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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 7

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IPSCIO Record ID: 334088

License Grant
Licensor of Canada grants a non-exclusive license to use the Licensed IP within the United States for the term of this Agreement.

Licensor grants access to the EV Battery Recycling Technology and the right to act as an exclusive master agent with respect to the SX EV Battery Recycling Technology in North America.

License Property
Licensor is the exclusive owner of the Lithium Extraction Technology.  Licensor and its Affiliates are currently developing the EV Battery Recycling Technology.

The technology is patent-pending extraction methods and technology in separation, recovery, and purification of lithium and to act as an agent  developing technology in battery recycling.

Licensed IP means all Intellectual Property Rights necessary or useful to practice the Lithium Extraction Technology anytime during the term of this Agreement, including all inventions and Improvements owned or held for use by SXM and/or its Affiliates, and all know-how relating to the Lithium Extraction Technology.

EV Battery Recycling Technology means the technology in lithium bearing battery recycling being developed by Licensor and its Affiliates and any Improvements thereon.

Lithium Extraction Technology means the patent pending extraction methods and technology in separation, recovery and purification of lithium, and any Improvements thereon.

Licensor Technology means, collectively, the EV Battery Recycling Technology and the Lithium Extraction Technology.

Field of Use
The field of use is the mining industry.

Licensor wishes to license the Lithium Extraction Technology to Licensee for lithium bearing prospects in the United States.

IPSCIO Record ID: 131132

License Grant
The Licensor hereby grants to the Canadian Customer during the Term a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non- sublicenseable license to use the Licensor's technological process in the Territory. The Licensor reserves the right, in its sole discretion to expand the Territory, as defined in this agreement, based on the satisfactory performance in the Territory. “Satisfactory performance” is determined to be defined as the successful implementation of at least 1 full scale commercial lithium plant with a flow rate capacity of 250 gpm or larger in the assigned territory for 1 year.
License Property
Licensor owns and has developed certain trade secret and patent pending water recovery technologies and lithium recovery technology, including specifically, technological processes used for the recovery and extraction of battery grade lithium carbonate powder Li2CO3 grading 99.5% or higher purity from brine solutions.

“Process” means the process for extracting lithium from wastewater, as described in U.S. Provisional Patent application no. XXXXXXX.

“Refined Lithium” means Li2CO3 produced by Customer or its Affiliates using the Process.

Field of Use
The Licensee, upon successful test pilot facility results, will start the construction of commercial Lithium recovery production facility.  The technology used in the process of recovering and extraction of battery grade lithium carbonate powder Li2CO3 grading 99.5% or higher purity from brine solutions.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27774

License Grant
The Canadian parties entered an agreement which granted a non-exclusive license to use Licensor's Lithium Ion Base   Technology for the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of batteries, with the right to sublicense such technology, and the exclusive right to use and/or license the Enhancements.
License Property
This license is pertaining to the development of a less costly rechargeable Lithium battery using Manganese in the system and an improved separator that could shut down the battery safely in the event of a malfunction.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26768

License Grant
The Company exercised its right to acquire a non-exclusive Licensing Agreement of thin-film battery technology.
License Property
The technology is for a battery that is lithium-based and manufactured to be thinner than common plastic wrap.  Like the larger, traditional lithium batteries that power laptops and cell phones, this lithium battery is also rechargeable. Unlike traditional lithium batteries, the thin-film battery is intended for small, hi-tech, low power applications, some of which have not yet been developed or brought to market. Current anticipated uses include 'smart' credit cards, security cards, wireless sensors, radio frequency identification tags, chip memory backup and advanced drug delivery devices.

IPSCIO Record ID: 391094

License Grant
Sublicensor of Norway hereby grants to Sublicensee of Puerto Rico and its Affiliates a perpetual, irrevocable (except in the event of non-payment of royalties) exclusive as indicated in the Field of Use, non-transferable (except as provided in Section 10, royalty-bearing right and license, with the right to further sublicense (subject to the restrictions set forth hereunder) under the Licensed to make, have made, use, have used, offer to sell, sell, have sold, make derivatives and import Products covered by a Valid Claim (such products, Licensed Products) in the Field of Use in the Territory (the License).
License Property
Products means metal organic framework material in powder form, such as prior to any value added steps, such as those provided by a Shaper.

Shaper means the value added step after the production of powder in order to bring it to a usable form such as beads, sponges, pellets, extrusions, films, sprays, membranes and the like.

Invention zirconium metal organic framework technology, as reported to Inven2 in Disclosure of Invention (DOFI) B-08003 (Ultrastable Zirconium-MetalOrganicFramework), and which has been further protected in patents US8653292, US9114348.

Patent US8653292 – Metal organic framework compounds
Patent US9114348 – Metal organic framework compounds

MOF Technology means all Inventions and Data relating to the form or use of metal organic frameworks to which Sublicensor has retained an ownership interest or a license and has the right to sublicense the same. MOF Technology is incorporated in and includes, for example, production of powder, pressed pellets, extrusions, films, sprays, membranes or other applications alike.

MOF Production Technology means all Inventions and Data relating to the production of metal organic frameworks to which Sublicensor has retained an ownership interest or a license and has the right to sublicense the same. MOF Production Technology is incorporated in and includes methods by which MOF Technology is created.

MOF means metal organic frameworks.

Patent Rights shall mean the technology covered by the Composition Patent and all patent applications licensed to Sublicensor, as well as all existing and future filings based thereon, as well as all patent applications, issued patents, and future patents issued from any such patent applications; divisionals, continuations and continuations-in-part, extensions, reissues, re-examinations, post grant reviews, confirmations, renewals, supplemental protection certificates based on any patent or patent application or arising out of same and filed in the Territory within the Field of Use.

Field of Use
Field of Use shall mean
A. These licensed areas are intended to be exclusive to and transferable (assignable and sublicensable) by Sublicensee
1. Use of MOFs for Lithium extraction and/or refining from all sources, including but not limited to water/brine, oil, and any other sources etc.
2. Use of MOFs for electrolytes and/or electrodes or other components or materials in lithium batteries. Including systems, apparatus etc.
3. Use of MOFs for transfer, separation, extraction and/or refining of ionic materials from all sources.
4. Use of MOFs for transfer, separation, extraction and/or refining of minerals, metals, and salts from all sources.
B. These areas are Examples of licensed non-transferrable, non-exclusive rights to Sublicensee with rights to sublicense
1. To the extent not already covered in Part A above, Use of MOFs in MMMs for any purposes. The term “MMMs” or “Mixed Matrix Membranes” means MOFs in or on a carrier or support, comprising a polymeric material, for example MMMs as described in PCT Patent Application No. PCT/US2020/047953.
2. To the extent not already covered in Part A. above, use of MOFs for general resource recovery, for example, processing liquids for extracting materials for energy production
3. To the extent not already covered in Part A. above, use of MOFs for water purification.
4. To the extent not already covered in Part A. above, use of MOFs for absorption of ions, salts, metals and/or minerals. (redundant, but ok)
C. These are not currently licensed, but may be licensed to Sublicensee and its partners in the future to expand business development for Sublicensor and Sublicensee
1. Use of MOFs as catalysts to the extent such use is not covered by Part A. Any application of MOFs where the MOF acts as a catalyst. This means that the MOF will enable a chemical reaction to take place to produce a new chemical product at a faster rate or under different conditions. This does not include separation or transfer of minerals, metals, salts, ions or lithium as no chemical reaction is taking place over the MOF, but the MOF is used for its selective diffusion properties. The complex or bonding between minerals, metals, salts, ions or lithium and the MOF is not considered a new chemical product for this purpose.
2. Gas separation in general to the extent such use is not covered by Part A.
3. Downstream oil applications (fractionation).
4. Separation of NH3 and H2S, CO2, NOx SOx and gases from all sources to the extent such use is not covered by Part A.
5. Separation of H2O to the extent not covered by Parts A and/or B above.

IPSCIO Record ID: 66685

License Grant
Licensor hereby licenses to Canadian Licensee, for the use of Licensee, an irrevocable, non-transferable and exclusive right to apply and exploit the Technology in connection with the Use, either in Canada and elsewhere in the world, the foregoing being subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement.
License Property
Licensor has developed a certain technology (the 'Technology') which includes and/or incorporate the techniques, rights and other elements and in the documents and instruments identified therein and can be used to extract and purify rare earth metals from ores. In addition the technology can be used to support mining operations with a reduced amount of energy input.

Description of the Technology A nine-step process whereby ore is extracted from the ground and submitted purification stages for the purpose of increasing Rare Earth Oxides (REO).

Field of Use
Licensee wishes to license the use of the Technology for exploiting the technology either through ore extraction from its own mines or act as purifier for others or act as further Licensor to other parties (the 'Use') or a further Licence agreement to third parties, and Licensor has agreed to license the Technology for such Use, pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1600

License Grant
The Company acquired two technology license agreements consist of the rights to patented technology and related technical information for battery; rechargeable lithium batteries for use in a wide array of applications from an undisclosed Licensor.
Field of Use
The Company has been focusing on the commercialization of its advanced rechargeable batteries which are based on its proprietary lithium-ion solid-polymer technology and are integrated into consumer electronic applications such as portable computers and cellular telephones.
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