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Category: Technology Licenses, Created On: 2022-04-28, Record Count: 6


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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 6

Primary Industries

  • Consumer Goods
  • Personal Care
  • Retail & Leisure
  • Beauty Aid
  • Drugs
  • Nutraceutical
  • Personal Care Products
  • Designer
  • Healthcare

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IPSCIO Record ID: 277805

License Grant
Licensor, a subsidiary, grants an exclusive, non-transferrable, sub-licensable, royalty-bearing, license to use the Licensed IP in connection with the Licensed Products and Services and otherwise in the operation of the Business in the Territory.
License Property
Trademarks include  American Crew; Where Theres Man Theres Crew; Groom To Win; Techseries; Acumen; Crew; Menswork; Hair To Party

The licensed property includes trademarks, domain names and licensed formulae for Fiber, Pomade, Cream, Clay, Lotion, Spray, Foam, Shampoo, Cleanser, Conditioner, Balm and Body Wash items.


AC Fiber

AC Cream Pomade

AC Forming Cream

AC Molding Clay

AC Grooming Cream

AC Classic Pomade

AC Heavy Hold Pomade

Field of Use
The field shall mean the men’s styling and grooming products, skin care products, haircare products, and accessories business and other men’s beauty and personal care products, including without limitation, the design, development, manufacture, marketing, distribution, and/or sale of Licensed Products under the Licensed IP, all brick-and-mortar and online retail activities and barbershop, salon, spa and related services and all related ancillary products and services operated under the Licensed IP.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4080

License Grant
Licensor, a shareholder of Licensee grants to Licensee the exclusive right and license to manufacture and sell the products.  Licensee may sublicense the IPH Product Line without Licensor's consent.
License Property
Licensor holds the worldwide intellectual property rights for the products listed on the “IPH Product Line”.  IPH Product Line refers to health, cosmetic and hair care product. The Licensee acquired the formulas for approximately 190 products that include cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers, anti-acne cream, eye (lid) care, age restoration creams, moisturizing, volumizing, restoring shampoos and conditioners, hair control gels, mousse, clays and sprays, and nutritional supplements.

IPSCIO Record ID: 280973

License Grant
This agreement appoints Licensee as the exclusive licensee for the development, production, manufacture, marketing, distribution and sale of the licensed products.

For the Manufacture the Licensor of England grants to the Licensee of France, a personal, non transferable and Exclusive, other than in respect of GWPs, or Gift with Purchase, license
—  to develop, and to produce and manufacture Licensed Products at the Factory strictly in accordance with the type and specifications from time to time Approved and to use
—- the Licensed Trade Marks in connection with the Products;
—- such other parts of the Licensor Intellectual Property, including the Formulae, as may be Approved from time to time only for the purpose of such manufacture; and,
—  to use such information as may at Licensors sole discretion from time to time be provided by Licensor concerning the development, production and manufacture of products of the same type of merchandise as the Licensed Products, such information to be used only in connection with the development, production and manufacture of the Licensed Products and such information shall be know how and trade secret information of Licensor, and all goodwill howsoever arising from all such use shall accrue to Licensor.

For the Sell license, Licensor grants a personal, non-transferable and Exclusive, other than in respect of GWPs, or Gift with Purchase, license to market, distribute and sell in the Territory Licensed Products to Retailers either directly or through Licensor Representatives or Distributors.

License Property
Intellectual Property means
—  all trade marks and designs registered, or applied for, in the name of Licensor anywhere in the world from time to time including without limitation the Licensed Trade Marks and any Varied Trade Names and New Trade Names which have been registered;
—  all other trading names, brand names and/or trade marks, whether registered or not,  which have been and/or which are used and/or owned by Licensor from time to time in which Licensor from time to time is entitled to claim any rights including without limitation the Licensed Trade Marks, any Varied Trade Names and any New Trade Names;
—  all designs (whether registered or not) which have been and/or which are used and/or owned by Licensor from time to time in which it is entitled to claim any rights, including but not limited to check designs in whatever size, in whatever color, in whatever pattern and in whatever material;
—  any works in which copyright vests in Licensor from time to time;
—  all patents and patent applications in the name of Licensor from time to time; and
—  all other Intellectual Property Rights which are stated to vest in Licensor

The Licensed Trade Marks means the trade marks of Burberry.

'Formulae' means any and all of the formulae, lists of ingredients, technical information, recipes, processes and instructions (held in whatever form) reasonably necessary to enable the Licensed Products to be manufactured from time to time.

Field of Use
The field of use includes Mens licensed products consisting of Mens Fragrance Line (a) Cologne and Eau de Toilette, (b) Cologne Spray, and, Mens Fragranced Body Line (a) Body Cream, (b) Deodorant, (c) Shaving Foam, (d) Pre-Shave Lotion, (e) After Shave Emulsion, (f) After Shave, (g) Bath and Body Gel, (h) Razor Burn Soother, (i) Shampoo, and, Womens licensed products consisting of Womens Fragrance Line (a) Perfume, (b) Cologne and Eau de Toilette, (c) Cologne Spray, and, Womens Fragranced Body Line (a) Body Moisturizer, (b) Deodorant, (c) Bath and Shower Gel, (d) Shampoo, (e) Soap, (f) Bath Foam, (g) Oil Mist Spray, and, Mens and Womens Skin Care Products (a) Face and Body Moisturizing products, (b) Anti-aging products, (c) Sun protection products, and Baby Licensed Products (a) Eau de Toilette Natural Spray, (b) Baby Wash, (c) Massage Oil, and (d) Body Moisturizer .

Excluded Stores means any Licensor Store; any Licensor Website; or any mail order operation of any member of the Licensors Group.

IPSCIO Record ID: 238950

License Grant
The Licensor granted the Licensee a sole and exclusive license, royalty and advisory agreement relating to the Licensors PilarisMax shampoo formulation and conditioner. The term of the agreement will be the life of the US Patent held by Licensor.
License Property
PilarisMax is a line of hair loss products.  PilarisMax’ lead product is a shampoo with three potent naturally occurring DHT blockers in an innovative sulfate free base that has shown to be safe and effective in supporting hair health and thickness in both men and women.
Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the personal care industry relating to hair care products.

IPSCIO Record ID: 266337

License Grant
In this related party agreement, Licensee purchased various beauty product inventory and domain names.
License Property
Such products typically include monthly subscriptions for health and wellness e-books, and health and beauty products such as facial creams and nutritional supplements. Licensee regards the protection of its intellectual property, which includes trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks and domain names, as critical to Licensees success therefore the domain names are not listed.
Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the consumer goods industry relating to health and beauty products.

IPSCIO Record ID: 307448

License Grant
The Parties signed an Addendum, according to which the Licensor granted a limited license for purposes of making and selling fragrances embodying the 3F technology.
License Property
3F (Functional Fragrance Formulation) consists of 3F Mosquito Repellant and 3F Anti-Viral formulations.
Field of Use
The field of use is the fragrance industry.  This agreement is for purposes of making and selling fragrances embodying the 3F technology.

Licensee is part of the Personal Care Products Manufacturing Industry.  Companies in this industry manufacture toiletries and grooming products, including perfumes, shampoos, skin lotions, and shaving cream, as well as lipstick, mascara, and other cosmetics.

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