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Category: Technology Licenses, Created On: 2022-04-28, Record Count: 3


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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 3947

License Grant
The Sponsor, a University, acting with its appointed legal counsel, and in accordance with the provisions of the following paragraph, shall be given a time-limited first right to negotiate an exclusive royalty-bearing license to make, use, sell, offer for sale and import any products and practice any methods claimed by the Additional IP (with the right to sublicense, subject to reasonable approval from UCM) until expiration of all corresponding patents.
License Property
UCM, through the School of Engineering, has valuable experience and skill, and ability in “Development of 3D-Stacked Polystyrene Microchips for Biomedical Application and Optoelectronics.”

Intellectual property relates to making shrinkable polystyrene diagnostic chip solutions.  Microfluidics involves channelling fluids into tiny passages where they can be processed. The concept is analogous to the development of transistors, which made smaller, more powerful electronics devices possible.

Technology involves the creation and manufacture of certain complex chips or microfluidic diagnostic tools and measuring devices on a larger micro-scale on shrinkable, pre-stressed polystyrene sheets (or other plastic-derived materials such as PolyShrink™) and then shrinking them down significantly in size through a patent-pending process. Our research indicates, to date, that the technology and materials under development by Shrink result in a relatively “uniform” shrinking process, resulting in a “true” and undisturbed end product that retains its vital properties even at the micro or nano-scale.

Field of Use
Licensee's Shrink Chip Manufacturing Solution™ technology, if further developed and commercialized and applied properly, will not only allow the inexpensive development of innovative and complex chips that can be used in applications ranging from chemical or biological molecular measuring tools for the life science industry to use in electronic components, but also allows such manufacture to be completed without the high capital costs and laborious processing steps traditionally associated with microfabrication, such as “clean room” and complex robotics.

IPSCIO Record ID: 6419

License Grant
The University grants to the Licensee an exclusive License under its rights in and to Patent Rights  to make, use, Sell, offer for Sale and import Licensed Products and Licensed Services and to practice Licensed Methods, in the United States and in other countries where The Regents may lawfully grant such Licenses, only in the Field of Use.  The Regents also grants to the Licensee the right to subLicense to third parties the rights granted herein.  Earned Royalties will accrue in each country for the duration of Patent Rights in that country.
License Property
The subject of the intellectual property is generally characterized as Processes for Microfluidic Fabrication.
Field of Use
Field of Use means all fields unless otherwise amended by the parties to this Agreement.

IPSCIO Record ID: 280873

License Grant
With this Court decision,  the Chromium instruments operating Gel bead in Emulsion microfluidic chips (GEM microfluidic chips) and associated consumables infringed certain of Licensor patents and that the infringement was willful.

The Court also granted Licensor a permanent injunction against the Licensees GEM microfluidic chips and associated consumables that were found to infringe the patents.

License Property
Certain Chromium instruments operate using the GEM microfluidic chips and associated consumables.

The GEM microfluidic chips are Gel bead in Emulsion microfluidic chips.

US Patent No. 8,871,444, titled 'In vitro evolution in microfluidic systems.'

This patent covers techniques for detecting enzymatic reactions in microfluidic droplets and is part of Licensor,s comprehensive portfolio of droplet intellectual property.'

Field of Use
Licensee is a life science technology company building products to interrogate, understand and master biology. The integrated solutions include instruments, consumables and software for analyzing biological systems at a resolution and scale that matches the complexity of biology.

With this judgement, Licensee is permitted to continue to sell its GEM microfluidic chips and associated consumables for use with historical installed base of instruments.

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