel application including metal cutting, automotive, electric generators, cooking and heating. MagneGas(TM) is produced by processing liquid wastes of fossil or biomass origin utilizing PlasmaArcFlow(TM) reactors. These reactors flow liquids through a submerged electric arc. The arc essentially decomposes the liquid molecules into a plasma at 7,000 to 10,000 degrees Farenheit ('F') composed of ionized hydrogen (H), oxygen (O) and carbon (C) atoms, plus solid precipitates. The technology then controls the recombination of H, O and C into clusters of molecules under new internal bonds.

Patent Application #1 NEW CHEMICAL SPECIES FOR GASES AND THEIR NEW TECHNOLOGIES Serial Number 09/133,348 dealing with the new chemical structure of all gases produced under an electric arc, known as 'Santilli's Magnecules', which is inclusive of, but not limited to 'Santilli's Magnegas'.



Patent Application #4 ELECROMAGNETION Serial Number 09/106.170 Filed on 06/29/98 which deals with the new chemical species of 'Santilli's Magnecules' for liquids used in the production of 'Santilli's Magnegas'.

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