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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 4

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IPSCIO Record ID: 29087

License Grant
The Licensor, who designs, manufactures and sells telecommunications infrastructure, handsets and customer premise equipment and provides services associated with their installation, operation, and maintenance, entered into non-compete and licensing Agreements with the Korean Licensee.
License Property
The existing technologies acquired were a base transceiver station and base station controller product lines.  The non-compete Agreement prohibits the Licensee from competing against the Licensor in all countries except Korea for four years from the consummation date. The licensing Agreement requires that the Licensee pay the Licensor a royalty for the usage of the intellectual property that the Company acquired under the terms of the acquisition for fifteen years subsequent to the consummation date.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27827

License Grant
The Company entered into an Agreement with the Licensee, for the supply of the services and equipment required to set up reception bases for road-side assistance, towing services and the Locations Based Solution systems.
License Property
The use of our Locations Based Solution Systems is subject to regulatory approvals of government agencies in each of the countries in which the systems are operated, including the State of Israel. We thus obtained in 2001 a regulatory acceptance from the FCC for our vehicular end-unit device (RMU) and for our SVR receiving base station. Our operators typically must obtain authorization from each country in which these systems are installed.

IPSCIO Record ID: 6520

License Grant
This Subscriber Equipment Technology agreement grants to Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license under Licensor Intellectual Property Rights to use and modify the Subscriber Equipment Manufacturing Information solely to make and use Satellite Subscriber Equipment for use solely in connection with the Iridium System.
License Property
Licensor has valuable technology, including but not limited to computer software, know-how and experience with respect to the design, manufacture and testing of subscriber equipment that operates on the Iridium system; and Licensor has been performing certain tasks related to furnishing Iridium subscriber handset products and accessories to Iridium Satellite LLC.  

The Iridium satellite constellation is a large group of satellites used to provide voice and data coverage to satellite phones, pagers and integrated transceivers over Earth's entire surface.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3419

License Grant
The Licensor of British Virgin Islands entered into a Licensed Works Agreement, Licensed Works Agreement Statement of Work and a Patent License Agreement with the Mexican Licensee, under which the Licensor agreed to integrate our bandwidth management technology and related intellectual property into future Lotus Unified Communications offerings by the Licensee, and to provide maintenance support services.

The Agreements have a five year term and are non-cancelable except for material default by either party.  The Agreements also convey to the Licensee a non-exclusive world-wide License to our patent portfolio existing at the time of the Agreements and for all subsequent patents issued with an effective filing date of up to five years from the date of the Agreements.

License Property
The Licensor's broad portfolio of patents covers, among other areas, video and rich media collaboration technologies, networked real-time text and non-text Communications and desktop workstation echo cancellation.

In general, patents relate to networked real-time conferencing related technology.  Patent numbers include  7,398,296; 7,206,809; 7,185,054; 7,152,093; 7,054,904; 6,972,786; 6,959,322; 6,816,904; 6,789,105; 6,594,688; 6,583,806; 6,437,818; 6,426,769; 6,351,762; 6,343,314; 6,237,025; 6,212,547; 6,081,291; 5,978,835; 5,915,091; 5,896,500; 5,884,039; 5,867,654; 5,854,893; 5,802,294; 5,758,079; 5,751,338; 5,689,641; 5,617,539.

“Node” means a single computing device, such as a hardware server.

“Session Initiation Protocol” (“SIP”) means a signalling protocol, widely used for setting up and tearing down multimedia communication sessions such as voice and video calls over the Internet.

“Multipoint Control Unit” (“MCU”) means an endpoint on the local area network that provides the capability for three (3) or more terminals and gateways to participate in a multipoint conference.

“Virtual Private Network” (“VPN”) means a computer network in which some of the links between nodes are carried by open connections or virtual circuits in some larger network (e.g., the Internet) instead of by physical wires.

Field of Use
The rights granted apply to multimedia telecommunications.
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