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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 7

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IPSCIO Record ID: 29229

License Grant
The Licensor hereby grants to Licensee, a related party, exclusive worldwide rights to the Licensed Patent, in the Licensed Field of Use, to make, have made, use, offer for sale, sell, lease, rent and export Licensed Products and Related Services for a term commencing as of Effective Date and ending on the expiration of the last to expire of the Licensed Patents.
License Property
“Licensed Patent” means any Letters Patent issued upon BRUK's United States Patent Application, “METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR PROCESSING FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS USING MULTIPLE FINANCIAL ACCOUNTS”, Serial Number #11/809,031, filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on May 31, 2007; or any foreign patents corresponding thereto, and/or any divisions, continuations, or reissue thereof.

Invention provides systems and methods for associating multiple financial accounts with a single multi-card account. The single multi-card account may allow a cardholder to determine an order for processing a financial transaction among the multiple financial accounts. This ordering, or ranking, may be dependent on the type of financial transaction. Also, the cardholder may allow partial payments from multiple financial accounts, such that a single purchase could be allocated to multiple accounts associated with the multi-card account. These systems and methods minimize the number of cards a cardholder must carry, thus minimizing the chance of losing cards or otherwise having an unauthorized use of an account and also minimizing the chance of a rejection of a transaction.

The invention also provides a system for processing a financial transaction. This system includes a managing module, operable to receive a ranking of a plurality of existing financial accounts comprising a multi-card account, wherein the ranking is the preferred order for which the existing financial accounts should be accessed to fund the financial transaction; and a transaction processing module, operable to process an authorization request for a financial transaction associated with a multi-card account, where the processing is based on the ranking of the plurality of existing financial accounts.

The invention provides for a multi-card for purchasing goods or services. The multi-card includes a plurality of existing financial accounts where the plurality of financial accounts comprise a ranking indicating the preferred order for which the existing financial accounts should be accessed to fund the financial transaction.

IPSCIO Record ID: 328065

License Grant
Licensor grants a non-exclusive, personal and non-transferable license under Licensor Patent Rights for the term of this Agreement.

The License includes the limited right of Licensee to grant sublicenses to the Sponsors, their Affiliates, trustees, custodians and agents, each a Sublicensee.

License Property
The Licensor Patent Rights means U.S. Patent Application No. 10/680,589, entitled Systems and Methods for Securitizing a Commodity.

The Licensed Product means any gold investment product that is sold, sponsored or issued by Licensee in the Territory that is covered by or encompasses a claim contained in Licensor Patent Rights, including, but not limited to the Gold Trust.

Field of Use
The agreement pertains to the financial industry, specifically the commodities market.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7277

License Grant
The Licensor hereby grants to the Licensee, effective as of the Effective Date and for a period of 20 years, an exclusive worldwide license to use and exploit the Licensed IP.
License Property
The Licensor owns certain software and intellectual property, called the System and Method for Verifying a user's Identity in electronic Transactions, embodied in Patent Application Serial No. PCT2007/001639 (the Verify Patent).

The technology is entitled A System and Method for Verifying a User's Identity in Electronic Transactions.

U.S. Patent Application No. 11/537,461 filed September 29, 2006

An international application was filed for the technology in October, 2007 under the WIPO Patent Cooperation Treaty.

Subsequently, a South African patent was granted on April 28, 2010 and a United States patent was allowed (but not issued) on September 10, 2012.

Field of Use
The patented verification technology is an electronic method and system for verifying the identity of a user by a verifier in the course of an electronic transaction. The invention provides a process and a system for blocking an account until a verifier completes an identity verification process for verifying the identity of the person initiating the transaction.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4678

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee, for the term of one year, commencing on June 24, 2008 and ending on June 24, 2009, the sole worldwide license with the right to sublicense others, to make, have made, use, sell and lease the Products described in the Patent for processing online payments.
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee, for a period of nineteen years, commencing on June 24, 2009 and ending on June 24, 2028, the non-exclusive worldwide license with the right to sublicense others, to make, have made, use, sell and lease the Products described in the Patent.
License Property
Licensor is the inventor and owner of a United States Patent for processing online payments.

US Patent Number 7,389,913 titled “Method and apparatus for online check processing”.

Product(s) Shall mean any products, services, materials, compositions, techniques, devices, methods or inventions relating to or based on the Patent, developed on the date of this agreement or in the future.

Field of Use
The Licensee is involved in the payment processing industry, providing electronic check services to businesses, payment services providers, financial institutions, and other government entities.

IPSCIO Record ID: 286082

License Grant
The Parties are entering a license for the right to use the invention of Licensors patents for use in connection with all the transactions in which Licensee is involved in the Direct Consumer Field; and the parties are settling the litigation between them.

Licensor grants a personal, non-exclusive, license under the Licensed Patents to perform the Licensed Activity in the Territory during the License Term.

Licensor, for itself and its successors, assigns, Affiliates, and licensees, hereby releases and forever discharges Licensee and any parents, subsidiaries, Affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, shareholders and customers from any and all causes of action in law or at equity related to the Licensed Patents, whether known or unknown, which may have arisen prior to the Effective Date.

License Property
Licensor owns rights in certain U.S. Patents related to making, using, offering for sale and selling Electronic Check Conversion systems and services in the Direct Consumer Field.

Licensed Patents means any and all Licensor patents, to the extent necessary to perform ECC in the Direct Consumer Field.

Field of Use
Direct Consumer Field means the field of use in which a Consumer effects a transaction through the action of a natural person at the physical business premises of a Merchant and the use of ECC, also called point-of-purchase transaction. The NACHA standard entry class code for a Direct Consumer
Field transaction is POP.

IPSCIO Record ID: 6613

License Grant
The Company wishes to grant to the Australian Sublicensee a subLicense to use the Intellectual Property on an exclusive basis to develop the mobile payment application product developed by the Licensor following the effective date of this Agreement, within Australia during the term. The original owner of the property is Global 1 Enterprises, Inc., who has agreed to this sublicense agreement. This Agreement shall continue on for a period of three years, unless terminated earlier by Agreement of the Parties.
License Property
Intellectual Property includes  
CMONEY 77/435,670 Electronic cash transactions.

PCT/US2009/039322 Transaction server configured to authorize payment transactions using mobile telephone devices
PCT/US2009/039328 Ghosting payment account data in a mobile telephone payment transaction system
PCT/US2009/039329 Mobile telephone transaction systems and methods

Field of Use
The three patent applications related to the mobile payment technologies. We have engaged a third party to develop a software application that, once downloaded onto a customer’s mobile phone with text messaging capability, allows that customer to send money to or receive money from other mobile phones and to pay for goods and services, without having to disclose any of their credit card or account information at the time of transfer or payment. The application is currently only in demonstration stage.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4528

License Grant
The Canadian Licensor grants the Licensee and its sub-licensees, for the two year Term of this Agreement an exclusive, assignable, right and license to make, use, and sell the Intellectual Property in order to develop, implement, process, prepare and sell the Licensed Products using the Intellectual Property in the field of systems and products in the nature of electronic payments processing in the United States, Mexico, Japan and South Korea.

Licensor also grants to Licensee and its sub-licensees, for the Term of this Agreement, a non-exclusive, assignable, right and license to make, use, and sell the Intellectual Property in order to develop, implement, process, prepare and sell the Licensed Products using the Intellectual Property in all other countries which are not identified in The Territory.

License Property
As used in this Agreement, the Technology shall mean and include knowledge, know-how, processes, inventions, techniques, formulae, products, business operations, business plans, business contacts, marketing plans, customer requirements, designs, sketches, photographs, drawings, specifications, reports, studies, findings, data, plans, or other records and/or software, including such Patents as set forth in greater detail below, trademarks, trade secrets, trade names, designed, developed, and/or owned by LICENSOR.

Licensor is engaged in the business of designing and developing technology, systems and products in the nature of electronic payments processing.

U.S. Patent 5,336,870
U.S. Patent 5,809,143

Field of Use
Licensee will implement and sell Licensed Products in the Territory.

The Licensed Products are as follows

the iPIN device;

the iPIN Debit Network;

the iPIN Debit Processing Center;

the acquiring, settlement, and processing of transactions by merchant processors;

the encryption and transmission of electronic and/or mobile financial transactions;

All other applications of all current and future technology developed by the Licensor.

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