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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 4

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IPSCIO Record ID: 26296

License Grant
The Licensor entered into an Agreement with the Sublicensee that granted them an exclusive subLicense relating to cell transfection technology for increased efficiency in loading genetic material into cells. The Licensor retains exclusive rights to the applications of the technologies involving cells for therapeutic applications, and received an upfront payment in addition to future royalties on net sales of Licensed products sold under the subLicense.
License Property
The Licensor owns the intellectual property rights to methods, compositions and devices that increase the frequency and efficiency of depositing particles into cells to modify their genetic code.
Field of Use
Licensee is a regenerative medicine company (a medical area that focuses on developing therapies that regenerate damaged or diseased tissues or organs) that incorporated in 1989 and focused on the clinical development of autologous cell products (cells collected from a patient and returned to that same patient) for the repair or regeneration of multiple human tissues, based on our proprietary Tissue Repair Cell (TRC) technology.

IPSCIO Record ID: 28541

License Grant
University grants Licensee an Exclusive license under the Licensed Patent in the Licensed Field of Use to make, have made, use, import, offer to sell and sell Licensed Product in the Licensed Territory. Licensee may grant sublicenses in the Licensed Field of Use only during the Exclusive term and only if Licensee is developing or selling Licensed Products, Required Sublicensing.
License Property
University has an assignment of an invention a target and associated compounds useful for regenerative medicine. It is entitled Notch-Mediated Tissue and Organ Repair through Control of Endogenous Stem and Progenitor Cell Behavior.

Licensed Patent means U.S. Patent Application, Serial Number 11/078,899.  

Stem cells have a capacity both for self-renewal and the generation of differentiated cell types. This pluripotentiality makes stem cells unique. In addition to studying the important normal function of stem cells in the regeneration of tissues, researchers have further sought to exploit the potential of in situ and/or exogenous stem cells for the treatment of a variety of disorders. While early, embryonic stem cells have generated considerable interest, the stem cells resident in adult tissues may also provide an important source of regenerative capacity.

11/078,899 (7,837,993) The regenerative potential of aged stem cells is enhanced by activation of the Notch signaling pathway and/or inhibition of TGF-ß signaling pathway. Stem cells in aged tissues are capable of proliferation and tissue regeneration, but in their native setting are not provided with the appropriate signals to do so. By administering tissue regenerating agents, organ stem/progenitor cells are provided with the appropriate signals to regenerate the corresponding differentiated tissues.

Field of Use
Licensed Field of Use means therapeutic uses and associated internal research and drug screening activities.

IPSCIO Record ID: 829

License Grant
The University in Scotland hereby grants the Licensee an exclusive worldwide, non-transferable royalty bearing license to use and exploit the Licensed Technology in the Field for the purpose of developing, manufacturing, distributing and selling Products on the terms and conditions contained in the Agreement.
License Property
The University has created and developed certain technology relating to cell regeneration which has shown potential for use is developing cell based therapies for diabetes and other progressive degenerative conditions.

Pathfinder Cells means a mixed population of mammalian cells, with a mixed CD90 positive phenotype and CD34 negative phenotype, isolated using the methodology described in the Patents, and which are capable of facilitating, or initiating the repair of mammalian tissue following, by way of example only, insult with an exogenous agent, or degenerative disease, or through the biological ageing processes.

Pathfinder Cells are a newly identified mammalian cell type that have the ability to stimulate tissue regeneration in a number of different organs. PCs are not stem cells and are distinguishable from cell types being developed by other companies for use in regenerative medicine through cell surface and other markers.

Field of Use
The Field means a field of use encompassing all uses of the Licensed Technology for the application of human and animal Pathfinder Cells as therapeutics, vaccines, diagnostic, biomaterials and research tools.

IPSCIO Record ID: 249983

License Grant
With the Joint Venture, the Licensor and the Japanese Licensee will collaborate in the clinical development and commercialization of the Products in Japan.  

In addition, under the JVA, the Licensor shall grant the JV Company an exclusive license to certain intellectual property of the Company as may be required for the JV Company to develop and commercialize the Products in Japan.

License Property
The licensed property is the intellectual property needed for the development and commercialization of the products.  The products are regeneration and cell and gene therapeutic products.
Field of Use
The Licensor is a service and research company in the field of the regenerative medicine industry with a focus on cell therapy development and manufacturing for advanced medicinal products. In addition, the Company is focused on developing novel and proprietary cell therapy trans-differentiation technologies for the treatment of diabetes.
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