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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 4

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IPSCIO Record ID: 28119

License Grant
The parties have declared that it is their wish to cooperate in the continuing development of the Cellscan, with the aim of completing the development, manufacture and marketing of the system, all this as per the conditions of this agreement.
License Property
The CellScan system is a detection and monitoring system for human cells which may have many potential applications relating to disease diagnostics and determining chemosensitivity.

The system includes the instrument known as the Cellscan, including all or part of its derivatives and components as well the testing kits used by the Cellscan for performing blood tests for the purpose of diagnosing malignant diseases, their classification and repeat testing at the level of the individual cell at the time of its exposure to a series of manipulations, as well as their derivatives, which were and will be developed in the course of development of the Cellscan system.

The system also includes assemblies bearing blood cells, technology, mechanical and dynamic components, light sources, optical components, electronic components including a computer used as controller of the tests analyzing their results in real time, all of which are integrated in the system. It also includes irritants, by-products and exhaustible support materials needed for the tests, which were and will be development in the course of research and development of the Cellscan system, for the purpose of their use in the system.

The Desktop CellScan is a state of the art cytometer that can repeatedly and continuously monitor the fluorescence intensity and polarization of individual, non-adherent living cells. This system substantially extends the range and enhances the capabilities of other cytometric measuring devices, including earlier CellScan models. We expect to produce the Desktop CellScan at a lower cost than the earlier CellScan models. As before, the heart of the CellScan is a unique, patented cell carrier that contains up to 10,000 wells, each of which can accommodate a single cell. The capacity to precisely and faithfully measure optical parameters of individual living cells greatly facilitates kinetic analyses of individual cells within a heterogeneous cell populations, which is particularly useful for investigating physiological, clinical and diagnostic aspects of cells.

Field of Use
The CellScan can be used as a diagnostic tool to detect diseases such as breast, prostate and gynecological cancers, tuberculosis and atherosclerosis as well as a research tool to develop individual patient chemotherapy, drugs, vaccines, antigens and aspects of gene therapy.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5999

License Grant
On October 17, 1991 an agreement was signed between Israeli University and various Licensees regarding the project of Sitoscan.
License Property
The CellScan is a static cytometer, or an instrument for measuring fluorescence emanating from living cells while the cells are in a static state. A key element of the CellScan is its patented Cell Carrier which can accommodate up to 10,000 cells, each in individual wells. Each well holds one living cell, such as a lymphocyte or a tumor cell. The CellScan can repeatedly and continuously monitor the fluorescence intensity and polarization emitted from stained living cells for purposes of cell research and disease diagnostics.

The CellScan is a technology designed for the viewing and testing of cells. The CellScan was originally developed to diagnose breast cancer by testing a patient’s blood sample. Various medical and research institutions in Israel, the United States and other countries are exploring the use of the technology for the detection of breast cancer, prostate cancer and gynecological cancers, and for the detection of other diseases such as atherosclerosis and tuberculosis. In addition, an advanced version of the CellScan called the research CellScan has been developed which, we believe, has research applications in a number of areas including gene therapy and drug and vaccine development.

Field of Use
The Licensee, a company that designs, develops and markets innovative liquid fuel cell products principally for the mobile handset and portable consumer electronics markets acquired the rights to the CellScan by assignment from the Israeli University of a License from the University, the Licensor, to Licensee.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26074

License Grant
Israelis ASSIGNOR hereby assigns to Israelis ASSIGNEE ASSIGNOR's entire right, title and interest under the Original License, including, without limitation, all ASSIGNOR's rights and licenses with respect to the LICENSED PRODUCT and the Licensed Patents and Know-How, as well as ASSIGNOR's entire right, title and interest in and to the name 'Cellscan'.

An exclusive worldwide right and license to use the Know-How and the Tooling and Test Equipment to Manufacture, Sell, and Support the Licensed product;

A non-exclusive worldwide right and license to use the Know-How and the Tooling and Test Equipment in the design and development of improvements to the Licensed product; and

An exclusive worldwide right and license to use the Know-How and Tooling and Test Equipment to design, Manufacture, Sell and Support any derivative of the Licensed which has a blood-related medical application or use.

License Property
'LICENSED PRODUCT' shall mean the 'Cellscan System'.
The CellScan system is a detection and monitoring system for human cells which may have many potential applications relating to disease diagnostics and determining chemosensitivity.

IPSCIO Record ID: 374859

License Grant
The Parties collaborate in the evaluation, continued development, validation, and use of Licensor’s platform designed for the early detection and diagnosis of diseases and conditions and for quality control and monitoring purposes, in conjunction with the Licensee’s systems and Licensor grants to the Licensee a worldwide exclusive license to sell such products in the Licensee’s point-of-care network of hospitals, clinics and institutions for quality control and monitoring of manufacturing and processing of autologous immune cells manipulated by cell and gene therapies.
License Property
The platform identifies multiple diseases and may be used to track treatment effectiveness, including immunotherapy. Disease intrusion and cell malformation, including cancer, are first detected in the body by the immune system, which is energized to rid the body of the malignancy. The initial immune response is intricate, deploying different metabolic pathways and subtypes of cells.  The platform technology is designed to detect and interpret these differential metabolic responses.

Patented ImmunoBiopsyâ„¢ immunometabolism platform with a goal of (I) developing and validating diagnostic kits for enhanced quality control (QC) and monitoring purposes to be used by Licensee in manufacturing and processing of its cell and gene therapies; (ii) developing new assays to enhance the potency of cell and gene therapies for use within its point-of-care (POCare) platform; and (iii) developing companion diagnostics for potential enhanced patient targeting of cell and gene therapies.

Field of Use
ImmunoBiopsy platform non-invasively measures the metabolic state of the immune system and acts as a diagnostic link to early diseases.

ImmunoBiopsy platform has shown promise in early detection of cancer. The Parties look forward to leveraging this technology in a number of key areas within our POCare platform.

Licensee will use ImmunoBiopsy to help develop and validate diagnostic kits and create new assays to strengthen the potency of cell and gene therapies.  Licensee will also develop companion diagnostics to identify those patients most likely to respond to appropriate therapies.

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