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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 27979

License Grant
Licensor grants to Canadian Licensee, an entity controlled by Licensor current Chief Executive Officer, acting President, Chairman and a member of our board of directors, the exclusive right and license throughout the Territory to use and employ the Patent Rights and Know-How to make, use and sell the Licensed Products and Ancillary Products for the term hereof and subject to the provisions of this License Agreement.
License Property
Licensed Product One DUST WOLF

The duster is a simple device that fits on the end of most standard vacuum cleaners. It uses the negative pressure of the incoming air to drive a rotating brush that is covered with soft bristles. The alignment of the brush is such that upon each rotation of the brush, the bristles move across the air import vent that runs the length of the brush. Using the vacuum power, this cleans the brush on each rotation and prevents the spread of dust to surrounding areas. The brush is driven by an impeller mounted in the base of the Dust Wolf just above the connection port that goes to the vacuum cleaner hose. The incoming rush of air drives the impeller and thus turns the brush. The length of the brush is designed to allow the Dust Wolf to easily clean a large surface, specifically several mini-blind blades at a time.

Licensed Product Two SONIQUE

Sonique is a sonic skin care system with various attachments that facilitates personal hygiene. It utilizes specific ultrasonic frequencies to vibrate a cleaning head at the end of the device. This ultrasonic vibration has many beneficial effects on the skin’s surface that can be enhanced through the use of different attachments, i.e. deep-seated soil can be brought to the surface, dead skin can be exfoliated and the skin can be rejuvenated. The system is operated on a rechargeable battery that is built into the unit.

Licensed Product Three TOMORROW GARDEN

The Tomorrow Garden (TG) and associated Plant Tissue Culture (PTC) Process result in a kit designed to take advantage of PTC and offer, direct to the consumer, an easy to use kit featuring plants not readily available in the marketplace. These plants are of a guaranteed superior quality and have significantly improved “Fresh Life” span. PTC or ‘micro-propagation’ is a laboratory process that allows for the rapid production of mass quantities of genetically identical plants. This process removes the randomness of genetics by using the plant’s own cells that already exhibit the identified desirable traits. The Tomorrow Garden Kits are multi-plant packages (typically 6 packs) arranged in pre-selected themes i.e. Italian herbs, pet plants, African violets, etc. to suit the client’s preferences.

Dust Removal Device, US App No 60/687,152, filed June 3, 2005.
Ultrasonic Skin Cleaner, US App No 10/890,041, filed 7/13/04
Ultrasonic Skin Cleaner, PCT No PCT/US04/22476, filed 7/14/04.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3477

License Grant
Owner hereby grants to Licensee the exclusive worldwide rights (a) to air the Infomercial and market and sell the Product in the Territory and (b) to use the Patent and related trademarks to market the Product in the Territory for the Term of this Agreement.
License Property
Owner is the exclusive licensee of a patented (U.S. Patent No. 5,993,872) Deep Fat Fryer with Ultrasonic Rotational Basket, currently known as Spin Fryer (Product) and desires to produce direct response advertisements of any length (Infomercials) in cooperation with Licensee to promote the Product and desires to have Licensee broadcast the Infomercial and exclusively market the Product worldwide (the Territory) under the current name or a name of Licensee’s choosing.

Licensee, a leading international marketing firm, successful in manufacturing, product development, production and distribution, desires to cooperate in producing an Infomercial and exclusively market the Product in the Territory.

Licensee and Owner have established and set forth their obligations and expectations with respect to the manufacturing and marketing of the Product as set forth herein.

Exclusivity Minimum. The exclusive marketing rights and ownership rights in the Product and the intellectual property related to the Product granted to Licensee shall remain exclusive for fourteen months from the first air date of the final version of the Infomercial (Initial Term of Exclusivity). Thereafter, the exclusivity rights granted to Licensee hereunder shall continue if Licensee sells a minimum of Fifty Thousand (50,000) Basic Units per year (the Exclusivity Minimum). At the time that the Licensee has achieved the Fifty percent (50%) Ownership Interest as set forth in Section 5.2, Licensee’s exclusivity rights shall become permanent. If Licensee fails to sell the Exclusivity Minimum to retain the rights granted by Owner under this Agreement, then upon written notice to Licensee from Owner, Licensee’s ownership interest in the intellectual property rights to the Product and Patent shall terminate and revert to Owner; and Licensee’s marketing rights hereunder shall become non-exclusive for the duration of the Term, excepting that for the balance of the Term Licensee shall retain the right to exclusively market to domestic consumers and accounts then existing and to internationally market in those countries where it has established a successful market for the Product.

Field of Use
Licensee’s exclusive marketing rights shall include all possible market areas available today, and those that will be reasonably available in the future throughout the world. These areas include, but are not limited to print; retail; radio; television; cable; satellite cable and television; catalog; the Internet; and home shopping networks.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26945

License Grant
Agreement (5/3/2002) as part of an asset sale that provides for a license to use the trademarks, patents and know-how relating to the products for use in cleaner dispensing systems.  Under the dispensed products license agreement, the licensor has granted

1. a nonexclusive license (with the right to sublicense only to our subsidiaries and affiliates) to use in specified countries the relevant trademarks on the corresponding dispensed products manufactured and packed in accordance with licensor's technical specifications;

2. a nonexclusive license (with right to sublicense only to subsidiaries and affiliates) of the patents and know-how relevant to the dispensed products in specified countries to use, keep, produce for sale, make, offer and import for sale and sell the corresponding dispensed products manufactured and packed in accordance with licensor’s technical specifications and under its trademarks.

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