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Category: Technology Licenses, Created On: 2022-04-28, Record Count: 4


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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 4

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  • Chemicals
  • Material Composite
  • Plastics & Rubber
  • Agriculture Forestry & Fishing
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  • Crop Production
  • Agriculture
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IPSCIO Record ID: 28634

License Grant
Each Party hereby grants to the Other Party the worldwide, exclusive right and license to use Party-owned Technology in order to make, have made, sell, offer to sell and use Products in the Party's respective Fields.
License Property
Licensor holds patents and know-how relating to the composition, manufacture and use of homopolymers and copolymers of thermal polyaspartate (TPA).  Licensee is experienced in the development and marketing of polymers for use in certain industries and markets where derivatives of TPA may offer high-value solutions for end users.  

TPA  Homopolymers and copolymers of thermal polyaspartates.
PSI  Polysuccinimide intermediate used to produce TPA.

Field of Use
Licensee Fields. Textile treatment water treatment/corrosion control, industrial dispersants, detergents, cleaning products for industry and institutions, personal care including hair, skin and dental products, adhesives and paper products, including wet and dry ends, tissue and towel.

Licensor Fields. Agriculture, superabsorbents and oilfield chemicals.

Shared Fields. Pharmaceuticals.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26764

License Grant
Whereby Donlar purchased certain patents relating to the use of polyaspartates in a wide variety of allergic conditions.
License Property
This new family of biopolymers, known as thermal polyaspartates TPA, is non-hazardous, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable. These proteins are used in a broad range of industrial, agricultural and consumer markets.

Utilizing its proprietary technology, the Licensor develops and markets new agricultural products that significantly increase the effectiveness of fertilizers and is developing a similar class of products designed to enhance the efficiency of pesticides. In each case, TPA is not absorbed by the plant.  In addition, the Licensor develops products that management believes provide environmentally superior alternatives to certain existing specialty chemicals used in many consumer and industrial applications.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3103

License Grant
The Company entered into a license agreement with an officer and principal shareholder of the Company to acquire exclusive rights to the Enviroplastic Design Blend.
License Property
Technology refers to degradable and recycled polymer materials.

EnviroPlastic(R)H — a hydrodegradable (water soluble or dispersible) polymer blend.
EnviroPlastic(R) C — a compostable water-repellent polymer blend.
EnviroPlastic(R) Z — a biodegradable and compostable polymer.

Field of Use
EnviroPlastic(R) can be used to produce film and injection molded parts that serve as environmentally-compatible alternatives to conventional plastics.

The Company is a specialty chemical Company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets degradable and recycled polymer materials.

IPSCIO Record ID: 6778

License Grant
The Company hereby grants to the Licensee an exclusive, worldwide, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, license for all rights to use, make, have made, market, sell, offer for sale, import and export and otherwise exploit the Licensed Technology within the Licensee Fields; provided, however, that the Company shall retain the right to use the Licensed Technology within the Licensee Fields solely as needed to perform its obligations.
License Property
The Company has certain proprietary know-how and technology relating to certain polymer materials. Licensee develops, manufactures and distributes, among other things, gases and specialty chemicals to diversified markets and geographies. The Parties desire to collaborate using the Company's know-how and technology to develop certain personal care, latent catalyst, cleaning and nonwoven products using the Company's know-how and technology and to license certain of that know-how and technology, for Licensee to exploit, as more fully described herein.

Adhesives shall mean a viscoelastic material that remains permanently tacky and will adhere to a wide variety of solid surfaces.

Licensed Trademarks shall mean the mark INTELIMER.

US 6,199,318 Aqueous Emulsions of Crystalline Polymers for Coating Seeds
US 6,540,984 Aqueous Dispersions of Crystalline Polymers and Uses
US 20030147946 Aqueous Dispersions of Crystalline Polymers and Uses

The Company's core polymer products are based on its patented proprietary Intelimer polymers, which differ from other polymers in that they can be customized to abruptly change their physical characteristics when heated or cooled through a pre-set temperature switch. For instance, Intelimer polymers can change within the range of one or two degrees Celsius from a non-adhesive state to a highly tacky, adhesive state; from an impermeable state to a highly permeable state; or from a solid state to a viscous liquid state. These abrupt changes are repeatedly reversible and can be tailored by Licensee to occur at specific temperatures, thereby offering substantial competitive advantages in the Company's target markets.

Intelimer polymers are a proprietary class of synthetic polymeric materials that respond to temperature changes in a controllable, predictable way. Typically, polymers gradually change in adhesion, permeability and viscosity over broad temperature ranges. Licensee's Intelimer materials, in contrast, can be designed to exhibit abrupt changes in permeability, adhesion and/or viscosity over temperature ranges as narrow as 1°C to 2°C. These changes can be designed to occur at relatively low temperatures (0°C to 100°C) that are relatively easy to maintain in industrial and commercial environments. Figure 1 illustrates the effect of temperature on Intelimer materials as compared to typical polymers.

Field of Use
Ag Field shall mean (a) the treatment, coating, sale and/or use of seeds or agricultural products including without limitation corn, soybean, cotton and the like for farming, ornamental and/or other  uses, (b) tubers, seeds and/or plant grafts, (c) all other crops, and (d) all other fruits, vegetables, flowers and the like.

Exclusive Fields shall mean products for (a) personal care, which are not regulated by the FDA, including without limitation i) cosmaceutical products (which may be regulated by the FDA), ii) sunscreen products which are regulated by the FDA and iii) non-pharma transdermal even if applied via an adhesive system ) (collectively the “Personal Care Field”), (b) Thermoset Latent Catalysts, (c) household, industrial and institutional cleaning, excluding floor finishes (e.g. and not by way of limitation, polymers and polymer-based formulations used in the manufacture of hard surface cleaners, equipment cleaning, vehicle cleaning, laundry cleaning, cleaning for food & beverage institutions), and (d) disposable nonwovens (e.g., and not by way of limitation, polymers and polymer-based formulations used in the manufacture of disposables such as paper towels, industrial wipes, surgical gowns, diapers, similar hygiene products, among other disposable nonwoven products).

Food Field shall include, without limitation, the following the packaging, including bulk, pallet and container packaging, of any food related products including without limitation fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables, flowers, meat, fish and the like.

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