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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 5

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IPSCIO Record ID: 287365

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants (through Distributor/Reseller) to End User(s) a nonexclusive, nontransferable, right (and License) to the appropriate Licensor's Product(s) subject to the terms and conditions included in the EULA.

The Licensor and Licensee entered into an agreement for Licensee to license, and retain an option to purchase, the patents and intellectual property related to the GuardedID® and MobileTrust® software.  Licensee will also resell the Company’s GuardedID® and MobileTrust® and Malware Suite products.

Licensee desires to retain the Licensor to develop “white label” (i.e., replace Licensor indicia with Licensee indicia except for a standard fineprint acknowledgment “under license from the Licensor” in the software and license documentation) versions of the GuardedID, MobilTrust and ProtectID software (individually or collectively hereafter referred to as the “White Label Products”), and to develop software incorporating the White Label Products in a white label dashboard environment (the “Dashboard Suite”) (one or more of the White Label Products and/or the Dashboard Suite referred to hereafter as the “Malware Protect Suite” which may reference one or more of the White Label Products and/or the Dashboard Suite as the case may be).

License Property
ProtectID®, GuardedID® and MobileTrust® and Malware Suite are software products.

The Company is a software development and services company that offers a suite of integrated computer network security products using proprietary technology.

Field of Use
· ProtectID® is our multi-patented authentication platform that uses “Out-of-Band” multi-factor in-house installation, cloud service technology and a hybrid to authenticate computer network users by a variety of methods including traditional passwords combined with a telephone, iPhone, Droid, Blackberry, PDA, or multiple computer secure sessions, biometric identification and encrypted devices such as tokens or smartcards as examples. The authentication procedure separates authentication information such as usernames from the pin/passwords or biometric information, which are then provided to or from the network’s host server across separate communication channels. The platform allows for corporate control and client choices, per their company’s security policies, which evolves over time with newly available and customer requested technologies. (Patent Nos7,870,599, 8,484,698, and 8,713,701 and one patent pending for Out-of-Band Authentication).

· GuardedID® creates a 256-bit AES encrypted real time separate pathway for information delivery from a keyboard to a targeted application on a local computer, preventing the use of spyware/malware to collect user information. This product provides keyboard encryption and helps prevent keylogging from occurring in real time, which helps prevent the number one threat to consumers and businesses in today’s market keylogging software, which is stealth software embedded in web sites, emails, pictures, MP3 files, videos, USB’s or other software and hardware that, once unknowingly launched, secretly monitors and records all of a user's keystrokes on the computer and sends the data to the cyber thief without the user’s awareness. Keylogging has been reported as the one of the major causes of major data breaches that occurred from 2010 to 2014, as reported in the 2010-2014 Verizon Data Breach Reports. (Patent No 8,566,608, 8,732,483 and 8,973,107).

· MobileTrust® (Patent Pending) is an advanced iPhone/iPad and Android device password vault that includes a strong password generator. MobileTrust® also provides for Mobile Multi-Factor One Time Password authentication, a secured browser and keystroke encryption between its virtual keyboard and secured browser, which is critical to all confidential online transactions and other features, which is now in final Beta. This new feature for mobile devices, which helps prevent data breaches and stolen credentials is a critical and vital addition to all enterprise mobile users, as enterprises transition to “Bring Your Own Devices” (BYOD).

· GuardedID® Mobile SDK is a software development kit that provides developers our patent protected keystroke encryption protection for all Apple and Android mobile device’s secure keyboards, allowing our keystroke encryption software to be embedded in any mobile applications, utilizing DES 256 Encryption.

IPSCIO Record ID: 255914

License Grant
The Licensor hereby grant to the Licensee, a subsidiary, the sole Right to the Technology for the Licensed Use in the Territory and the Sole Right to improve, modify and develop the Technology for Use in the Territory.
License Property
Numbers Patent Nos. 7,870,599; 8,484,698 and 8,713,701

The software offers a suite of integrated computer network security products using proprietary technology. The ongoing strategy is to develop and market the suite of network security products to the corporate, financial, healthcare, legal, government, technology, insurance, e-commerce and consumer sectors.

Blockchain Defender™ will be the industry’s most comprehensive dedicated Blockchain firewall which includes access control and policy enforcement. The other two solutions are Desktop Defender™ and Mobile Defender™; both products will protect digital wallets and cryptocurrencies on MS Windows, Apple, iOS & Android platforms.

Field of Use
The software will provide security solutions to protect blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

IPSCIO Record ID: 363078

License Grant
For the Licensee of Japan Products and Trust Services, Licensor grants Licensee of Japan a nonexclusive, nontransferable, and worldwide license, under the Licensed Patents, in the Consumer Media Field, to make, have made, use, sell, offer for sale, lease, import and otherwise transfer Licensee Products and/or operate Licensee Trust Services.

For the Memory Stick, Licensor grants a nonexclusive, nontransferable, and worldwide license, under the Licensed Patents, in the Consumer Media Field, to sublicense third parties the right to make, have made, use, sell, offer for sale, lease, import and otherwise transfer Memory Stick; and to make, have made, use, sell, offer for sale, lease, import and otherwise transfer Memory Stick Capable Products.

License Property
Licensor holds the patent rights relating to, but not limited to; Database Usage Metering and Protection System and Method; Systems and Methods for Secure Transaction Management and Electronic Rights Protection; Systems and Methods Using Cryptography to Protect Secure Computing Environments.

Consumer Media Content means electronic content and information primarily released or published for distribution to and consumption by end-user individual consumers in the consumer market, including audio, video, video games, books, periodicals and other textual publications, and includes associated consumer end-user data obtained in connection therewith.

Memory Stick means a stand-alone, portable, secure, self-contained semiconductor storage device that is designed to be inserted into and interfaces with Memory Stick Capable Products, and meets the Memory Stick Standard Format Specifications, or any successor product that is a stand-alone, portable, secure, self-contained storage semiconductor device provided that such device will not be considered a successor product while it is sold or distributed by Licensee at the same time as the prior Memory Stick device. Memory Stick shall not include any DRM software, but includes its device drivers and any Licensee authentication or security software running on any embedded, dedicated-purpose processor on such Memory Stick.

Memory Stick Capable Products means any hardware product that incorporates device drivers, and potentially Licensee DRM software, that interface with a Memory Stick, and that does not include or interface with any third-party DRM software or services, nor include or interface with any other stand-alone, portable, secure, self-contained storage device. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Memory Stick Capable Products shall not include any personal computer or set top box, or other products similar to a personal computer or set top box, that contain a general purpose or open operating system, or any general purpose trusted systems or environments.

Licensee Product means any hardware or software product, including but not limited to devices and software products, including DRM software products, made, used, offered for sale, sold, imported or otherwise distributed by or for Licensee, under any Licensee Trademark; and any mobile phones or mobile audio devices made by Licensee, and distributed to a Vertical Partner by or for Licensee, for incorporation into such Vertical Partner’s value–added products under a brand owned by such Vertical Partner.

Licensee Trust Services means any services for Licensee Products that are operated by Licensee, under any Licensee Trademark, to provide key management and renewability, security patches and fixes, and other similar types of security maintenance services.

Field of Use
Consumer Media Field means products and services that are principally intended for end-user individual consumers, to Govern Consumer Media Content. Consumer Media Field excludes any product or service that is intended for use by enterprises, organizations, or governmental entities to Govern their enterprise, confidential, or other proprietary information.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology is implemented in software and is most often used to protect digital content, such as music and video clips, from unauthorized copying.

IPSCIO Record ID: 299761

License Grant
Licensor agrees to grant and does hereby grant to Licensee a worldwide, exclusive Master license to the POCKETSERVER PROGRAMS as well as the TRANSEND INFORMATION and TRANSEND PATENT RIGHTS to distribute, grant sub-licenses, co-brand, re-brand, grant additional master licenses, use, sell, offer for sale, import, or otherwise distribute PRODUCTS anywhere in the world. This grant shall further include the right of Licensee to grant written sublicenses to any third party for further distribution of the PRODUCTS.
License Property
Licensor is the owner and developer of software code, source code and documentation relating to POCKETSERVERâ„¢ the software application named POCKETSERVERâ„¢ as well as certain related approved, provisional, and applied for patents.

'PRODUCT(s)' shall mean all or a portion of any current, previous and future version of POCKETSERVERâ„¢ software only but not any additional article upon or in which the POCKTSERVERâ„¢ software is delivered or installed or combined with including all or a portion of any accessory, device, packaging, equipment, tool, marketing material, accessory or the like that is marketed and/or used in combination with POCKETSERVERâ„¢.

Field of Use
Designed specifically to protect users' private data while streamlining their online shopping experience, PocketServer™ is a feature rich product for the end user which also has the ability for a two-factor authentication solution while maintaining the flexibility to defend against attackers. PocketServer™ conveniently stores users' shipping and billing addresses, credit card numbers, usernames, passwords and other private data securely on USB token or smart card. This data is only accessible when the user has unlocked the token or card with their password – then it can be used to streamline their entire online shopping experience. PocketServer™ will automatically fill online forms, eliminating the need to type in lengthy credit card numbers, billing and shipping addresses, etc. PocketServer™ also generates and remembers all usernames and passwords, and auto-fills them when logging on.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4528

License Grant
The Canadian Licensor grants the Licensee and its sub-licensees, for the two year Term of this Agreement an exclusive, assignable, right and license to make, use, and sell the Intellectual Property in order to develop, implement, process, prepare and sell the Licensed Products using the Intellectual Property in the field of systems and products in the nature of electronic payments processing in the United States, Mexico, Japan and South Korea.

Licensor also grants to Licensee and its sub-licensees, for the Term of this Agreement, a non-exclusive, assignable, right and license to make, use, and sell the Intellectual Property in order to develop, implement, process, prepare and sell the Licensed Products using the Intellectual Property in all other countries which are not identified in The Territory.

License Property
As used in this Agreement, the Technology shall mean and include knowledge, know-how, processes, inventions, techniques, formulae, products, business operations, business plans, business contacts, marketing plans, customer requirements, designs, sketches, photographs, drawings, specifications, reports, studies, findings, data, plans, or other records and/or software, including such Patents as set forth in greater detail below, trademarks, trade secrets, trade names, designed, developed, and/or owned by LICENSOR.

Licensor is engaged in the business of designing and developing technology, systems and products in the nature of electronic payments processing.

U.S. Patent 5,336,870
U.S. Patent 5,809,143

Field of Use
Licensee will implement and sell Licensed Products in the Territory.

The Licensed Products are as follows

the iPIN device;

the iPIN Debit Network;

the iPIN Debit Processing Center;

the acquiring, settlement, and processing of transactions by merchant processors;

the encryption and transmission of electronic and/or mobile financial transactions;

All other applications of all current and future technology developed by the Licensor.

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