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Created On: 2020-07-15
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 275838

License Grant
The Foundation, nonprofit foundation of an University,  grants, and Licensee accepts, an exclusive license to the Licensed Patents and Licensed IP to develop, make, have made, use, and sell Licensed Products on a royalty-bearing basis in the Field of Use in the Licensed Territory and for issuance of corresponding Sublicenses directly between Licensee and a Sublicensee.
License Property
Licensed Product(s) shall mean products or services, the development, manufacture, use or sale of which are covered by the Licensed Patents and/or Licensed IP, or that would otherwise constitute an infringement of the Licensed Patents and/or Licensed IP.

Oscillating Field Stimulation (OFS)
Oscillating Field Stimulation and a Growth Factor
4-AP Derivatives
Hydralazine + PEG
PEG for Vascular Leakage
Double Sucrose Gap Recording Apparatus
Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering

Licensed IP shall mean all know-how, technical information, copyrights and renewals, designs, drawings, specifications, manufacturing methods, and all other information owned by Foundation and related to the Technologies.

Licensed Patents shall mean all U.S. patent applications, Patent Cooperation Treaty patent applications, or foreign patent applications filed by Foundation and related to a Technology, and all divisionals, continuations, continuations-in-part, or other patent applications that claim priority from such patent applications; any patent(s) issuing from the foregoing applications and all extensions, reexaminations, and reissues of such patent(s); and any patents issuing from patent applications that are related to a Technology and that are filed by Foundation subsequent to the Effective Date, and all extensions, reexaminations, and reissues of such patents.

4,919,140 – Method and apparatus for regenerating nerves

OFS + Inosine Technology means the technology  No 62139, US Patent Application No. 10/748,572 and /or PT Patent Application No. PCT/US2003/01480.

Field of Use
Field of Use shall mean human and veterinary therapeutics.

IPSCIO Record ID: 280958

License Grant
University foundation hereby grants to Licensee and its Affiliates an exclusive (even as to University), worldwide, fully transferable, sublicensable, irrevocable, non-terminable and cost-free (except for the Royalty and other remuneration provisions as provided hereof) license, continuing uninterrupted for the life of the Licensed Patents in the Licensed Territory to make, have made, use, offer for sale, import and sell Licensed Products and/or Licensed Processes claimed in the Licensed Patents for the Licensed Field.

University hereby grants to Licensee and its Affiliates a non-exclusive, license, in the Licensed Territory and the Licensed Field under the all Intellectual Property Rights (other than patent rights) in the Enabling Technology to make, have made, use, offer for sale, copy, disclose, and sell Licensed Products and/or Licensed Processes. Upon request of Licensee, University will deliver, or caused to be delivered, any Enabling Technology within the possession of the Inventors.

License Property
Licensed Patents shall refer to and mean all of the following patents and patent applications:  U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 11/684,514, filed March 9, 2007, and the corresponding international PCT application (application number not yet assigned), filed March 9, 2007, titled Prosthetic Device and System and Method for Implanting Prosthetic Device; and all U.S. and foreign patent applications claiming priority to these applications or disclosing or claiming any Improvements, including without limitation divisional, continuation, and reissue applications and any patent(s)/patent application(s) claiming inventions resulting from the Research Agreement, whether or not such inventions are Improvements.

Licensed Product shall mean an apparatus, article of manufacture, composition of matter, or device, or part thereof,

(a) the manufacture or sale of which would, but for licenses granted pursuant to this Agreement, infringe one or more issued and valid claims of any unexpired and enforceable Licensed Patents;

(b) that is made by a process that would, but for licenses granted pursuant to this Agreement, constitute infringement of one or more issued and valid claims of any of the unexpired and enforceable Licensed Patents; or

(c) that, in its intended manner of use or operation, performs a process, which would, but for licenses granted pursuant to this Agreement, constitute infringement of one or more issued and valid claims of any of the unexpired and enforceable Licensed Patents.

Licensed Process shall mean (a) any process that is covered in whole or in part by an issued, unexpired claim or a pending claim contained in the Licensed Patents in any country in which such process is practiced, or (b) any process that employs or was discovered by University or Licensee employing Enabling Technology, anywhere in the world.

Enabling Technology shall mean all the proprietary technology and information known by the Inventors while employed by the University Entities, on or before the Effective Date, reasonably necessary to practice under or otherwise derive the benefits of the Licensed Patents but not disclosed in the Licensed Patents, including but not limited to, information, techniques, biological materials, methods of manufacture, methods of use, and the like, all only to the extent they exist or have been developed on or before the Effective Date.

Intellectual Property Rights shall mean individually and collectively all patents, patent applications and inventions, copyrights, Improvements, discoveries, and/or technical information, including without limitation software, know-how, documentation, plans, drawings, and data, whether patentable or copyrightable or not, and all renewals and extensions thereof.

Field of Use
The invention relates to orthopedic joint replacement and, more particularly, to a prosthetic device for use in orthopedic joint replacement and a system and method for implanting the same.

IPSCIO Record ID: 293545

License Grant
Subject to the terms of this Agreement, including without limitation the rights retained by Licensors, two University Foundation, and the timely payment of all Payments Due, Licensee shall, in the Field, in the Territory and during the Term, have:
   an exclusive license under Patent Rights; and
   a nonexclusive license to use Know-How; to make, manufacture, use, sell, have sold, lease, have leased, and offer for sale Licensed Products, including the right to grant Sublicenses as set forth from the Universities. This license shall include the right to have Licensed Product made, manufactured or imported by Third Parties solely and exclusively for sale or use by Licensee, Sublicensees, Designees, and Affiliates of any of the foregoing. This license may be subject to the overriding obligations to the U.S. Government set forth and any future amendments thereto, and applicable governmental implementing regulations, including but not limited to those described herein.
License Property
'Diagnostic Kit' means an In Vitro Diagnostic Product for which pre-market regulatory clearance is required by the FDA in the United States, or the equivalent agency responsible for regulating such products in another market.

Inventions means any and all patentable inventions described in the provisional patent applications or in the invention disclosures NTD 1992-110, NTD 2002-110, NTD 2017-110, NTD 2031-110 and NTD 2038-110, whether such Inventions are owned by one or both Licensors, or such Inventions are owned jointly by Licensee and one or both Licensors.

NTD 1992-110 means Foundation New Technology Disclosure 1992-110, entitled 'Saliva microRNA-based diagnosis of children with autism spectrum disorder.'

NTD 2002-110 means Foundation New Technology Disclosure 2002-110, entitled 'Metagenomic Analysis of Human Saliva to Diagnosis Autism.'

NTD 2017-110 means Foundation New Technology Disclosure 2017-110, entitled 'Epigenetic Diagnostic for Autism Spectrum Disorder,' and the counterpart disclosure to PSRF, Invention Disclosure 4494.

NTD 2031-110 means Foundation New Technology Disclosure 110-2031, entitled 'Method of normalizing epigenetic sequencing data to account for temporal variations,' and the counterpart disclosure to PSRF, Invention Disclosure 2017- 4601.

NTD 2038-110 means Foundation New Technology Disclosure 110-2038, entitled 'Epigenetic Biomarkers for Autism Spectrum Disorder,' and the counterpart disclosure to PSRF.

Patent Rights means Licensors rights to any subject matter that is claimed in, could be claimed in, or is otherwise Covered By one or more Valid Claims in any Licensed Patent.

Licensed Patents means any patent application filed claiming Inventions, including the patent applications and continuing applications thereof including divisions, substitutions, and continuations-in-part (but only to extent a claim thereof is enabled by disclosure of the parent application), and any patents issuing on said applications including reissues, reexaminations and extensions, and any corresponding foreign applications and issued patents.

Patented Product means any products or service (or component thereof) that: (i) if made, manufactured, used, offered for sale, sold, imported, leased or otherwise transferred within the Territory, but for the license granted herein, would infringe Patent Rights, or (ii) are made by using a Licensed Service, or (iii) when used, practice a Licensed Service. As used within this Agreement, the term 'Patented Products' includes 'Licensed Services'.

Field of Use
Field means diagnostic methods, services and devices for autism spectrum disorder.
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