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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 4

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IPSCIO Record ID: 429

License Grant
The Licensor hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive worldwide license under Licensor's Patent Rights to manufacture Licensed Products and to practice Licensed Method.
License Property
License Method shall mean any process, method, procedure or use which is covered by the Licensor's Patent Rights or the use or practice of which, but for the licenses granted hereunder, would constitute an infringement of any claim in Licensor's Patent Rights.

Licensed Product means any (a) material or product containing the elements boron and/or chromium and that is covered by Licensor's Patent Rights or whose manufacture, use, practice or sale would constitute, but for the license granted to Licensee pursuant to this Agreement, an infringement of any claim within Licensee's Patent Rights, and/or (b) any material or product developed, made, used, sold, registered or practiced with License Method. nutraceutical compounds.  The Licensee formulated, tested, manufactured and is currently selling boron and chromium complexes as raw materials to manufactures and distributors of nutritional supplements.

Boron is marketed under the trade name FruiteX-Bâ„¢ and Chromium under the trade name CarnoChromeâ„¢.

The Licensor licensed a natural form of boron covered by US Patent No. 5,962,049 and was issued US Patent No. 6,071,545 for novel Metallic Oligopeptide Complexes June 6, 2000 covering several mineral complexes for both nutritional and pharmaceutical applications. The patent covers a novel chromium complex, chromium carnosinate, which the Licensor feels is superior to the other forms of chromium supplements currently on the market.

Licensor’s Patent Rights means (1) United States Patent number 6071545 Metallic oligopeptide complexes – A composition of matter which comprises a metallic complex of the formula M.sup.Z+ L.sub.n I wherein M is a metal ion of nutritional or therapeutic value; L.sub.n is one or more oligopeptides wherein at least one oligopeptide comprises at least one amino acid selected from the group consisting of nonprotein amino acids and synthetic amino acids; n=1-3, Z=1-6.  The metal ion of the metallic complex is selected from the group consisting of chromium, zinc, manganese, magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, vanadium, cobalt, molybdenum, germanium, selenium, and indium. The invention further provides food or drink compositions or dietary supplements which comprise the metallic complex of the invention, and (2) United States Patent number 5962049 Boron carbohydrate complexes and uses thereof – Complexes of boron with sugars or/or sugar alcohols are utilized as nutritional supplements, with the carbohydrate portion being selected to provide a relatively high boron-sugar association constant of at least 250, and preferably 500 or more.  In one class of preferred embodiments, boron is complexed with a saccharide having co-planar cis-OH groups capable of forming five or six membered rings through ester bonding with boric acid. Such complexes may advantageously comprise fructose, mannose, xylose or sorbose. In another aspect of the invention, a carbohydrate-boric acid complex may be charge neutralized with calcium, magnesium or other cation(s). A particularly preferred form is calcium fructoborate. In yet another aspect of preferred embodiments, the boron supplement can be included in a food, especially in a high magnesium food, and more especially in a snack food such as a snack containing chocolate and/or nuts.

Field of Use
Licensee is engaged in the business of manufacturing and marketing raw materials and products to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and agricultural industries and is desirous of obtaining certain rights from Licensor to further develop, manufacture and commercialize products based on, or derived from, the chromium and boron compounds and/or complexes.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26196

License Grant
The Licensor, an individual, granted the Licensee an exclusive worldwide License to develop, manufacture and sell certain carbohydrate complexes of boron nutraceutical compounds.  The Licensor originally filed a provisional patent application covering the compounds, and subsequently filed a further United States patent application. Pursuant to the Agreement, the Licensee is responsible for all costs and expenses in connection with obtaining patent protection.
License Property
Patent relates to certain carbohydrate complexes of boron nutraceutical compounds.

US Patent Number 5,962,049 Boron Carbohydrate Complexes and Uses Thereof was issued October 5, 1999.

Field of Use
The field of the invention is dietary boron.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5375

License Grant
The University hereby grants to Licensee a semi-exclusive license under the University interest in the University Patent Rights in the Licensed Field to make, have made, use, and sell Licensed Products and to practice Licensed Method.
License Property
Licensed Product (s) means any material or product or kit, or any service, process, or procedure that (1) either is covered by the University Patent Rights or whose manufacture, use, or sale would constitute, but for the license granted to Licensee pursuant to this Agreement, an infringement of any claim within the University Patent Rights (U.S. Patent Application Numbers 94-0809-1, 95-0315-1 and 95-0413-1) or (2) is discovered, developed, made, sold, registered, or practiced using Licensed Method or which may be used to practice the Licensed Method, in whole or in part.
Field of Use
Certain inventions relating to the development of phytoremediation technology, with application to the field of nutritional and dietary supplements, were made in the course of research sponsored by Licensee.

Licensed Field  means the use for nutritional and dietary supplements.

IPSCIO Record ID: 491

License Grant
The Licensor hereby grants to Licensee during the term of this Agreement an exclusive, royalty-bearing license, without the right to sublicense, under the Licensed Technology to Commercialize the Products in the Territory.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Licensee shall have the right to alter, change or modify the Licensed Technology to develop and Commercialize prescription pharmaceutical versions of the Products in the Territory on a non-exclusive basis and subject to the remaining terms of this Agreement.

License Property
US Patent 5,962,030, issued October 5, 1999 – Dietary Supplement and Method of Treatment for Diabetic Control and 2) US Patent 6,203,819 issued March 20, 2001 – Dietary Supplement and Method of Treatment for Diabetic Control.
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