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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 5

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IPSCIO Record ID: 344493

License Grant
Licensor of Germany grants an exclusive license to use Licensors Patent Rights and Licensors Know-How to develop, use, make, have made, sell, offer for sale, have sold, import and export, commercialize Contract Products and/or D-63153 in the Field and in the Territory. The license shall include the right to use Licensors Patent Rights and Know-How in conducting research and development activities with respect to the use of Contract Products and/or D-63153 in the Field and in the Territory.

Licensor grants a right of first negotiation to Licensee in case Licensee intends to license from Licensor any additional analogs which all under a valid claim of the LHRH Patents in the United States.

License Property
Contract Products shall mean and include all pharmaceutical products manufactured by Licensee, whether as mono-preparations or combination preparations, with the D63153 as an active ingredient, for use in the Field.

The active ingredient is referred to as ozarelix.  Ozarelix is a Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone, or LHRH, antagonist (a substance that blocks the effects of a natural hormone found in the body). Mechanistically, LHRH antagonists exert rapid inhibition of luteinizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone with an accompanying rapid decrease in sex hormones and would therefore be expected to be effective in a variety of hormonally dependent disease states including ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, BPH, infertility, uterine myoma and endometriosis.

LHRH Patents shall mean the composition in matter patents regarding a novel LHRH antagonist having improved solubility properties· with the internal No. 98/20 PH, the LHRH.

The patents are titled
— LHRH antagonists having improved solubility properties,
— Administration form for pharmaceutically active peptides with sustained release of active ingredient, and method for the production thereof,
— Application of initial Doses of LHRH Analogues and Maintenance Doses of LHRH Antagonists for the Treatment of Hormone-dependent Cancers and Corresponding Pharmaceutical Kits, and,
— Use of LHRH Antagonists for intermittent Treatments.

Field of Use
The Initial indication shall mean the use of D-63153 and/or Contract Products for prostate cancer and benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

IPSCIO Record ID: 240478

License Grant
The parties desire to enter into a collaboration respecting the research, development and commercialization of certain LHRH antagonist compounds.

Licensor grants an exclusive license, with a right to sublicense, under the Collaboration Technology, to make, have made, use, sell, offer to sell, export and import Licensed Products in the Field of Use in the Licensed Territory.

This agreement includes a non-exclusive grant back to Licensor from Licensee.

License Property
The Collaboration Technology relates to LHRH Antagonist Compounds.

LHRH Antagonist Compounds means compounds, including salts and prodrugs, which exhibit Lutenizing Hormone Releasing Hormone (LHRH) antagonist activity, including but not limited to the decapeptide known as Abarelix or PPI-149 and, all compounds included in the IUF License Agreement and any other technology owned or controlled by Licensor which Licensor is entitled to license or sublicense and which is necessary or useful to make, have made, use, sell, or offer to sell any compounds that exhibit LHRH antagonist activity.

Field of Use
Field of Use means all human therapeutic, prophylactic and diagnostic uses of Licensed Products. The Field of Use shall not include Licensed Products for veterinary use.

The collaboration relates to the development and commercialization of abarelix-depot for all indications, including prostate cancer and endometriosis.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26881

License Grant
Licensor grants an exclusive license to use and sell the Licensed Product to End Users within the Territory under the Licensor ‘s Intellectual Property Rights solely and only for the treatment of human prostatic carcinoma (the Field of Use).
License Property
Licensor has developed a sealed, hollow cartridge containing the luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH), histrelin, for the subcutaneous release of said hormone, which may be useful in the treatment of human prostatic carcinoma and other indications.

Licensed Product means a sealed, hollow cartridge containing the luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH), histrelin, a synthetic nonapeptide agonist of naturally occurring luteinizing hormone releasing hormone, which cartridge is constructed from biocompatible hydro gel copolymers, consisting of hydrophilic monomers such as 2-hydroxyethylmethacrylate (HEMA) and hydroxy propyl methacrylate (HPMA).   Carcinoma  An invasive malignant tumor derived from epithelial tissue that tends to metastasize to other areas of the body.

Hydro Med Patents and Patent Applications
U.S. 5,266,325         11/30/93     Preparation of Homogeneous Hydrogel Copolymers ('Preparation')

U.S. 5,292,515         03/08/94     Manufacture of Water Soluble Hydrophilic Articles and Drug Delivery Devices ('Manufacture')

Field of Use
The rights granted apply to human prostatic carcinoma.

IPSCIO Record ID: 310407

License Grant
The Licensor, non-profit, scientific research institute, hereby grants to Irish Licensee subject to the terms and conditions hereof an exclusive license to the Patent Rights in the Field of Use, to develop, have developed, to make, have made, to use, have used, to import, have imported, to offer for sale, sell and have sold and otherwise commercialize any Licensed Product throughout the Territory.
License Property
The term Licensed Product shall mean any product, the manufacture, use, importation, sale, or offer for sale of which, in the absence of this Agreement, would infringe the Patent Rights.

U.S. Patent No. 5,506,207, issued April 9, 1996, entitled, 'GnRH Antagonists XIII'

GnRH antagonists prevents ovulation of female mammalian eggs and/or the release of steroids by the gonads and may be used to treat steroid-dependent tumors.

The term Patent Rights shall mean the inventions claimed in the patents and patent applications described below
(a) Patent applications listed in agreement and patents issuing therefrom.
(b) Patents listed U.S. Patent No. 5,506,207, issued April 9, 1996, entitled, 'GnRH Antagonists XIII'.
(c) Divisional applications, provisional applications, and continuation applications that claim the benefit of priority to any of the patents described in (a) or (b) or patent applications described in (a) or (b) and patents issuing therefrom.
(d) Continuation-in-part applications only to the extent the claimed inventions are supported by the patents described in (a) or (b) or patent applications described in (a) or (b) and patents issuing therefrom.
(e) Reissue patents, extensions (including extensions under the United States Patent Term Restoration Act), renewals, substitutions and additions thereof, and reexamination patents related to patents described in (a), (b), (c) and (d).
(f) Any and all foreign counterparts of the patent applications and patents described in (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e).

Licensor is the owner of certain Patent Rights (as hereinafter defined), an Institution that explores to understand neuroscience, genetics, immunology, plant biology and more.

Field of Use
The term Field of Use shall mean all therapeutic uses of the Patent Rights in humans and animals and may be used to treat steroid-dependent tumors.

MER 104 is under development for the treatment of hormone-sensitive prostate cancer. MER 104 is a gonadotropin-releasing hormone, or GnRH, antagonist formulated using GIPET technology designed to provide an oral dosage alternative to current therapies, all of which are injectable. An oral product would eliminate the inconvenience of injection therapy. It may also avoid severe allergic reactions that have been encountered with some injectable GnRH antagonists and allow tailored dosing regimens.

Licensee is a specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the development of improved oral dosage forms of drugs that are poorly absorbed.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3021

License Grant
Under the Agreement, the Licensee, a partner, acquired an exclusive License to develop and commercialize for all potential indications, ozarelix. The Licensor retains exclusive development and commercialization rights to the rest of world. In addition, the Licensee will pay royalties on potential net sales, if any, after marketing approval is obtained from regulatory authorities.
License Property
Ozarelix is a fourth generation LHRH (Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone) antagonist.  On October 3, 2006, the Licensee announced positive data from a Phase 2 trial with ozarelix conducted in Europe in collaboration with its partner, the Licensor.
Field of Use
The rights granted apply to the medical industry.
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