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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 8

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  • Energy & Environment
  • Energy Resources & Svcs
  • Environmental Control
  • Alternative and Renewable Energy
  • Recycling
  • Waste Treatment
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IPSCIO Record ID: 26838

License Grant
Japanese Licensors grant to Licensee the exclusive right to use the Technology to make, have made, use and sell the Licensed Product and practice Licensed Method on a world wide basis.
License Property
Licensed Product means any manner of chemical or other derivative that is used by the Technology and/or Patent/Patent Rights (if applicable), for the production of the Product.

The Product that is ready for production and marketed is referred to as FireBirdPDC5000, which is a hot water boiler that collects heat from waste tires.  It is a safe, non polluting and highly efficient boiler for a variety of uses.  It uses petrol product wastes to generate heat.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7542

License Grant
The Licensee obtained the exclusive, worldwide License to a hot water boiler technology from the Licensors, both Japanese companies, for a period of 30 years.
License Property
The Intellectual property involves a hot water boiler technology that incinerates waste tires in a safe and non-polluting manner and extracts heat energy from the incineration process.
Field of Use
The Licensee engages in acquiring technologies, conducting product marketing, and testing the environmental technologies for commercial sale in Japan and internationally.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5578

License Grant
The founder of the HARPS technology has granted an exclusive license to develop, manufacture and market the same.
License Property
Intellectual property involved in the transaction involves generation of electrical power using the energy generated by the heat of evaporation of water.

The intellectual property rights are called  Hydro-Air Renewable Power System (HARPS ) which includes two U.S.  Patents,  one  granted on September 3, 1996 (number 5,551,238) and a second granted on July 28, 1998 (number 5,784,886), as well as Air Conditioner Energy  System  (ACES')  which  includes a U.S. Patent (and International filings)  granted  December 28, 1999 (number  6,006,538).  The licensee acquired the intellectual property as part of corporate buyouts.  Licensor is a Director on the Board of Licensee.  At present the technology is dormant and no effort is being made to commercialize because of unfavorable economics.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7144

License Grant
The Company entered into a Licensing Agreement with the Licensor for exclusive licensing rights for technology relating to the processing of organic waste to marketable by-products via the Advanced Pyrolysis System 200 (“APS200”).
The Company will have exclusive rights to sub-license, establish joint ventures to commercialize, use and process organic waste, and sell related by-products in the territory of Jamaica, WI.
License Property
Pyrolysis Decomposition brought about by high temperatures.

The APS200 system is designed to handle commonly generated waste stream, whether liquid, solid, mixed or unmixed (including whole tires, all types of plastics, e-waste, shredder residues, sewage sludge, animal wastes, biomass, ligneous and infectious biohazard medical waste) and represent an environmentally friendly and commercially viable alternative to traditional methods of processing waste. The solutions are commercially viable ecological recycling models based on zero-waste philosophy. We will initially be focused on using the application for processing waste tires for conversion to biochar and fuel oil.

IPSCIO Record ID: 6485

License Grant
The Agreement further provides Licensee and its affiliates, the right at Licensee's option to become an operator of certain Licensor waste to energy plants as well as a distributor, on the condition that should Licensee or any of its affiliates elect to become an operator of one or more Licensor waste to energy system plants

The Licensee was appointed as exclusive distributor for the Licensor's waste to energy systems in North America, provided however, the Licensor, or its affiliated companies shall be entitled to establish their own or joint venture with third parties up to 10 waste to energy system plants in the territory.

License Property
The “QES Systems” is a non polluting energy conversion and waste disposal system designed to convert organic waste to fuel and valuable by-products such as activated carbon, fertilizer, producing no measurable air pollution or ash to be land filled.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3658

License Grant
The Assignor hereby grants to the Assignee, for the Assignment Term only, an indivisible, right and assignment to make, use, lease, sell, and otherwisepractice commercially the defined Assigned subject matter.  Assigned subject matter relates to scientific information disclosed to Assignee by the Assignor, and useful in identifying and optimizing the basic physical and chemical effects underlying the Assigned Products or performing Assigned Services.
License Property
'Assigned Trademark' Santilli's Magnetiona, Santilli's MagneGasa, Santilli's PlasmaArcFlowa Technology, Santilli's Magneculesa, Santilli's Magneliquidsa, or other word and/or design, used with or without any other word and/or design,in or as a brand name for Assigned Products or Assigned Services or Assigned Systems.  The Assignee shall form three companies to exploit the technology in Europe, Asia and United States.

The MagneGas(TM) technology permits fuel production with a sufficient energy density to be used as a combustible fuel in a compressed form. The Company believes that MagneGas(TM) can be cost competitive to other liquid fuels when produced in large quantities.

The Company expects that revenues can also be generated from both the elimination and processing of liquid waste. It is intended that MagneGas(TM) be sold for any fuel application including metal cutting, automotive, electric generators, cooking and heating. MagneGas(TM) is produced by processing liquid wastes of fossil or biomass origin utilizing PlasmaArcFlow(TM) reactors. These reactors flow liquids through a submerged electric arc. The arc essentially decomposes the liquid molecules into a plasma at 7,000 to 10,000 degrees Farenheit ('F') composed of ionized hydrogen (H), oxygen (O) and carbon (C) atoms, plus solid precipitates. The technology then controls the recombination of H, O and C into clusters of molecules under new internal bonds.

Patent Application #1 NEW CHEMICAL SPECIES FOR GASES AND THEIR NEW TECHNOLOGIES Serial Number 09/133,348 dealing with the new chemical structure of all gases produced under an electric arc, known as 'Santilli's Magnecules', which is inclusive of, but not limited to 'Santilli's Magnegas'.



Patent Application #4 ELECROMAGNETION Serial Number 09/106.170 Filed on 06/29/98 which deals with the new chemical species of 'Santilli's Magnecules' for liquids used in the production of 'Santilli's Magnegas'.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26738

License Grant
The Company was granted the worldwide rights for a device for Intensive Aeran of Waste Water by Inventor.
License Property
Aeration Technology means a process for, inter alia, the efficient oxygenation of a liquid, such as waste water, or bio-mass in municipal waste treatment plants, and for which a Provisional patent Application has been filed in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Licensee is a U.S. corp and licensor is an inventor from British Columbia.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4260

License Grant
The Licensor grants the Licensee an exclusive license under the Patent Rights to make, use, sell, offer for sale, and import Licensed products and to practice Licensed Methods and to use Technology in the field within the worldwide territory during the term.
License Property
The Patent is entitled “Bioethanol Production from Cotton Gin Waste and Recycled Paper Sludge”.
Field of Use
The Field is all fields relating to fermentation of waste feedstocks.
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