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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 4075

License Grant
Licensee, specializes in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of oral care and cosmetic dentistry products, and wishes to be relieved of various obligations under the 2009 Agreement, including, without limitation, its obligation to supply Products to Licensor, who manufactures and markets cosmetic and restorative dental products,
License Property
GlamSmile is a revolutionary cosmetic dental system that substantially expands the consumer and professional dental market for veneers. To produce the veneers, License utilizes high-tech scanning, CAD/CAM design technology, and a proprietary fabrication technique. The veneers are delivered to a dentist already prepared for a simple, single-motion veneer placement. This patent-pending painless delivery system not only dramatically lowers the dentist's cost of installation, but also significantly reduces the amount of time patients spend in the dental chair.
Field of Use
Licensee or its B2C Market Licensee, may purchase its requirements for GlamSmile Product in the B2C Market from another Person other than Licensor.

IPSCIO Record ID: 28906

License Grant
The Licensor is granted exclusivity to manufacture and distribute the ClearView LAB product.
License Property
The Licensor designs and owns the intellectual property rights of ultrasound technology for dental use, including the ClearView LAB product.

The Licensor has been issued its first patent, which provides coverage for the unique way of using ultrasound for dental applications. An additional 31 provisional patents have been secured for other aspects of the system and additional software.

ClearView LAB is used to scan conventional impressions, thereby eliminating all stone models, transportation costs, and several days of waiting for patients. The inherent errors in model fabrication will also be eliminated. Since the scans produced by ClearView LAB are highly accurate in terms of capturing detail, crowns, veneers, bridges, braces and retainers may be fabricated from these scans. As mentioned, a great deal of time – more than a week – will be saved by avoiding the familiar process involving poured models, bases, trimming, and shipping.

Field of Use
The Licensee would book the revenue from the product sales, regardless if it was to dental laboratories  or individual dentists. The Agreement would allow Probe to control manufacturing costs and profits.

IPSCIO Record ID: 6172

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Milestone the exclusive right to use U.S. Patent 6,102,696.
License Property
The CoolBlue Wand is a proprietary, cost efficient dental enhancement system that uses blue light emitting diodes for fast curing of dental composite material, trans-illumination of teeth tacking of veneers, and activation of whitening gels and pastes. In addition, the system enables dentists to interchange attachments for use in cosmetic dentistry and diagnostics.  Ionic White is a proprietary, technologically advanced light-activated teeth whitening system developed for consumer use in the home. Ionic White whitens and brightens all tooth surfaces within approximately 21 minutes in an easy-to-use home kit that includes a unique “cool blue” intra-oral light and proprietary gel. The system provides an alternative to costly and time-consuming trips to the dentist and/or other over-the-counter products that do not offer the same benefits as the Ionic White system. The technology underlying the licensee's CoolBlue professional whitening and Ionic White consumer whitening products was acquired from the licensor.

CoolBlue(TM) Wand Dental Diode Lighting System (Creamer/Osterwald Patent) Trans-illuminating Tip Tacking Tip Whitening Tip Amber Shield Barrier Sheath

Professional Dental Whitening Products
Whitening Gel (35 – 47%) Whitening Gel Accelerator Whitening Rinse Whitening Rinse Accelerator

Consumer Products (Provisional Patents Filed)
CoolBlue(TM) Wand Consumer Light Whitening Gel (3 – 5%) Whitening Gel Accelerator Whitening Rinse Whitening Rinse Accelerator

CoolBlue Wand Dental Diode Lighting System Part numbers Part numbers CB11-001 CoolBlue Curing Light, 100V CB11-002 CoolBlue Trans-illumination Light, 100V CB11-003 CoolBlue Tacking Light, 100V CB11-004 CoolBlue Whitening Tip, 100V CB12-001 CoolBlue Curing Light, 220V CB12-002 CoolBlue Trans-illumination Light, 220V CB12-003 CoolBlue Tacking Tip, 220V CB12-004 CoolBlue Whitening Tip, 220V Accessories CB00-001 Curing Tip CB00-002 Trans-illumination Tip CB00-003 Tacking Tip CB00-004 Whitening Tip CB00-005 Amber Shield CB00-006 Barrier Sheaths.

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