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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 6

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IPSCIO Record ID: 28835

License Grant
The Company has an exclusive licensing Agreement for the proprietary antimicrobial formulation to be used in the paint from an undisclosed Licensor.
Field of Use
A Company segment will include a line of paint with antimicrobials. The line of paint with antimicrobials is designed to inhibit growth of bacteria, fungi and algae on the painted surfaces in hospitals, surgical rooms and cleanrooms and associated controlled environments. This product is designed to reduce operating costs in cleanrooms and hospitals while preserving environmental safety.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1665

License Grant
The Company acquired the rights to a specialized paint, as well as the rights to the name Barnacle Ban pursuant to a patent and trademark license agreement with its (undisclosed) inventor.
License Property
Barnacle Ban’s paint is designed to repel zebra mussels and other related marine life from the surfaces of ships, pipelines and other objects which function under water.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26652

License Grant
The Company entered into a Licensing Agreement on June 1, 2004 with an unrelated person, undisclosed Licensor.

Pursuant to the Agreement, the Company was granted the License for the exclusive, worldwide right to manufacture, distribute, sell and market the metal-containing latex patent from the licensor. The Company pays the manufacturer for the metal-containing latex paint.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4143

License Grant
The Licensor hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive royalty-bearing right and license to use the Licensor Technical Information and Licensor Patents to make, have made, use, offer for sale, and sell Agreement Product in The Territory for use solely within the Agreement Field.
License Property
Licensor has developed certain 100% solids UV curable pigmented and clear paint coating compositions for the metal cylinder treatment market and as a result possesses certain technical information, know how, trade secrets and patent rights relating to the manufacture and use of such coatings.

U.S. Patent Applications
Composition of matter comprising UV curable material, photoinitiators, fillers, and solid pigment dispersions. 10/872,531

A process for coating propane tanks and similar articles with a 100% solids, UV curable coating. 60/549,669

Environmentally friendly, 100% solids, actinic radiation curable coating compositions and coated surfaces and coated articles thereof. 10/983,022

Environmentally friendly, assemblages, facilities, and processes for applying anopaque 100% solids, actinic radiation curable coating of objects. 10/982,998

Environmentally friendly, 100% solids, actinic radiation curable coating compositions for coating thermally sensitive surfaces and/or rusted surfaces and methods, processes and assemblages for coating thereof. 11/003,159

Presented herein are environmentally friendly actinic radiation curable, substantially all solids compositions and methods for coating metal objects or plastic objects. Also presented herein are environmentally friendly actinic radiation curable, substantially all solids compositions and methods to obtain flexible, and/or abrasion and scratch resistant, and/or impact resistant and/or smooth, and/or hard coatings, which also exhibits enhanced adhesion and/or slip properties.

10/872,531 (US Patent 7498362) Disclosed are environmentally friendly, substantially all solids coating compositions which are curable using ultraviolet and visible radiation. In certain embodiments, the disclosed coating compositions are suitable for coating flexible objects and/or objects having angular features, such as, but not limited to, flexible metal objects with angular features. In other embodiments, the cured coatings have improved slip properties and at least 6 H hardness. Such embodiments can served as substitutes for hard chrome coatings, TEFLON® coatings, coatings comprising TEFLON®, or TEFLON® like coatings. In addition, methods are disclosed for coating surfaces, or at least a portion of the surfaces, and curing of the coated surface to obtain partially or fully cured coated surfaces. Furthermore, articles of manufacture incorporating fully cured coated surfaces are disclosed, including, for example leaf springs, hydraulic rods and cylinders. Also disclosed are methods, processes, production lines, articles of manufacture, and factories which incorporate these environmentally friendly, substantially all solids coating compositions curable using ultraviolet and visible radiation.

Field of Use
Agreement Field means the Metal Cylinder Treatment Market.  Metal Cylinder Treatment Market means the application of paint, resin and other coating materials over 20lb metal cylinders.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4864

License Grant
Supplier hereby grants to Purchaser an exclusive right to use, sell and market  products using know-how and proprietary technology in connection with antimicrobial and biostatic products in the Field of Use in the Territory during the Term of this Agreement.
License Property
Supplier has developed significant know-how and proprietary technology in connection with antimicrobial and biostatic products.

Products shall mean Supplier's total line of antimicrobial products which uses Supplier's Property, or at any time during the Term of this Agreement, formulated, conceived, processed, sold, offered for sale, treated, promoted, blended, manufactured or otherwise handled by Supplier for the designated end use in accordance with the Attachments hereto and such additions or deletions thereto as the parties may hereafter mutually agree.

Property shall mean the Supplier's antimicrobial technology disclosed in any of its U.S. Patent Applications and related foreign patent applications, together with Supplier's antimicrobial technology being developed for which no patent application has been filed or for which no patent has issued, and all of Supplier's technical know-how and all enhancements, improvements and modifications to such antimicrobial technology that are developed or otherwise acquired by the Supplier before and during the Term of this Agreement for the exclusive end use application in accordance with the Attachments hereto and such additions or deletions thereto as the parties may hereafter mutually agree.

Field of Use
Field of Use shall mean the use of the Property in the coatings industry, including residential latex indoor/outdoor paints and stains; architectural and industrial paints, lacquer and maintenance coatings and finishes including alkyd, eurathane, enamel, epoxy, siloxaline and novalac products and systems, except textile coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, fire-resistant coatings, and seacoast and under water coatings.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7211

License Grant
The Licensor grants to the Licensee, with executive offices in Canada, for the consideration and on the terms and conditions contained in this agreement, an exclusive (with the exception of Licensor’s continuing right to sell to the Licensor’s Existing Customers and any customers not generated by Licensee, the “License Exception”) assignable, transferable, and sub-licensable license to and sell the License Products.
License Property
The Licensor is a manufacturer and distributor of commercial and industrial fluoropolymer and protective coating products. The fluoropolymer coatings invented, developed and manufactured by the Licensor are designed to provide 20-30 year protection to metals, wood, fiberglass and concrete. These proven coatings have specific application in the industries of space technology, oil exploration and production, commercial ship maintenance, amusement parks, construction, and building preservation.

Fluoropolymers are polymer materials containing fluorine atoms in their chemical structure.  The unique electronic structure of the fluorine atom gives the coatings excellent chemical resistance, weather stability, low surface energy, and extreme flexibility.  In addition, the fluoropolymers have the following properties  chemically inert; non-wetting; low coefficient of friction; low dielectric constant, nontoxic; non-stick; highly fire resistant; and high temperature ratings.  Originally developed to protect teak surfaces on boats, now the coatings can preserve brass, copper, stainless steel, silver and other metals from tarnish, rust or corrosion.  Coatings are produced for all types of substrates, including concrete and fiberglass.  Uses are in medicine, environmental conservation, energy solutions, space exploration, and civilian/military safety.

The following products available in gallons, 5 gallons, drums and totes
Super Shield

Superior Shield (0 VOC)

Super Shield (water base)

Superior Shield Radiant Barrier

Fluoroblend (water base)

Fluoroblend (solvent base)

Teak Shield (wood coating)

Mastishield (mastic clear)

Mastishield (white-color available)

Epoxy (clear)

Epoxy (white-color available)

Metal Prep (most metals-rust proofing)

Super Cleaner (anti microbial)

Tile Prep (required for most tile)

Adhesion Promoter

Primer (fluoroseal solvent base)

Primer (fluoroseal water base)

Super Shield High Heat 800F

Super Shield High Heat 1400F

Microshield Plus (antimicrobial)

The following are available in aerosols
Fluoropolymer VOC solvent base 120Z

Microshield Plus 12 & 160Z (antimicrobial)

Available in #.5 OZ tubes
Polish (non silicone)

Silver Polish (non silicone)

Available in Qts & gallons
Flattner (solvent or water base)

Available by the pound
Whisper grit (non slip in white or dark)  Colors available with charges for standard

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