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Created On: 2020-07-15
Record Count: 8

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IPSCIO Record ID: 263276

License Grant
The Licensor, the university foundation, granted the Licensee a worldwide exclusive license to certain patents  to be used in the MRIdian which is used for radiation therapy and simultaneous magnetic resonance imaging.
License Property
The MRIdian combines MRI and external-beam radiation therapy to simultaneously image and treat cancer patients.
Field of Use
The Licensee has an objective of providing clinicians new and innovative ways to deliver radiation therapy.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7761

License Grant
The University hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive License, limited to the Licensed Field and the Licensed territory, under the Licensed Patents to make, use and sell Licensed Products and/or Licensed Processes. Licensee may grant written, nonexclusive Sublicenses to third parties.
License Property
The Technology involves a combination of MRI and radiation therapy technologies, MRI-guided radiation therapy.
Field of Use
The Licensee is a medical device company, developing advanced radiation therapy solutions for the treatment of cancer.

IPSCIO Record ID: 30193

License Grant
As a result of the Sponsored Research Agreement, the Company has agreed to pay a royalty on Net sales of the Color MRI Technology to the University.  The duration of the exclusive license is the greater of the life of the technology or 15 years.
License Property
Technology relates to color magnetic resonance imaging technology ('Color MRI Technology') by which gray digital images produced by Magnetic Resonance Imaging machines ('MRIs') are colored with realistic colors and combined using a personal computer for easy viewing and analysis.
Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the technology industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 253950

License Grant
Licensor, an university technology transfer organization, grants a first right of refusal to additional fields not included in the Licensed Field.
License Property
The patent list has been replaced.  The current patent list includes and refers to Methods and Apparatus for Radiation Therapy, and, Radiation Therapy System with Constrained Rotational Freedom and Radiation Therapy System, and others.

Products and Product Unit shall mean any item or unit that employs or is in any way produced by the practice of an invention claimed in the Licensed Patents or that otherwise constitutes infringement of any claims of the Licensed Patents. Products and Product Units shall be classified either as Therapy Units, Options or Upgrades.

Therapy Unit shall mean any item or unit capable on its own of producing radiation for the purposes of diagnostics, imaging, or therapy and that employs or is produced by the practice of an invention claimed in the Licensed Patents or would otherwise constitute infringement of any claims of the Licensed Patents.

Field of Use
The amendment clarifies that the Licensed Field explicitly excludes medical applications using Ions.

Licensee developed, market and sell advanced and versatile radiation therapy system for the treatment of a wide variety of cancers.

IPSCIO Record ID: 259

License Grant
The University hereby grants to the Licensee an exclusive License to make, have made, use, import, offer for sale and sell the Licensed Products and to provide the Licensed Service in the United States and worldwide under the patent rights in all fields.
License Property
The Licensee may subLicense to others under this Agreement.
Field of Use
The Licensee designs products with surgical focus. The medical devices company, develops imaging technologies and precision instruments (i.e. needles that deliver radiation) designed for surgeons performing minimally invasive procedures by way of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanners.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1370

License Grant
The Company acquired exclusive worldwide rights to the GliaSite® Radiation Therapy System.

Licensor is willing to grant Licensee rights to the Licensor IP in the Territory with a limited field of use of intracavity radiation therapy (brachytherapy) of the brain (“Exclusive Field of Use”).

License Property
the GliaSite® Radiation Therapy System, the only FDA-cleared balloon catheter device used in the treatment of brain cancer.

GliaSite® Radiation Therapy System (RTS) is for the treatment of brain cancer, i.e. primary and recurrent gliomas and metastic brain tumors.  Specifically, the intended use of GliaSite® RTS is the management of surgically resectable brain tumors where adjuvant radiation therapy of the post-resection tissue bed is indicated.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5486

License Grant
The Company has the exclusive worldwide rights to develop, manufacture and market a patented color magnetic resonance imaging technology.
License Property
Technology' shall mean a method for colorizing and displaying MRIs (MRI colorization technology – US Patents #5,332,968 and #5,410,2)

IPSCIO Record ID: 27532

License Grant
The parties desire to amend the Agreement in order to modify their arrangements with respect to the development of the X-Ray Systems.
License Property
X-Ray Systems is based on Photoelectron's patented technology. The new system will include an integrated disposable x-ray tube and catheter and a delivery and control device to deliver intravascular radiation therapy.

Licensor is leveraging its core expertise in miniature x-ray technology into distinct markets including cancer treatment, intravascular care, industrial x-ray, and radiation dosimetry products.

The Parties will co-develop and co-manufacture a disposable miniature x-ray source, based on the X-SEED and associated technology, for the delivery of intravascular radiation therapy to prevent restenosis (re-narrowing) of coronary arteries following angioplasty and stent procedures.  The new system will include an integrated disposable x-ray tube and catheter and a delivery and control device to deliver intravascular radiation therapy. Both companies will manufacture components for the system, which will be co-labeled.

Pursuant to this agreement, each party will have the licensed rights to use the X-Ray System or components.  The parties have agreed to develop certain X-Ray Systems which incorporate and combine Catheter Body Subassemblies and Delivery Devices developed and manufactured by Licensee with X-Ray Tubes and Control Devices developed and manufactured by Licensor.

X-Seed is a prototype of a new system for delivering x-rays from inside blood vessels following an operation for clogged arteries.

Based on a concept of the Licensor's patented and patent-pending technology, the x-ray source uses a combination of lasers, fiber optics and high voltages to produce x-rays. The X-Seed miniature x-ray system is completely self-contained, and its key components are less than one millimeter in diameter. X-Seed is designed to be placed at the end of a fine, flexible catheter, which will then be inserted inside blood vessels to deliver a dose of radiation to the interior surface.

Field of Use
The Field shall mean the field of Intravascular Radiotherapy.

Intravascular Radiotherapy is a radiation therapy system that helps prevent the repeated narrowing of coronary arteries that have already undergone the procedure of stenting.

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