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Created On: 2020-07-15
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 3058

License Grant
The Parties amended and restated our Amended and Restated Collaboration Agreement dated June 19, 2003 with regard to the development of ocrelizumab, a humanized anti-CD20 antibody, and agreed to terms for the development of GA101, a next-generation anti-CD20 antibody, as summarized below.
License Property
Ocrelizumab is a humanized anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody. It targets mature B lymphocytes[1] and hence is an immunosuppressive drug candidate.  It had reached Phase III clinical trials for rheumatoid arthritis[2] and lupus erythematosus,[3] and Phase II for multiple sclerosis[4] and hematological cancer.

The Licensor will increase its share of the losses and profits related to the development and commercialization of GA101 in the U.S. Commercialization of GA101 will impact our percentage of the co-promotion profits for Rituxan.

Field of Use
The rights granted apply to targeting mature B lymphocytes.

The Licensee will have responsibility for the further development and commercialization of ocrelizumab in MS and will fund all of the related costs going forward. Commercialization of ocrelizumab will not impact our percentage of the co-promotion profits for Rituxan.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1249

License Grant
The Licensor entered into a worldwide collaboration with the Licensee pursuant to which the parties will each grant the other certain intellectual property Licenses and product rights on a worldwide basis in order to enable the two companies to collaborate in the discovery, development and commercialization of novel targeted therapies for the treatment of cancer.
License Property
Under the terms of the collaboration, the Licensor is responsible for discovery and preclinical development of small molecule drug candidates directed against mutually selected targets. The Licensee will have the right to select up to three Investigational New Drug candidates from six future Licensor compounds. Once selected, Licensee will be the lead party for the further development and commercialization of the selected IND candidates.
Field of Use
The rights granted apply to the healthcare industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 245715

License Grant
The Swiss Licensor grants the UK Licensee a worldwide, exclusive license, including the right to grant sublicenses, under the Licensed Patents, for Licensee and its Affiliates to research, develop, make, have made, use, offer for sale, sell, have sold and import Licensed Products for any and all uses in the Field in the Territory.
License Property
NI-040 means the CD3 receptor monoclonal antibody Licensed Product, also known as foralumab and used in the treatment of inflammatory, auto-immune disorders, and cancer.

Targeting the CD3 receptor is a well-validated approach to modulating T-cell response and achieving immunosuppression. Foralumab is a phase II asset with potential application in a wide range of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, type-1 diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, where modulation of a T-cell response is desirable.

Field of Use
Licensee desires to obtain an exclusive license to patents owned or controlled by Licensor, a sublicense to certain patents licensed from Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, along with any associated know-how, biologic materials, clinical data or other technology relating to CD3 receptor monoclonal antibodies and their use in order to research, develop and commercialize products and services.

The Licensee will develop antibody-based drugs to benefit patients with inflammatory, auto-immune disorders, and cancer using  CD3 receptor monoclonal antibodies.

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