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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 4

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IPSCIO Record ID: 402

License Grant
The Company grants to the Licensee the worldwide and exclusive right and license to assemble, make, convert, process, use, and sell Product utilizing the Medical Technology.
License Property
Medical Technology means technical information or knowledge now possessed by Licensor, including information heretofore disclosed to Licensee in anticipation of this Agreement, relating only to a HPV detection method using fluorescence oligonucleotide detection with simultaneous antibody staining and an identification of the necessary reagent or reagents to perform the HPV detection.
Field of Use
The rights granted apply to Human papillomavirus (HPV) which is a member of the papillomavirus family of viruses that is capable of infecting humans.

IPSCIO Record ID: 6020

License Grant
The Licensor, an University, granted to Licensee a royalty-bearing, exclusive License under Licensed subject matter to manufacture, have manufactured, use, import, offer to sell and/or sell Licensed Products worldwide, for use within Licensed Field of human diagnostics.  Licensee may grant subLicenses.  Licensed products and Subject matter refer to MDA97-041 Synthetic Peptides from Human Papilloma virus (HPV) as Markers of Protective Immunity and as Reagents for Immunotherapy and Prophylaxis of HPV-Associated Cervical Cancer.
Field of Use
Licensed Field means the field of human diagnostics.

IPSCIO Record ID: 273272

License Grant
The French Licensor, non-profit private foundation dedicated to the study of biology, micro-organisms, diseases, and vaccines, grants to Licensee a worldwide, royalty-bearing exclusive license under the Licensed Patent and the Biological Material within the Field to make, have made, use and sell Licensed Product. The license does not include a sublicense right to Third Parties.
License Property
Licensed Patent means US patent No. 5.981.173 relating to Two Novel Genital Human Papillomavirus (HPV) types, HPV68 and HPV70, related to the Potentially Oncogenic HPV39 attached hereto in Exhibit 1 and all continuations-in-part as the case may be.

US patent No. 5,981,173 – Genital human papillomavirus type 68a (HPV-68a), related to the potentially oncogenic HPV-39

HPV means Human Papillomavirus.  It's the most common sexually transmitted infection. HPV is usually harmless and goes away by itself, but some types can lead to cancer or genital warts.

Biological Material means biological material accession No. I-1540 of the cloned genome of the Human Papillomavirus type 68 (HPV68).

Licensed Product means HPV Hybrid Capture(R) II (HPV HCII) and/or any other product using the Licensed Patent and/or the Biological Material or fragments thereof, or derived biological material from Biological Material or fragments thereof, or a synthetic molecule corresponding to said Biological Material or to derived Biological Material or to fragments of both thereof.

Field of Use
Field means HPV in vitro human diagnostics and HPV in vitro pre-clinical and clinical diagnostic testing for HPV vaccine and therapeutic discovery and development.

IPSCIO Record ID: 336296

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to United Kingdom Licensee and its Affiliates an exclusive, royalty-bearing license throughout the Territory, with the right to grant sublicenses in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, under Licensors interest in the Licensor Patents, Licensor Technology and Joint Inventions, to develop, register, use, make, have made, import, export, offer to sell, sell and have sold HPV Vaccines and/or Antigens and/or Process.  Licensee agrees that it will use Licensor Technology and Licensor Patents only as licensed under this Agreement.
License Property
HPV Vaccine shall mean a vaccine for the prevention, control or treatment of human papilloma virus infection in humans in any formulation, configuration or delivery system or a product or process for the diagnosis of HPV infection in humans.

Antigen shall mean (i) HPV antigens and/or (ii) HPV proteins and/or (iii) other physical forms based on such antigens, such as peptides and/or nucleic acid(s) (DNA, RNA) delivered in any form including recombinant vectors.

Vaccine Product shall mean an HPV Vaccine (x)covered in whole or in part by a Licensor Patent or an Licensee Patent which covers Licensee Special Technology and/or (y) which incorporates or is derived from the use of Licensor Technology and/or Licensee Special Technology.  

Licensor Patents shall mean
5,298,418 – Cell line isolated from larval midgut tissue of Trichoplusia ni
5,300,435 – Trichoplusia ni cell line which supports replication of baculoviruses
5,437,951 – Self-assembling recombinant papillomavirus capsid proteins

Licensor Technology shall mean information, know-how and materials, including, but not limited to, pharmaceutical, chemical and biological products, technical and non-technical data and information (i) owned by Licensor and/or to which Licensor has a transferable interest on the Effective Date and/or at any time during the term of this Agreement and (ii) which relate to the field of L1 based HPV Vaccines and/or which arise from the Research Program, and in each case which are necessary or useful for the development, manufacture, use or sale of an HPV Vaccine.

Field of Use
Field of use is for the treatment for the human papilloma virus (AHPV@) (HPV).

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI).
Many people with HPV don't develop any symptoms but can still infect others through sexual contact. Symptoms may include warts on the genitals or surrounding skin.
There's no cure for the virus and warts may go away on their own. Treatment focuses on removing the warts. A vaccine that prevents the HPV strains most likely to cause genital warts and cervical cancer is recommended for boys and girls.

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