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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 4

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IPSCIO Record ID: 260367

License Grant
Licensor grants the Licensee, of Denmark, a worldwide, exclusive license, with the right to grant sublicenses, under the Licensors Intellectual Property, to research, develop, make, have made, use, import, export, sell, offer for sale, and otherwise transfer the Licensed Products in the Territory.  This agreement includes non-exclusive grants back to Licensor from Licensee.
License Property
The Licensed Product means a therapeutic drug product combining Licensors Patch Technology with any Licensee Proprietary Molecule.

The proprietary transdermal drug delivery technology is known as transdermal microprojection patch technology for use with GLP-1 Receptor Agonist(s).

GLP-1 Receptor Agonist(s) means any substance that binds to the GLP-1 receptor in vitro and activates it, as measured by initiation of an increase in cAMP, with at least 10 fold higher potency than native glucagon. For the avoidance of doubt, native glucagon is not a GLP-1 receptor agonist according to this definition.

Field of Use
Licensee is engaged in the research, development and commercialization of pharmaceutical products.  The technology allows for rapid drug dissolution and release into the skin for rapid microcapillary uptake and systemic bioavailability.

IPSCIO Record ID: 383600

License Grant
Licensor grants Licensee of Denmark a worldwide, exclusive license, with the right for Licensee to sublicense under the Licensed Patents and Licensed Know-How, to research, develop, make, have made, use, import, export, sell, offer for sale, and otherwise transfer the Licensed Products in the Territory during the Term.
License Property
Licensor's broad-based drug delivery technology platform, known as the eligen(R) technology, uses proprietary, synthetic chemical compounds, known as Emisphere delivery agents, sometimes called carriers. Licensor's eligen(R) technology makes it possible to deliver a therapeutic molecule without altering its chemical form or biological integrity.

Licensed Products means any pharmaceutical formulation suitable for administration to humans where such formulation contains at least one Product in combination with a Program Carrier.

GLP-1 Receptor Agonist means a compound that has the ability to bind the GLP-1 receptor in vitro and initiate an increase in cAMP where such compounds include but are not limited to GLP-1 and GLP-1 analogs and derivatives and Exendin-4 and Exendin-4 analogs and derivatives but excluding Native GLP-1.

Native GLP-1 means GLP-1(7-36) amide and GLP-1 (7-37).

Products means any GLP-1 Receptor Agonists.

Program Carriers means up to 6 Carriers that are selected by Licensee, at its sole discretion, in writing during or before the Term of this Agreement from the Carriers made available by Licensee. Program Carriers may be either Exclusive Program Carriers or Non-Exclusive Program Carriers. Carrier 1082 and SNAC have been selected by License as an Exclusive Program Carrier and a Non-Exclusive Program Carrier respectively as of the Effective Date.  Carrier 1082 and SNAC are sodium salts.

Field of Use
The Development and License Agreement is to develop and commercialize oral formulations of Licensee's proprietary GLP-1 receptor agonists, which have the potential of treating Type 2 diabetes, using Emisphere's eligen(R) technology.

IPSCIO Record ID: 260368

License Grant
Licensor grants
—  an exclusive license, even as to Licensor, under the Licensed Patents to make, have made, import, use, sell, offer for sale and have sold Products in the Field in the Territory, subject to rights already granted to a Third Party under the Development Agreement between Licensor and and the Third Party; and,
—  a non-exclusive royalty-free license under the Future Licensor Patents to make, have made, import, use, sell, offer for sale and have sold Products in the Field in the Territory.

Licensor will assign to Licensee the Trademarks.

License Property
The inventions and know-how are regarding transdermal drug delivery systems and technologies.

The Trademark means the trademark applications and registrations for the mark MACROFLUX.

Microprojection System means a microprojection array having a plurality of microprojections which pierce at least through the outmost layer, i.e., the stratum comeum layer, of the skin.

Macroflux® transdermal microprojection delivery system provides unique benefits including convenient needle-free administration with room temperature stability for various therapeutic peptides, proteins, small molecules and vaccines.

skin patch technology provides rapid and reproducible intracutaneous administration of dry-coated antigen. The depth of skin penetration targets skin immune cells; the quantity of antigen delivered can be controlled by formulation, patch wearing time, and system size. This novel needle-free patch technology may ultimately have broad applications for a wide variety of therapeutic vaccines to improve efficacy and convenience of use.

Field of Use
The Field means passive, diffusion-mediated delivery of one or more therapeutic or prophylactic agents into or through the skin from a Microprojection System, which Microprojection System is coated with such therapeutic or prophylactic agents; or (b) diffusionmediated delivery of one or more therapeutic or prophylactic agents into or through the skin by way of pathways formed by a Microprojection System.

IPSCIO Record ID: 340300

License Grant
This agreement is in respect to a research and collaboration for the development of Glucagon & GLP-1 Dual Agonists between the Licensee and the Denmark Licensor.
License Property
Glucagon & GLP-1 Dual Agonists is part of the portfolio that includes ZP 7570, a potential once-weekly GLP-1-GLP-2 agonist for treatment of SBS in phase 2 development.

Glucagon is a peptide hormone, produced by alpha cells of the pancreas. It works to raise the concentration of glucose and fatty acids in the bloodstream, and is considered to be the main catabolic hormone of the body.[3] It is also used as a medication to treat a number of health conditions. GLP-1 and GLP-2 are identifiers. Glucagon binds to the glucagon receptor, a G protein-coupled receptor, located in the plasma membrane of the cell.

Field of Use
Field of use is for the treatment of SBS (short bowel syndrome).

SBS is a complex chronic and severe condition associated with reduced or complete loss of intestinal function.

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