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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 11

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IPSCIO Record ID: 29055

License Grant
The Licensee has also Licensed from the Licensor, government organization, on an exclusive basis, rights to European and Japanese counterpart applications for one of the Licensor's patents. In January 2005, the Licensee and the Licensor modified the existing License such that it included, in its entirety, a total of nine issued U.S. patents. In April 2006, the Parties modified the existing License such that it included, in its entirety, a total of four issued U.S. patents. In this modification, changes were made to the License fees and royalties due under such License.
Field of Use
The Licensee based its early development and commercialization of advanced cord-free rechargeable power pack technology for portable electronics on these patents. The Licensee has developed a patented, proprietary direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) technology called Mobion®, which generates electrical power using up to 100% methanol as fuel. DMFC systems work on these patents.

IPSCIO Record ID: 29165

License Grant
The University granted an exclusive, as to the patents and non-exclusive as to the technology, royalty – bearing license to the Licensee in the field of fuel cells and related components.  This license terminates on the same date as the termination of the last patent.
License Property
The following are the licensed properties Patent No. Issued Da1te Title and Inventors CIT 3011 6,440,594 8/27/02 Aerosol Feed Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Andrew Kindler Sekharipuran R. Narayanan Thomas I. Valdez CIT 3227 6,680,139 1/20/04 Reduced Size Fuel Cell for Portable Applications Sekharipuran R. Narayanan Harvey A. Frank Filberto Clara Thomas I. Valdez. CIT 3227-CA 2412558 6/13/01 Micro or miniature Fuel cell Power Source for Small Portable Applications Sekharipuran R. Narayanan Harvey A. Frank Filberto Clara Thomas I. Valdez. CIT 3227-EPO 01952871.0 6/13/01 Micro or miniature Fuel cell Power Source for Small Portable Applications Sekharipuran R. Narayanan Harvey A. Frank Filberto Clara Thomas I. Valdez. CIT 3338 6,756,145 6/29/04 Electrode and Interconnect for Miniature Fuel Cells using Direct Methanol Feed Sekharipuran R. Narayanan Filberto Clara Thomas I. Valdez. CIT 3633 10/410,761 4/9/03 Methanol Monopolar, Miniature Fuel Cell and Method of Fabricating a Stack of the same Sekharipuran R. Narayanan Thomas I. Valdez. CIT 3633-JP 2003-585214 4/9/03 Methanol Monopolar, Miniature Fuel Cell and Method of Fabricating a Stack of the same Sekharipuran R. Narayanan Thomas I. Valdez. CIT 3799 10/704,196 11/7/03 Cathode Structure for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Sekharipuran R. Narayanan Thomas I. Valdez. CIT3800 10/704,203 11/7/03 Anode Structure for Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Sekharipuran R. Narayanan Thomas I. Valdez.

The intellectual property portfolio licensed includes patents on the concept of the direct liquid organic fuel cell using a polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) (including the direct methanol fuel cell), and on details of its construction, including alternative membranes, catalysts, electrodes, membrane electrode assemblies, fuel cell stacks, systems, water recovery, methanol sensors, methanol filters, and electrolysis of methanol to produce hydrogen. These patents cover much of the underlying technology and improvements related to direct methanol fuel cells, which should be needed by most fuel cell manufacturers and by OEMs that use fuel cells in their portable electronic devices.

Field of Use
The rights granted apply in the field of fuel cells and related components.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3388

License Grant
The Company and the Danish Licensor wish to enter a written agreement regarding the consultancy services to be provided by Licensor and planned cooperation between the Parties within the field of fluid control and disposable fluid cartridge technology for portable fuel cells with a power capacity up to 500W.
License Property
This Agreement shall apply for any kind of consultancy or assistance provided to the Company by Licensor and supersedes all prior agreements between the Parties, whether, oral or written.  The Parties agree that this Agreement is a frame agreement setting out the main rights and obligations of the Parties and that terms for individual services shall be agreed and set out in details in statements of work to this Agreement, which shall be agreed upon in writing by the parties and shall be deemed incorporated into this Agreement and be attached as enclosures hereto.  

Licensor agrees to negotiate the grant of a non-exclusive license (without right to grant sublicenses; to the Company on commercially reasonable terms) to make or have made Fuel Cell components under Licensor Background IP as necessary for the Company to use and commercialize the Prefect IP in the Fuel Cell Field of Use.

Field of Use
Fuel Cell Field of Use shall mean use in connection with fuel cells, which are a collection of components whereby a fuel and an oxidizer are supplied to a device that converts them into electricity. Fuel cells differ from batteries in that the energy conversion continues as long as fuel and, if necessary, an oxidizing agent is fed to the fuel cell. If components are contained in detachable assemblies (such as a cartridge) that must be attached and/or connected to other assemblies so as to form a complete fuel cell system, they are considered part of the fuel cell.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4100

License Grant
The Argentinian Licensee wishes to obtain a License to manufacture, sell and distribute products incorporating the Canadian Licensor's technology.
License Property
The Canadian Licensor has developed proprietary fuel cell technology for applications in telecommunications and other markets. The Canadian Licensor has begun developing and marketing a telecommunication backup power systems in India through its distributors. The parties agree upon a collaboration to build and market fuel cell products.

Licensed Products means any fuel cell engine or fuel cell system or component thereof in the Field of Use produced from, containing or incorporating the Licensed Technology, and any related services.

Licensed Technology means all technology associated with Freedom Powerâ„¢ fuel cell products, including all United States and foreign patents and patent applications, and any divisions, reissues, reexaminations, renewals, extensions, and substitutions thereof, as well as know-how or other intellectual property filed or developed directly by or for the Licensor relating to this technology.

Field of Use
Field of Use means all back up and uninterruptible power supply fuel cell power generation products and applications thereof which have been developed by the Licensor as of the effective date, including any improvements to such products during the term of this Agreement.

IPSCIO Record ID: 8467

License Grant
The Company of the Czech Republic entered into a License Agreement with its 30%- owned Canada subsidiary whereby the Company granted a non-exclusive license for the production and sale of products embodying or utilizing its fuel cell technology.
License Property
Licensed Articles of this contract are products embodying or otherwise utilizing the Technology, such as fuel cells, fuel cell systems and their composite parts such as fuel cell electrodes and other fuel cell or fuel cell system components, as well as other products developed or conceived by the Canadian Licensor.
Field of Use
The rights granted apply to the Technology of fuel cells.

IPSCIO Record ID: 2937

License Grant
The contract relates to any product sold incorporating specified IP.
License Property
The Licensor is a public benefit corporation of the State Public Authorities Law through the reconstitution of the New York State Atomic and Space Development Authority.
Field of Use
The Licensee develops cord-free power packs that are intended to replace current lithium-ion and similar rechargeable battery systems in many handheld electronic devices for the military and consumer markets.

IPSCIO Record ID: 25924

License Grant
The Corporation has agreed to pay royalties in respect of sales of fuel cell-based stationary power products under two development programs with certain Canadian government agencies.  The royalty is a percentage of revenue commencing in 1998 to a maximum equal to the original amount of the government contributions of $10,831,000 (CDN$10,702,000).

IPSCIO Record ID: 1600

License Grant
The Company acquired two technology license agreements consist of the rights to patented technology and related technical information for battery; rechargeable lithium batteries for use in a wide array of applications from an undisclosed Licensor.
Field of Use
The Company has been focusing on the commercialization of its advanced rechargeable batteries which are based on its proprietary lithium-ion solid-polymer technology and are integrated into consumer electronic applications such as portable computers and cellular telephones.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7067

License Grant
Company agrees to license and convey to Licensee the following

1.  Electroluminescence Power Cell (for Lap-Top Computer)
2.  Solenoid Pump
3.  Solar Powered Fishing Tackle Box
4.  Flasher Beacon
5.  Electroluminescence Power Cell (for Portable T.V.)
6.  Rapid-Hot Water Heater (120 volt)
7.  Rapid-Hot Water Heater (12 volt)
8.  Hydraulic Solenoid  Solar-Powered Pump
9.  Solar Powered Camping Lights
10. Solar Powered Survival Lantern With ELT
11. Solar Powered Lantern With Flashing Strobe
12. Solar Powered Barricade Light
13. Turbine Generator
14. Hydrogen Powered Generator System
15. Speedy Sputter with Solenoid Drive
16. Solenoid Pump for Diesel Motors  
17. Flexible Socket Extension  
18. Spring Loaded Magnetic Socket-wrench

License Property
Upon completion, production and commercialization of the above referenced inventions, the Company agrees to license and convey the following

All right, title and interest of the Company in and to that certain products referred to as the Inventions, together with all trademarks, patents, and all powers and privileges relating thereto, and any and all modifications, improvements, enhancements, variations, and alterations relating thereto. It is  intended that this Agreement will cover all succeeding generations of this product.  Licensee shall reserve the right to change the name or use it as they deem necessary.

All right title and interest of the Company in all existing and future marketing rights, lists of customers, accounts and sales leads, manufacturing processes, drawings, and expertise involved in connection with said Inventions.

Company owns certain technology, patents and intellectual property related to the development of small electricity generation devices to be incorporated into existing portable electronic devices including portable laptop computers, handheld devices, cellular phones, and other electronic devices.

Field of Use
The licensing agreement is focusing its efforts on the development of products that use the latest technology in LED lighting, solar power charging and improved energy through hybrid battery storage technology. We believe that development of products using the combination of the technology described herein will prove to be promising for developing consumer products in the photographic, outdoor landscape, sporting goods and portable power industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5125

License Grant
The Company hereby grants a non-exclusive world wide license to make, have made, use, and sell the UOB-TM- and to practice the Invention for use with fuel cells and fuel cell systems Only.
License Property
Invention shall mean the invention of a UOB-TM- for producing hydrogen from virtually any hydrocarbon fuel without the use of catalysts and addition of steam although steam may have some uses down-stream and any and all improvements thereto which may hereafter be owned or controlled by Licensor, (hereafter called the UOB-TM- or Invention).

Our products provide an efficient and cost-effective way to generate hydrogen.  Our UOB-TM- technology allows for hydrogen gas generation using readily available inputs such as electricity, natural gas, and water.

We design and develop hydrogen fuel processors for fuel cell systems and industrial hydrogen generators.  Because fuel cells require hydrogen to produce electricity, the efficient and cost effective production of hydrogen for fuel cells is critical to the commercial introduction of fuel cell systems into the mass transportation and stationary markets.  We have developed and patented the Under-Oxidized Burner (UOB-TM-), an innovative technology for hydrogen production. In comparison to other means of producing hydrogen, we believe our products provide more efficiency, lower emissions, lower capital costs and greater fuel-flexibility.  Our proprietary UOB-TM- system produces hydrogen from hydrocarbon feedstocks, such as natural gas, propane, diesel and gasoline, and can be utilized as an on-site source of hydrogen in a variety of applications.

Field of Use
The rights granted apply to the fuel cell systems.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27829

License Grant
The Company entered into a License Agreement with the University whereby the Company will have a limited exclusive License to Integrated Power Source patents.
License Property
Two patents cover a compact power source that produces electricity from solar energy. Designed to be thin and extremely flexible, the self-contained power source can fit a variety of applications – even taking the shape of the device it powers.

The invention enables batteries in small electronic appliances to be charged and deliver power more effectively.  The patents are for the solar powered cell phone and iPod chargers.

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