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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 4

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IPSCIO Record ID: 2360

License Grant
Licensor  hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive worldwide license with the right to grant sublicences thereunder, in respect to Licensor's right, title and interest in and to presently owned or subsequently issued patents and the Hydron trademark, for the lives thereof, to manufacture, market, or use the Product in the Consumer Field, the Oral Health Field and for any New Products which Licensee acquires the exclusive rights hereof.
License Property
Hydron® polymers is a scientifically-proven moisture attracting ingredient, in the consumer and oral health care fields, and holds U.S. and international patents on the only known means to suspend the Hydron polymer in a stable emulsion that is cosmetically acceptable for use in personal care/cosmetics products, creating a new moisturizing technology for the pharmaceutical industry.

'Hydrocryl' shall mean the product containing a multi-component system, one component comprising of a small amount of a solid methacrylate polymer, and the second component comprising a liquid reactive monomer mixture capable of polymerization and of forming a Polymer, and such product shall be used solely in connection with the fabrication, assembly or dealing with natural or artificial dentures.

'Polymer(s)' shall mean polymeric containing materials comprised of polymerized hydroxyethyl methacrylate or hydroxyethyl acrylate, including but not limited to, (i) homopolymers and copolymers obtained by the polymerization of hydroxyethyl methacrylate or hydroxyethyl acrylate, (ii) any mixture or alloy containing as a component any polymer comprising polymerized hydroxyethyl methacrylate or hydroxyethyl acrylate, and (iii) any fabricated product, formulation, cosmetic, recipe, list of ingredients, and the like containing as a component any polymer comprising polymerized hydroxyethyl methacrylate or hydroxyethyl acrylate.

'Hydron' shall mean the trademark or tradename heretofore or hereafter referred to as 'Hydron'

Field of Use
'Consumer Field' shall mean cosmetic products as defined in Section 201(i) of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, as well as, hand and skin creams or lotions, anti-perspirants, sun screens, hair and scalp shampoos or conditioners, fragrances, soaps, bug or insect repellants or makeup. The term Consumer Field shall not include any Products which contain prescription or nonprescription drugs (for example, hand and skin creams which contain a prescription or nonprescription drug).
'Oral Health Field' shall mean any Product, for use in the mouth, on the lips (excluding prescription and nonprescription drugs for lip sores and oral ulcers) or gums or otherwise in the areas of the body of humans and/or animals referred to as the oral cavity or in connection with natural or artificial dentures, in the fabrication, assembly or dealing with dentures, for use by dentists or related practitioners including drugs and devices.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5833

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive, worldwide, royalty-bearing license of the Patent Rights, with the right to grant and authorize sublicenses, to develop, make, have made, use, sell and otherwise distribute and exploit the Licensed Products.
License Property
Licensor is the sole and exclusive owner of certain intellectual property rights, including patent rights in chemical compounds relating to a polymer hydrogel formulation based on a copolymer of three chemicals; i) polyvinylpyrrolidinone (PVP), ii) a derivative of PVP, and iii) an acrylic for the use in dermatological applications.

Licensed Product means any product or material distributed solely for use in the field of dermatology for application in the epidermis, dermis, or subcutaneous fatty tissue, urology, and gastroenterology the manufacture, use or sale of which by an unlicensed third party would constitute an infringement of a Valid Claim if such claim is or were to be included in an issued patent.

Patent Rights means all rights in U.S. patents 5,116,371 and 5,713,960.

The bulking agent that comprises our products involves the use of a polymeric component from the poly-n-vinyl pyrrolidinone (PVP) family, which is recognized for its biocompatibility and extensive clinical use in other Class III (permanent implantable) medical devices.

PVP is a non-toxic, non-metabolized hydrogel that has been approved for use as a plasma volume expander, a plasma detoxifying agent, an orally-ingested diagnostic aid (complex of PVP and iodine), a component of soft contact lenses, a variety of dental applications, a filler for a permanent implantable urological device and as an excipient in the manufacturing of tablets containing a variety of drugs.  The dose of PVP used in our products is minimal; approximately 95% of the injected volume is water contained in the polymer matrix. We are developing the following products designed for use in dermatology, urology, and gastroenterology. Dermatology AquaDerm is targeted at the long-term corrective effects of skin treatment.  AquaDerm addresses conditions of tissue atrophy due to aging, facial wrinkles and depressed scars, as well as soft tissue defects resulting from surgery and inflammatory skin diseases.  PVP has infinite molecular weight as a base polymer matrix, which impedes absorption and migration of polymer substrate into the surrounding tissue, thus lengthening the cosmetic effect. Most other injectable materials are suspensions (leading to the absorption of suspension media and migration of suspended particles) or biological in nature (such as Collagen, which the body digests).

Our product will be injected into the affected areas and filled to the appropriate point, making the defect flush with the surrounding tissue, or in the case of lip augmentation plumped to the desired size. Most products in the facial aesthetics/dermatology market today have the common drawback of migration/absorption.  Animal trials and initial human clinical trials indicate longer-term maintenance of results for AquaDerm. Urology AquaGen has been developed for use as a bulking agent in the minimally invasive treatment of stress urinary incontinence (SUI), the most common form of urinary incontinence. AquaGen is injected into the urethra/bladder junction (urinary sphincter muscle), reinforcing the muscle tissues around the bladder neck, the 'bulking' of the closure mechanism that prevents accidental urine leakage. Gastroenterology AquaFlux has been designed for use as a bulking agent in the minimally invasive treatment of chronic heartburn or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). AquaFlux is utilized as a bulking agent to strengthen and build the sphincter muscle at the base of the esophagus through a minimally invasive procedure, reinforcing and augmenting the closure mechanism that prevents reflux or gastric heartburn.

Field of Use
Licensee desires to continue and expand its licenses from Partners in Biomaterials relating to such device in the fields of dermatology, urology, and gastroenterology.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4080

License Grant
Licensor, a shareholder of Licensee grants to Licensee the exclusive right and license to manufacture and sell the products.  Licensee may sublicense the IPH Product Line without Licensor's consent.
License Property
Licensor holds the worldwide intellectual property rights for the products listed on the “IPH Product Line”.  IPH Product Line refers to health, cosmetic and hair care product. The Licensee acquired the formulas for approximately 190 products that include cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers, anti-acne cream, eye (lid) care, age restoration creams, moisturizing, volumizing, restoring shampoos and conditioners, hair control gels, mousse, clays and sprays, and nutritional supplements.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4075

License Grant
Licensee, specializes in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of oral care and cosmetic dentistry products, and wishes to be relieved of various obligations under the 2009 Agreement, including, without limitation, its obligation to supply Products to Licensor, who manufactures and markets cosmetic and restorative dental products,
License Property
GlamSmile is a revolutionary cosmetic dental system that substantially expands the consumer and professional dental market for veneers. To produce the veneers, License utilizes high-tech scanning, CAD/CAM design technology, and a proprietary fabrication technique. The veneers are delivered to a dentist already prepared for a simple, single-motion veneer placement. This patent-pending painless delivery system not only dramatically lowers the dentist's cost of installation, but also significantly reduces the amount of time patients spend in the dental chair.
Field of Use
Licensee or its B2C Market Licensee, may purchase its requirements for GlamSmile Product in the B2C Market from another Person other than Licensor.
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