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Created On: 2020-07-15
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 237216

License Grant
With this Memorandum of Agreement, the French Licensor grants to the French Licensee, on a priority basis with respect to any Third Party, a specified number of options to Development Programs undertaken by Licensor, guaranteeing Licensee, in the event it exercises a specified option, the exclusive benefit of the results of the corresponding Development Program, and at completion of each Development Program for which Licensee has exercised this option, an option for an exclusive worldwide license for the results of said Development Program.

Licensor shall offer to Licensee, on a priority basis with respect to any Third Party, all Products that Licensor plans to develop as Project Manager.

Licensor grants preferential terms to Licensee for two (2) rights for a Development Option, the Preferential Options, among the twenty (20) held by Licensee.

Licensor grants an irrevocable option, the Exclusive License Option, to obtain, based on the Final Development Results, an exclusive license, including vis-a-vis Licensor and its Affiliates, for its rights to the Industrial Property of the Product in order to sell the Final Product, to cause it to be sold, to exploit it, to cause it be exploited in the Territory in the therapeutic indication covered by the corresponding Marketing Authorization.

The Product shall be marketed by Licensee, its Affiliates or its licensees, under a trade name chosen by joint agreement between the Parties and registered in the name and on behalf of Licensor, hereinafter the Trade Name.

License Property
The projects and patents are for Prostate K, Pharmacokinetic study of dendritic cells in patients with prostate cancer using different routes of injection, Melanoma, OTH, Ovarian K, and, Bladder Cancer.

Licensor shall submit to Licensee as soon as possible following the execution date of this Memorandum of Agreement, all its on-going Development Programs outstanding.

Licensor shall transmit to Licensee, all information necessary to enable Licensee to evaluate its interest and possibly exercise a right for a Development Option to such On-going Programs.

Licensor shall provide Licensee, through the Research Committee, and as soon as possible after obtaining each of them, with the in vitro proof of concept for any Product under development at IDM, and the in vivo safety data for such Product in the first six (6) treated patients.

Licensee shall have an Exclusive License Option for each Development Program carried out to its term in application of this Memorandum of Agreement, or a maximum possible credit equal to twenty (20) Exclusive License Option rights.

Licensor shall supply the Product to Licensee in the form of the Final Product.

Field of Use
The field of use is ex vivo cell therapies in humans.

IPSCIO Record ID: 274811

License Grant
The Licensor of Denmark grants an exclusive worldwide license and option agreement to develop and commercialize HexaBody-CD38.

Licensee may exercise its option and receive a worldwide exclusive license to certain intellectual property and an exclusive sublicense to certain intellectual property that Licensor has licensed from third parties, in each case, to develop, manufacture and commercialize HexaBody-CD38.

License Property
HexaBody-CD38, a next-generation human CD38 mAb product incorporating the proprietary HexaBody technology.
Field of Use
The field of use is to fund research and development activities until completion of clinical proof of concept studies in multiple myeloma and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

IPSCIO Record ID: 237235

License Grant
Licensor grants to the French Licensee a non-exclusive license to make and have made, including the right to make derivatives, and to use the Licensed Technology and to make, have made, use, sell, offer for sale and import Licensed Products in the Field of Use in the Territory during the term of this Agreement the License.

For the Peptide License Option, Licensor grants a non-exclusive option, the Peptide Option, to include under the License any or all of the peptides listed hereto, the Specified Peptides, together with all associated patents and patent applications for BCL-A1 Candidates, BCL-A3 Supertype Candidates, BCL-A24 Candidates, and, BCL-B7 Supertype Candidates, as applicable, and any corresponding foreign counterparts thereof, and all patents issuing thereon, including utility, model and design patents and certificates of invention, including any division, continuation, continuation-in-part or substitution of any such patent application, and any reissue, extension, confirmation, registration, re-examination or inventors certificate of any such patent, together with any corresponding foreign counterparts of the foregoing, collectively, the Additional Rights.  

For the Japan Option, Licensor grants an irrevocable option, the Japan Option, to include Japan in the Territory. The Japan Option may be exercised at any time during the term of this Agreement.

For the New Peptide Sequences, Licensor may upon its sole discretion offer for license to Licensee any new peptide sequence together with all associated patents and patent applications owned or licensed by Licensor.

License Property
The licensed materials relate to amino butyric acid and cyclohexalanine.
Field of Use
The Field of Use shall mean ex vivo cell therapy and ex vivo cell therapy for the prevention and treatment of cancer for the peptides for which Licensor is a licensee.
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