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Category: Technology Licenses, Created On: 2022-04-28, Record Count: 4


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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 4

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  • Energy Resources & Svcs
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  • Oil & Gas Extraction
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IPSCIO Record ID: 29405

License Grant
Canadian Licensor hereby grants to Canadian Licensee and Licensee hereby accepts (a) a non-exclusive license (including the right to grant sublicenses with the written consent of the Licensor) in the Technology for the purpose of making, having made, using. marketing and selling the Products in the Territory. (b) a non-exclusive license to all of Licensor’ s trademarks and logos subject to the provisions of this Agreement.
License Property
Licensor has purchased and developed technology and know-how related to certain flow meters, totalizers, hand-held and fixed flare stack igniters, and other market applications and is the sole legal and beneficial owner of such technologies and of certain intellectual property rights therein.
Licensor is the sole legal and beneficial owner of certain molds used in the plastic injection of parts and the Licensee wishes to use such molds.

Technology means any and all present and future patents, know-how. data and information of any kind relating to certain flow meters. totalizers, hand-held and fixed flare stack igniters. and other related market applications, owned or developed in whole or part by Licensor.

Licensor has been developing a new system for measuring the flow of gas at the wellhead.

This system is known as the Digital Chart Recorder or DCR-900. The DCR-900 system consists of a turbine based flow measurement signal generating device, temperature and pressure probes and a flow computer, which performs all of the flow calculations. This system has recently received approval from the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and has received independent verification of accuracy from Southwest Research Institute in Houston Texas. The companies are currently in the process of field-testing the product. DCR-900 units are now being installed in customer applications for testing. There have been no commercial sales of the product as of the date hereof. The companies anticipate that they will be in a position to generate commercial sales in the next several months.

Field of Use
They produce advanced natural gas and gas liquids measurement devices based on a proprietary Digital Chart Recorder (DCR) and advanced turbine measurement technology. Flowstar DCR-based devices are self-contained, energy-efficient flow computers with turndown ratios of 401 or more for more precise flow measurements and volume calculations that are installed directly to the well-head. Currently, these products carry a one-year warranty and have no right of return. There is no price protection plan in place.

IPSCIO Record ID: 163

License Grant
Canadian Licensor granted to Licensee the exclusive right and License, within the Licensed territory, to make, have made, use, offer, and sell the Licensed Products during the Term commencing on the effective date and ending on the first anniversary of the effective date.

This grant of license shall include the right to use any existing or hereafter-acquired trademark of Licensor (whether registered or not), or any packaging trade dress of Licensor, in connection with the promotion, marketing, offer, or sale of Licensed Products in the Licensed Territory.

License Property
Intellectual Property Rights means patent rights, copyrights, trade secret rights, trademark rights and all other intellectual and industrial property rights of any sort relating to tank measurement via acoustic sensor devices, internal measurement devices, other external devices, manual or mechanical measurement devices.

Licensor owns or has the right to grant licenses covering certain patents, patent applications, technology, trade secrets, data, know-how and other intellectual property relating to tank monitoring apparatuses and techniques to remotely measure and report tank levels via its acoustic sensor technology.

“Licensed Technology” means inventions (whether patented or not), ideas, designs, processes, know-how, documents, records, scientific and engineering information and data, literature, plans and specifications (whether reduced to writing or not), and any manifestations or embodiments thereof and Intellectual Property Rights therein, used or owned by or licensed or otherwise properly available to Licensor that relate to tank measurement via acoustic sensor devices, internal measurement devices, other external devices, manual or mechanical measurement devices.

Field of Use
The Licensee has monitored the field testing of Licensor's products and is convinced of the accuracy, reliability and durability of the Licensor's patented ultrasonic and its potential for widespread global market applications in propane, gasoline, ammonia, diesel and other chemical storage tanks.

IPSCIO Record ID: 2901

License Grant
The respective Boards of Directors of Licensee and Licensor and the Members of Licensor have adopted resolutions pursuant to which Licensee shall buy and Licensor shall sell all right, title and interest in and to the Licensor Technology as defined herein and related technologies and rights of every kind and nature.
License Property
CEC instrument An operational instrument that will function as a capillary electrophoresis analysis system suitable for general commercial laboratory use. The system will consist minimally of an autosampler, injector, detector, high voltage power supply and controlling firmware and software. The primary application is for the detection of low concentrations of metal ions in power plant cooling water feeds.

VUV40 A UV-visible scanning detector based on modulated signal. This instrument is a chromatography detector that shall provide full spectral information.

The Licensor Technology allows researchers to accurately analyze chemical formulations for their composition and identity.  Technology is comprised of all intellectual property, technique and know-how, trade secrets, drawings, plans, specifications, trademarks, internet domain names and other related intellectual property associated with U.S. Patents solely owned by Licensor.  U.S. patents 6,530,286; 5,969,812; 5,699,156; 5,694,215, and all related patent applications, continuation applications and divisional applications in process (Licensor Patents).  Patented technologies allow researchers to accurately analyze chemical formulations for their composition and identity.

Field of Use
Pursuant to this agreement, the Company obtained all right, title and interest in and to the Licensor Technology and the Licensor Technology.  The rights granted apply to a line of chemical detection instruments that are used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and homeland security markets.

IPSCIO Record ID: 29377

License Grant
Russian Licensor grants to Licensee/Buyer, a British Isles based energy investment enterprise, an exclusive license under Licensed Subject Matter to sell Licensed Products.
License Property
The Licensor is the developer and owner of a unique technology for the processing of APG that is carried out at the drilling field by a Modular Mobile Structure. involves the use of block-modular mobile complexes that each contain mini gas processing units and can be used in any environment where APG is flared. The advantages of this APG system are many but can be summarized as speed of construction and installation, small cost and a worldwide market.

Associated Petroleum Gas (APG) is a by-product of crude oil extraction and its flaring currently accounts for approximately 400 million tons of harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere every year. APG flaring has far reaching effects on the environment, public health and the economy.

Field of Use
Licensed Field means solving APG flaring problem by utilization via processing with output to be the following products Natural gasoline (stable or unstable) and/or LPG and/or Dry natural gas and/or Electricity at the territory of Nigeria.
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