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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 4

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IPSCIO Record ID: 4168

License Grant
Whereby the Parties desire to amend and clarify in order to facilitate more efficient business operations and relations.

Sellers have approved the sale of the rights to the Enzyme Technology enzyme/protein proprietary technology for the treatment of hydrocarbons, among other things, and that is suitable for, washing and processing coal with the express exception of the agricultural applications, metals extraction applications, mineral extraction applications and medical applications, to the Buyer in exchange for Buyer’s preferred stock.

License Property
The Inventor of the technology will receive consideration and a royalty.

The Enzyme Technology consists of the rights to the proprietary technology related to the production, sale, use and management of said technology to cleave and bind specific molecules in the following arenas of application which include crude oil, blended oil, coal, refined oil and its products and sub-products, removal of sulfur and metals from hydrocarbons base materials including coal, renewable energy applications, environmental remediation, environmental applications for abatement and reduction, and other materials as agreed to in writing.

Field of Use
The rights granted relate to all types of treatment of hydrocarbons and environmental applications.

IPSCIO Record ID: 992

License Grant
The Licensee acquired an exclusive global License to use this technology. This technology is based on United States Patent No. 5,928,495, granted on July 27, 1999 to Alexander Legkow, who transferred the patent rights to the Licensor.
License Property
The Legkow Technology refers to a concept to produce a surfactant.

The Legkow Technology refers to a concept to produce a surfactant for use with carbonaceous materials such as crude oil and coal; a concept utilizing surfactants and emulsions in the treatment and processing of crude oil, waste oils and oil slops; and a concept utilizing gaseous emulsions in the removal and reduction of residues and pollution relating to carbonaceous materials.

This technology is based on United States Patent No. 5,928,495

Field of Use
The rights granted apply for use with carbonaceous materials such as crude oil and coal; a concept utilizing surfactants and emulsions in the treatment and processing of crude oil, waste oils and oil slops; and a concept utilizing gaseous emulsions in the removal and reduction of residues and pollution relating to carbonaceous materials.

IPSCIO Record ID: 118939

License Grant
A division of the Licensee, a bioremediation plant, has a license and operating agreement with the Licensor, to conduct remediation of contaminated soils to remove petroleum hydrocarbons from soil.
License Property
Remediation of contaminated soils, process involves bio-organic destruction of petroleum hydrocarbons.
Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the environmental / remediation industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1749

License Grant
In this agreement, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Licensee, has a technology license agreement with three individuals including the Chief Operating Officer of the Licensee.   Licensors' hereby grant to Licensee an Exclusive Right and License to the Patents, Technical information and all related manufacturing and marketing rights and know-how necessary for the manufacture and sale of bioremediation products and related equipment, microbial blends and services.
License Property
The licensor is Chief Operating Officer of the licensee.  The licensor was the founder of a company that has since become a wholly owned subsidiary of the licensee (both from U.S.).  The Technology License Agreement is for the exclusive rights to patents, technical information, and a biological product line.  The technology involves microbe culture collection and includes a proprietary culture collection that consists of 30 microbes that are combined into unique consortiums to solve particular environmental problems, increase agricultural production, reduce water consumption or increase oil production.  Two examples of products are MTBEctomy, microbial blend for MTBE treatment and Bio-GAC for the reactivation of spent granular activated carbon.

U.S. Patent # 5,039,415 (Decontamination of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil) and U.S. Patent # 5,334,533(Decontamination of Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil Utilizing Microbes and Air)
BIOLOGICAL PRODUCT LINE BIO-CON-10X  – Particularly useful in dealing with domestic wastes being treated anaerobically. Typically enhances organic digestion and gas production in digesters. Handles many of the problems associated with operation of septic tanks, Imhoff tanks, and anaerobic lagoons.

BIO-CON-20X – Designed for use in aerobic systems handling domestic sewage. It is particularly effective in handling many of the problem components of domestic sewage, including heavy grease loading, incoming industrial wastes, cosmetics, salad oils, petroleum derivatives, etc. it is well-suited for the maintenance of lift stations, gravity mains, and collection lines, restaurant grease traps, and residential drain maintenance.  

BIO-CON-20XC – Particularly useful for high carbohydrate and starch wastes. Effective with many aliphatic chemical wastes.

BIO-CON-20XP – Designed to handle high loading of animal, fish, and vegetable oils, particularly where protein levels are low. Generally preferred for application to light weight oils and many petrochemical products.  BIO-CON-20XB – Particularly helpful for industrial wastes having exceptionally high loadings of proteins, blood, and fats. Develops an excellent floc for handling many settleability problems, BIO-CON-30XH – Formulated to deal effectively with the heavy, tarry types of oils, coal tars, and organic sludges. Particularly well-suited for phenolic and other aromatic chemical structure wastes. Usually the product of choice for coking and wood preserving wastes.

BIO-CON-30XSD- Biological desulfurization of crude oil (downhole), BIO-CON-30XS – Biological desulfurization of crude oil (above-ground).  BIO-CON-30XN – Biological deparaffination and viscosity reduction of well sites.

BIO-CON-30XNR- Biologically-assisted crude oil recovery from shale formations.  BIO-CON 30XFI – Biological in situ treatment process for underground leakage and cleanup of gasoline/fuel containment vessels (e.g. gasoline station tanks, etc.)

BIO-CON 30XFA – Biological above-ground site remediation process.  BIO-CON-40X  – Biological soil supplement for accelerated, enhanced, plant germination and growth and water and fertilizer application reduction.

BIO-CON-40XH  – Humic acids extract

BIO-CON-40X-1 – Scientifically balanced liquid folier formulation containing 8-32-5 NPK, humic acids, trace minerals, and specific beneficial microorganisms including several very efficient nitrogen fixing bacteria.  BIO-CON-60XA (Freshwater aquaculture) 60XM(Marine aquaculture)system supplement for control of ammonia poisoning, pathogen, and environmental control.

BIO-CON-BT   – Biological Pesticides (Bacillus-Thuringiensis, sp.) – Mosquito and  agricultural larval pest control.

Field of Use
Technology relates to patented toxic and hazardous waste treatment and recovery processes as well as to license and apply microbially enhanced oil recovery technologies and products.
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