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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 5020

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants an exclusive, nontransferable right and license to employ the Intellectual Property made available under this Agreement to design, manufacture and assemble the IR Systems within the Territory for sale exclusively in the Territory within the Field of Use (the License).
License Property
We entered into a licensed agreement which granted them the right to become the sole producer of the AMIRIS system.

AMIRIS product is a maritime navigational thermal imaging system.  The AMIRIS system uses infrared technology to create an image based on small differences in the temperatures of the objects being viewed, such as an iceberg in water.  In 1997, we expanded our infrared applications to the animal sciences industry with the development of an equine imaging system to detect health problems.  The equine imaging system enables veterinarians to visualize small differences in the surface temperature of horses, and therefore identify heat, a common sign of inflammation associated with injury at early stages.

The IR System is comprised of the following
AMIRIS System #105190000
NSK 1000 System #105190001
FROS System #105594000 Three Field of View Assembly #105235
CCD Overlay #105504

Field of Use
Field of Use shall mean all applications except biological, medical and human and animal health measurement and monitoring.

IPSCIO Record ID: 6963

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to the Company a worldwide, exclusive License for the use of Proprietary Data and Intellectual Property to make, have made, use, Sell, and have sold, as well as the maintenance and repair of, the License Products for the Licensed Field. The Company shall not have the right to subLicense or otherwise transfer any of the rights granted pursuant to this Agreement without the prior written consent of Licensor.
License Property
Licensor has developed, at its own expense, Intellectual Property (as hereinafter defined) that is used to design and produce Infrared imaging systems applicable to many applications such as transportation (ground, sea, and air), medical, quality control, safety, security, and others.

Proprietary Property, Infrared Security System – All information contained, but not limited to Patent application 60/597,048, filed 11/07/2005.  Confirmation No. 5011;  All processes, formulae, writings, presentations, and other proprietary data of Licensor relating to Infrared Security System subject to Patent application 60/597,048 including future claims and amendments.

Intellectual Property – Licensor is involved in the conceptual design of Infrared Technology in many applications in commercial and non-commercial fields.  The work product of these efforts takes the form of ideals, disclosures, designs, mathematical descriptions, and other forms of creation that illustrate and embody the unique and proprietary information.

All of these constitute the body of Intellectual Property, regardless of the application or field of use.  This body of works includes any materials identified as Proprietary that do not apply to Infrared Security System, directly or indirectly.

Licensed Products shall mean any product or portion thereof which embodies any Licensor Proprietary Data and/or Intellectual Property.

The infrared security system (ISS) product is based upon a unique concept that we believe is proprietary. The ISS utilizes two or more infrared cameras directed at a common surveillance area. The locations of the cameras and their optical fields of view are pre-established and stored in a central computer database. Computer programs harmonize the information into a three dimensional grid, and camera processors perform image processing on the surveillance area to detect moving objects. Information is transmitted to the central computer, and compared to information in the database for pre-defined threats. Alarm criteria can be based on object size, location, and movement over time. We believe this system has a powerful threat detection capability that inherently rejects false alarms and which will separate our ISS from those of our competitors.

60/597,048 An infrared (IR) security system and method is disclosed comprising two or more IR cameras directed upon a common surveillance area. Locations of the cameras and their optical fields of view are pre-established and stored in a central computer database. Computer programs harmonize the information into a 3D grid. The camera processors perform image processing on the surveillance area to detect moving objects. Object angular position, size, aspect ratio, and radiometric intensity are simultaneously transmitted to the central computer. The grid position, physical size, and inherent electro-magnetic contrast of the objects are computed. These IR signatures are then compared to the target definitions in the database of IR signatures on pre-defined threats. Alarm criteria can be based on object size, location, and movement over time. When a threat is determined, the user is notified by text message, image or video.

Field of Use
Licensed Field shall mean the commercial sale to any customer for use in Security Applications.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4853

License Grant
Licensor, an individual, hereby grants and Licensee hereby accepts an exclusive irrevocable license for use of the Technology in the human and veterinary medical fields, to produce, have produced, manufacture, have manufactured for it, to use and/or sell Patented Products to any distributor, reseller or end user (i.e., physicians, veterinarians, hospitals, clinics, universities or any other user), either separately or in combination with other products, and to use the Technology and Licensor Know-How in the specified fields, with the right to sublicense its Subsidiaries.
License Property
Licensor has invented, developed and filed patent applications relating to certain electronic endoscopes, flexible optical catheters, complementary viewing systems, and related disposable products for use in connection with detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease or injury in humans and animals.

1. OPTICAL CATHETER. All methods, apparatus, claims and products relating to certain products, processes and techniques described for use in and for a system consisting of a small diameter endoscope comprise of a sterilizable optical catheter which carries a coherent fiber-optic bundle capable of transmitting an image, and parallel fiber-optic bundles capable of transmitting light, which is coupled to an apparatus consisting of an eyepiece and/or console containing light source(s), camera(s) and viewing screen(s), as described in that certain patent application (No. 018,630) filed by Licensor with the U.S. Patent Office on February 25, 1987 (the 'Patent Application').

FLUORESCENCE DETECTION. A methodology of fluorescence detection allowing for the visualization of light emitting compounds from biological tissues and certain treatment applications thereon, using the Optical Catheter.
The optical catheter and fluorescence detection system includes, but is not limited to, the following
Endoscope with removable eyepiece, #018630
Optical catheter, ## 1,194,849 and 4,417,710
Laser endoscope, #4,589,404
Laser illuminator, #4,011,403
Steerable sheath for use with selected removable optical catheter, #5,325,845
Imaging tissue or stone removal basket, #5,311,858
Method and system for embollizing blood vessels, #4,869,246
Deflectable sheath for optical catheter, #07,581,592
Deformable and removable sheath for optical catheter, #07,581,591

2. THE ADAIR/VERESS NEEDLE. This device allows the introduction of gas, instruments, viewing devices and catheters into body cavities, particularly the abdominal cavity (peritoneum) including (but not limited to) the following
Gas insufflation needle with instrument port, #4,869,717

3. ELECTRONIC VIDEO LAPAROSCOPE. (a) All rigid video endoscopes with sterilizable sheath (all angles of view); (b) video endoscope with operative channels; thoracic endoscopes (rigid and deflectable); (c) 3-D technology on all endoscopes; sterile sheaths on all rigid endoscope products; and (d) all patents pending related to 'flipping of chip and bump bonding' for use in all endoscopic applications; all of which, (being described in clauses (a), (b), (c), and (d) above, including (but not limited to) the following
Rigid video endoscope with sterilizable sheath, #4,878,485, reissue #33,845
Heat sterilizable electronic video laparoscope, #5,188,094 Stereoscopic endoscope, #5,381,784
Operative electronic video laparoscope, subsequently abandoned
Miniaturized electronic imaging chip, #07,954,550, subsequently abandoned, continuation in part, #08,155,996

Field of Use
The term 'veterinary medical field' shall mean the field of veterinary applications and uses of the Technology to nonhuman animals including mammalian animals, and for the maintenance or improvement of health and/or growth or for the diagnosis, alleviation or cure of disease.
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