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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 27383

License Grant
The Licensee entered into a license agreement to use and sell certain licensed products and services; patents relating to electronic and optical DNA chip technology.
License Property
Licensed Product means a Chip where (i) the Chip or a functional component thereof is claimed in the Licensor Patents or (ii) the Chip is manufactured or used in accordance with or by means of the Licensed Process, or (iii) the Chip makes use of the technology claimed in the Licensor Patents in its manufacture, testing, use or sale.

CHIP means a microarray of biological probes designed to carry out or enable genomic sequencing, mutation detection, assays, syntheses, reactions, analyses or sample preparation.  
The term 'Chip' also includes assemblies of multiple Chips that are interconnected in close physical proximity to each other.  Chips may incorporate other electrical, electronic, electromechanical and mechanical components when said components are an integral part of the Chip.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5893

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive, worldwide, right and license under the Licensed Technology, with the right to sublicense, to develop, have developed, make, have made, use, have used, import, have imported, offer for sale, sell, have sold or lease, any Products, Storage Devices and/or Input/Output Devices for Type 1 Storage Devices and Chips and/or to provide any Services in the Orchid Field, provided, however, that with respect to Type 2 Storage Devices and Input/Output Devices for Type 1 Storage Devices, such License shall only be exclusive for Licensed Technology and further provided however with respect to the exercised Option of the Option Field, the license shall be exclusive for the Life Science Field and non-exclusive for materials and chemical research.
License Property
Technology refers to certain technology for the research, development and sale of products and services in the field of combinatorial chemistry and in vitro diagnostics.

'Product' shall mean a Chip or a system incorporating a Chip with or without Storage Devices, Input/Output Devices or Ancillary Devices developed using, incorporating, utilizing, manufactured using, based upon, arising out of, or derived from the Licensed Technology.

'Ancillary Device' shall mean a detector or other device (but not a Storage Device or Input/Output Device) that is specifically designed by Sarnoff to interface with a Chip, Storage Device or Input/Output Device to the extent such detector or other devices are incorporated in Delivered Chips and Instruments. Ancillary Devices shall not include (without upper or lower limitations as to size or volume), (i) generic robotic fluid delivery systems, (ii) transport through synthetic or natural membranes, tubes or capillaries except when part of a Chip or Input/Output Device, (iii) conventional, non-electrokinetic fluid pumping or valving technology except when part of a Chip or Input/Output Device and (iv) 3D microimaging and modeling.

'Storage Device' shall mean a microfabricated flat structure device containing Microchambers, but not Microchannels or other Elements, that is either (i) specifically designed for interacting with or connecting to a Chip or (ii) broadly useful with Chips and other devices or primarily designed to be interfaced with micropipetting systems. A Storage Device of the type described in clause (i) is referenced to herein as a Type 1 Storage Device. A Storage Device described in clause (ii) is referred to herein as a Type 2 Storage Device.

Storage Device or Input/Output Device to the extent such detector or other devices are incorporated in Delivered Chips and Instruments.

Storage Device or Input/Output Device to the extent such detector or other devices are incorporated in Delivered Chips and Instruments. Ancillary Devices shall not include (without upper or lower limitations as to size or volume), (i) generic robotic fluid delivery systems, (ii) transport through synthetic or natural membranes, tubes or capillaries except when part of a Chip or Input/Output Device, (iii) conventional, non-electrokinetic fluid pumping or valving technology except when part of a Chip or Input/Output Device and (iv) 3D microimaging and modeling.

'Chip' shall mean a microfabricated flat structure device in one or more layers having a plurality of Microchannels or Microchannels and Microchambers in the form of (A) arrays (containing at least (i) six (6) Microchambers or (ii) two Circuits, each of which contains at least one Active Element), or (B) at least one Circuit containing at least three (3) serially connected Elements, at least one of which is an Active Element, to carry out or enable synthesis, reactions, assays, analyses or sample preparation by transporting or retaining aqueous or organic fluids that are solvents, solutions, mixtures or suspensions, including those containing chemicals, particles, membranes, membrane fragments, cells, cell components or other biologically derived substances.

'Microchannels' shall mean enclosed channels having a cross section at least 10 microns by 10 microns and no more than 2 millimeters by 2 millimeters. 'Microchambers' shall mean chambers having a volume of at least 10 picoliters and no more than 10 microliters.

'Combinatorial Chemistry' shall mean the synthesis of one or more compounds as part of a process to create compounds or resynthesize known compounds, where such compounds are to be used in clinical applications or in the discovery, development, testing or optimization of molecules, materials, or compounds, or mixtures thereof.

Partitioned Microelectronic And Fluidic Device Partitioned Microelectronic And Fluidic Device Synthesis (08/338703)
Partitioned Microelectronic Device Array (08/455016)
Liquid Distribution System (08/556036)

Field of Use
Fields related to microfluidics, including the fields of genomics, high throughput screening, research products and cell-based assays.

'In-vitro Diagnostic Field' shall mean the use of a Chip to undertake any medical or clinical assessment of the health or physical condition of a human or animal, or the assessment of the condition of a plant, when such assessment is performed outside the body of the human, animal or plant and environmental or food testing where testing is for the presence of microbes or cellular components such as nucleic acids, proteins or toxins. Such assessment includes, but is not limited to, the testing of body tissue, fluids, or cells; nucleic acid analysis; immunological analysis; therapy monitoring; predisposition analysis; viral analysis; microbiological analysis; therapeutic or abused drug analysis; and chemical analysis of tissue, fluids or cells. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the In-vitro Diagnostic Field does not include the use of a Chip for the purpose of discovering, developing, manufacturing, using and selling pharmaceutical products, but does include the use of Chips for Environmental Testing.

IPSCIO Record ID: 10553

License Grant
Licensor grants to German Licensee a world-wide and non-exclusive, except regarding Desk Top Synthesizers, license to use the Technology only within the Field only for the purposes of (i) developing Content for Catalogue Arrays and Catalogue Cassettes and (ii) marketing, distributing, selling and having sold Licensed Products, in the Territory to End Users, together with a non-exclusive right to sublicense; provided that as a condition to marketing, distributing, selling, having sold, disposing or otherwise transferring any applicable Licensed Product to any End User,  The license granted for the marketing, distribution, sale, disposal or transfer from Licensee or its Affiliates of Desk Top Synthesizers shall be co-exclusive.

For the Trademarks, Licensor grants a non-exclusive, right and license in the Territory to use and refer to the Licensor names, trademarks, logos, symbols, designs, and other designations used in connection with the Licensed Products in order to advertise and market same to End Users.

Licensor agrees to grant a limited, non-exclusive right and license to manufacture the-Failed Product for use, sale and distribution in accordance with Licensee's rights under this Agreement.

License Property
Chips are used in pharmaceutical and genetic research.  The microchips contain synthetic sequences of DNA or proteins.

Licensor is the owner of intellectual property rights including Know-How and various patents, patent applications. copyrights and trademarks in the field of array technology including its proprietary micro array-technology.

Array(s) shall mean semiconductor-based Licensor supplied biochip(s) having nucleic acid biological probe arrays synthesized thereon contained in Cassettes in sets per Cassette of up to ten Arrays ready for introduction of RNA or DNA samples prepared from biological specimens.

Cassette(s) shall mean Licensor carrier(s) capable of holding multiple Arrays; when used without qualification, this term shall refer to Blank, Custom and Catalogue Cassettes without distinction. Custom Cassette(s) shall mean Cassettes containing Custom Arrays. Catalogue Cassettes shall mean Cassettes containing only Catalogue Arrays. Blank Cassettes shall mean Cassettes containing only Blank Chips.

Licensed Product(s) shall mean Catalogue Cassettes, Catalogue Arrays, Custom Cassettes, Custom Arrays, Blank Chips, Blank Cassettes, Hybridizer/Reader(s) together with Hybridizer Software, Desk Top Synthesizers, the Phone Booth Synthesizer provided for in Section 3.l(c), Web Services, consisting of Probe Design Software and Image Capture Software initially, and related Software, in each case, for applications only in the Field.

Desk Top Synthesizer shall mean a biochip synthesis unit for synthesizing Content onto Blank Chips that are arranged in a Cassette, as more fully described in and to be developed under the R&D Agreement.

Patents include
Electromechanical Solid Phase Synthesis of Polymers;
Electromechanical Solid Phase Synthesis;
Overlying Electrode in a biochip microarray;
A method of control of and display from devices for biological and chemical processing;
A method for selecting Oligonucleotides having low cross hybridization;
Automated system and process for custom designed biological array design and analysis;
Microarrays of peptide affinity probes for analyzing gene products and methods for analyzing products; and,Method for generating Ultre-fine spotted arrays.

Field of Use
Field shall mean assays and uses of Licensed Products relating to genetic analysis, testing and research of nucleic acid based genetic materials, and the creation, maintenance and/or commercialization of nucleic acid sequence based genetic databases for research purposes (including pharmaceutical research) and all diagnostic purposes and applications.
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