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Category: Technology Licenses, Created On: 2022-04-28, Record Count: 5


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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 5

Primary Industries

  • Machinery
  • Tool
  • Transportation
  • Energy Resources & Svcs
  • Environmental Control
  • Automotive
  • Waste Treatment
  • Alternative and Renewable Energy
  • Food
  • Packaging & Containers

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IPSCIO Record ID: 2694

License Grant
This agreement with the Licensee covers the use of the Licensor's robotic M3500 water jetting system in North America and the Bahamas. The recent agreement with Licensee has created customer acceptance and a template to expand product sales.
License Property
The Licensor plan of operation for the next twelve months continues to focus on sales and marketing efforts. The Licensor expects to develop market opportunities in Europe and Asia using similar tactics as in North America.
Field of Use
The rights granted apply to the use for the surface preparation of metal surfaces, such as naval ship repair, storage tanks, and fuel tanks.  The system consists of a robotic vehicle that magnetically attaches to steel surfaces, an ultra-high pressure pump, a vacuum system designed to aid in the capture and containment of waste, and a waste filtration system.  Its current automated technology also may have potential applications for use in other markets, including automotive coatings removal.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27070

License Grant
The University grants to the Licensee an exclusive license to make, use, and sell Licensed Products and to practice Licensed Methods under the Patent Rights, with the right to sublicense others in all fields-of-use and in all markets.
License Property
Certain Technology relating to a magnetic Gripper device for climbing vertical ferromagnetic surfaces has been developed in the course of the University’s research and development at LANL.  

The Gripper is a product worn on hands and feet to enable the user to climb or traverse any steel surface.  It is a lightweight magnetic device (each Gripper weighs only 1.5 pounds)  that  attaches to any ferromagnetic  material, such as iron, steel, or their alloys.  It  fastens smoothly to a surface and can be attached or detached with only one hand or foot.  Using a set of four Grippers on the hands and feet the user can climb a vertical surface,  releasing  and repositioning the Grippers as he ascends. Wearing Grippers, a person can move up, down, or sideways.

'Patent Rights' means the University’s rights arising from U.S. Patent Application Serial Number 07/870,965, filed April 20, 1992, Magnetic Gripper Device, now U.S. Patent 5,192,155, issued March 9, 1993, including any continuing-applications thereof including divisions and reissues (but not including continuations-in-part); any patents issuing on the applications or continuing applications; and any corresponding  foreign patents or patent applications.

IPSCIO Record ID: 25970

License Grant
Licensor is willing to grant, and Licensee desires to secure, an exclusive license to use, manufacture, sell, and otherwise practice the know-how, technology, trade secrets and improvements not otherwise disclosed to the public, including the right to any patent that issues to the Licensor that embodies said know-how, technology, trade secrets or improvements to Fuel Management System.
License Property
Licensor is the inventor of certain technology disclosed in U.S. Patent 5,336,396, now abandoned, for an invention entitled Waste Oil Management System.  The invention is described generally as a Fuel Management System (FMS) for blending of an alternative fuel such as waste oil with a conventional fuel and the continuous filtration thereof before delivery to fuel injection system of a conventional diesel engine.

IPSCIO Record ID: 25833

License Grant
The Company obtains this technology under a master license agreement with Swedish Licensor.

The new Agreement expanded the scope and territory of the Company's rights to permit the Company to sell turnkey AGV systems to end users on a worldwide basis, and continues its rights to sub-License the technology to OEMs in North America but on a non-exclusive basis. The 2000 License Agreement continues to allow the Company to distribute the Licensor laser technology as described above in North America.

License Property
The Company’s primary guidance technology for AGV systems is a laser guidance AGV control system, Lazerway. The laser technology permits the end user to alter the guidepaths of AGVs without changes in the user’s facility.

AGV systems are Automatic Guided Vehicle Systems AGVs are computer-controlled, driverless vehicles that are programmed to transport materials through designated pickup and delivery routines within a particular facility (usually a manufacturing or distribution facility) and to transmit system status, inventory tracking and control and other information.

Its specialty is to integrate Tailor-Made Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) with other types of automation equipment, particularly loading, unloading and packaging technologies, to provide a unique, integrated, automation solution. It sells these systems directly to end-users and also as a subcontractor to suppliers of larger automation solutions.

Field of Use
The Company's AGV system products and services have been used in a variety of industries, including automotive, publishing, paper, consumer products and electronics.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1478

License Grant
The Company was granted an exclusive license to manufacture and distribute Pump/Stuffers using technology covered by a U.S. patent.
License Property
Three models of a pump/stuffer for meat processing machines– includes vacuumizers that remove air and aid in supplying a constant product to the pumping chambers.  The pumps supply the product to the fillers, formers and other equipment.
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