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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 10

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IPSCIO Record ID: 233464

License Grant
Licensor grants a non-exclusive, worldwide license, without the right to sublicense, to make, have made, use, import, sell, offer for sale, or otherwise dispose of Licensed Products, and to practice any method or process involved in the manufacture, testing or use thereof, under the Licensed Licensor Patents.
License Property
Licensor is the exclusive licensee of U.S. Patent No. 4,784,135 and  No. 4,686,979.

The Licensed Products means Lasers, and, Disposables.  Laser shall mean any source of amplified, coherent light having a wavelength between 100 and 400 nanometers.  Disposable shall mean apparatus comprised, at least in part, or one of more optical fibers, that is or may be coupled to a Laser, as hereinafter defined, to guide the light emitted from that Laser to a treatment location within a human or animal body. Such apparatus shall fall within the definition of Disposable irrespective of whether it is intended for use in more than one procedure.

Field of Use
This agreement is for the field of transmyocardial revascularization or percutaneous transmyocardial revascularization.

Transmyocardial laser revascularization (TMR) is a procedure used to treat inoperable heart disease in people with persistent angina that isn't relieved by any other revascularization method.

IPSCIO Record ID: 1710

License Grant
The Company hereby grants an exclusive, worldwide right and license, including the right to grant sublicenses, under the Technical Know-How, Licensed Patents and Improvements to practice methods and to manufacture, have manufactured, import, use, offer to sell, sell and otherwise dispose of Licensed Products within the Field of Technology; technology applications relating to the use of lasers to treat cardiovascular or vascular disease.
License Property
Licensed Products shall mean Patented Licensed Products and Unpatented Licensed Products and shall include single use, disposable products as well as the related laser hardware.

Transmyocardial laser revascularization (TMLR) has emerged as a promising therapy for patients with end-stage coronary artery disease not amenable to other forms of therapy. TMLR is a surgical technique typically performed through a left thoracotomy, which uses a laser to bore 15 to 30 transmural channels from the epicardial to the endocardial surfaces through the left ventricular myocardium of the beating heart in an attempt to improve local perfusion to ischemic myocardial territories not being reached by diseased arteries.

Field of Use
Field of Technology  shall mean the use of lasers to treat cardiovascular or vascular disease.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27406

License Grant
The Company, in its acquisition of technology in 1993 related to its TMR therapy from the University.  Under this agreement, the Company has a worldwide exclusive license to any patents that issue in connection related with cardiac revascularization technology for the treatment of advanced cardiovascular disease and severe angina pain through transmyocardial revascularization, TMR.
License Property
TMR is a treatment aimed at improving blood flow to areas of the heart that were not treated by angioplasty or surgery. A special carbon dioxide (CO2) laser is used to create small channels in the heart muscle, improving blood flow in the heart. TMR is a surgical procedure. The procedure is performed through a small left chest incision or through a midline incision. Frequently, it is performed with coronary artery bypass surgery, but occasionally it is performed independently.
Field of Use
Field of use  Medical Industry primarily used by a heart surgeon.

IPSCIO Record ID: 233446

License Grant
Licensor grants the exclusive, world-wide license under Licensor’s rights in the Licensed Patents to make, have made, use, market and/or sell Products designed and marketed solely for use in the Field of Use; with the right to grant sublicenses to Sublicensees.

Licensor grants the world-wide right to practice the Technology to make, have made, use, market and/or sell Products designed and marketed solely for use in the Field of Use.

License Property
The patents include Multiwavelength Laser Source, Method for Reshaping the Eye, and,  Method for Removing Cataractous Material.

The Product(s) shall mean any goods or services whose manufacture, use or sale in any country would, but for this Agreement, comprise an infringement, including contributory infringement, of one or more Valid Claims; and any goods or services incorporating, or the manufacture, use or sale of which utilizes the Technology.

The technology shall mean all information, manufacturing techniques, data, designs or concepts, whether or not such specific information, manufacturing techniques, data, designs or concepts are or become publicly known or available, developed by Licensor which relate to methods and apparatus for laser-assisted opthalmic surgical procedures.

Field of Use
Field of Use shall refer to use of ultrafast laser medical instruments for human health and human cosmetic applications.

IPSCIO Record ID: 294261

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee and its Affiliates under all of Licensor’s rights in the Licensed IPR, a perpetual, world-wide, non-exclusive, right and license to fully use the Transferred Assets delivered hereunder in connection with the design, making, using, selling and maintenance of Licensed Products in the Field of Use.

Licensor hereby grants to Licensee and its Affiliates, under all of Licensor’s rights in the Licensed Patents, a limited, world-wide, non-exclusive, license to make and have made Licensed Products and to sell, offer for sale, import and use any such Licensed Products in the Field of Use; provided, however, that upon the fulfillment of Licensee’s Royalty obligations hereof, all Licenses granted by Licensor under this Agreement will become fully paid up.

All Licenses granted by Licensor to Licensee and its Affiliates hereunder shall be subject to any and all licenses and other agreements between Licensor and any third party or parties entered into prior to the Effective Date.

Licensor hereby sells, transfers, and assigns to Licensee, and Licensee purchases, assumes, and acquires from Licensor, all rights of Licensor (other than Intellectual Property Rights) in the following (collectively, the Transferred Assets). Licensor is willing to grant to Licensee, and Licensee is willing to accept, a royalty bearing license to manufacture and sell Lasers based upon the Licensor technology.

License Property
Business is a Clean Room operation where it manufactures certain swept-tunable Lasers.

Licensed IPR means any Intellectual Property Rights (other than Patents and Marks) owned or licensed by Licensor as of the Effective Date that are embodied by the Transferred Technology delivered under this Agreement and necessary to the manufacture, use and testing of the Transferred Lasers.

Licensed Patents means those Patents listed, which represent the Patents owned, licensed or controlled by Licensor and necessary to make and have made Licensed Products and to sell, offer for sale, import and use any such Licensed Products in the Field of Use.
U.S. Patent #6,912,235 – Apparatus and method for phase control of tunable external cavity lasers
U.S. Patent #6,903,486 – Balanced microdevice
U.S. Patent #6,882,083 – Miniature device with bossed suspension member

Licensed Product means any device or product that (i) embodies, comprises or incorporates Lasers; (ii) is made or developed using any Licensed IPR; (iii) is made, had made, used, offered for sale, sold or imported, by Licensee pursuant to the licenses granted under this Agreement; or (iv) is covered by a Valid Claim of the Licensed Patents.

Transferred Assets include but not limited to Equipment, Inventory, Software, Documentation and Intellectual Property Rights.

Licensor Lasers means the swept-tunable lasers, including the Transferred Lasers, manufactured by Licensor prior to the Effective Date using the Transferred Assets in the Clean Room.

Technology means all tangible embodiments, whether in electronic, written or other media, of all technology, including all techniques, design rules, inventions (whether or not patented or patentable), algorithms, routines, software, databases, processes, prototypes, and devices.

Intellectual Property Rights means the rights associated with the following (i) all United States and foreign patents and applications, including continuation, divisional and continuation-in-part applications thereof as well as any reissues and reexaminations thereof (Patents); (ii) all trade-secret rights and all other rights in or to confidential business or technical information (Trade Secrets); (iii) all copyrights, copyright registrations and applications therefor and all other rights corresponding thereto throughout the world (Copyrights); (iv) trademarks, service marks, trade dress rights and similar designation of origin and rights therein (Marks); and (v) any similar, corresponding or equivalent rights to any of the foregoing any where in the world. Intellectual Property Rights specifically excludes contractual rights, including license grants.

Transferred Lasers means the particular product form of swept-tunable Lasers that as of the date hereof are being manufactured by Licensor in the Clean Room and supplied to Licensee and the bill of materials for which product is listed in the Agreement.

Transferred Software means the software authored by, or on behalf of, or licensed by Licensor and used in the operation of the Clean Room and manufacture of the Transferred Lasers, including the control of the Transferred Equipment. The Transferred Software will include both source code and object code to the extent available.

Transferred Technology means all the Transferred Equipment, the Documentation and other Technology owned and transferable by Licensor that is included within the Transferred Assets or disclosed by Licensor to Licensee hereunder.

The Iolon laser is a miniaturized, external-cavity laser offering high performance in a compact footprint. Such lasers were designed with systems integration in mind and are applicable to a range of fiber optic test and measurement, instrumentation, and sensing applications.

Field of Use
Fields of Use means (i) for Lasers that operate from 1250 nm to 1700 nm, use in any application, and (ii) for Lasers that operate over any wavelength range other than the wavelengths set forth in the foregoing clause (i), for use only in applications in the fields of telecommunications, telecommunications test and/or coherent optical frequency domain reflectometry.

Tunable laser technology products employ frequency-tuned lasers to measure various aspects of the transmission properties of telecommunications fiber-optic components and systems. Lasers are also used in fiber-optic sensing applications such as distributed strain and temperature mapping, and distributed measurement of shape.

IPSCIO Record ID: 166414

License Grant
Licensor grants to Licensee and its Subsidiaries a nonexclusive license under the Licensed Patents to make, use, import, offer to sell, sell and otherwise transfer Products.  Additionally, Licensor grants to Licensee and its Subsidiaries a nonexclusive license under the Licensed Patents the right to have Licensees Products made by another manufacturer for the use and/or lease, sale or other transfer only by Licensee and its Subsidiaries.  Such license shall further include the right to incorporate Products as components, subassemblies or subsystems in other products manufactured and/or sold by Licensee and its Subsidiaries.
License Property
The patents relate to coherent semiconductor injection laser array.  The invention relates to optical devices and more particularly relates to solid state lasers.

'Full Wafer Technology' shall mean a batch processing chlorine- assisted ion beam etching technique capable of producing more than one edge emitting semiconductor ridge waveguide laser having a gallium arsenide quantum well active region.

Field of Use
Licensee is in the semiconductor industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 158782

License Grant
Pursuant to a prior employment agreement, the Licensor, of Japan and residing in the U.S. and the Licensee have a contractual agreement for patents.
License Property
The patents are for Contact Laser(TM) Probes and Scalpels and Contact Fibers, Heraeus LaserBlade(TM) Scalpels and Contact Fibers, HSI conical contact fibers.

'Contact Laser(TM) Patents' means the following three U.S. Patent Nos. 4,693,244; 4,592,353; and 4,736,743.

Field of Use
Licensee's Contact Laser(TM) System, unlike conventional laser systems, enables the surgeon to use the laser instrument in direct contact with the tissue being treated, thereby significantly enhancing the ease of use and precision of laser surgery in many applications.

IPSCIO Record ID: 233454

License Grant
Licensor grants an exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual license in, to and under Licensors Intellectual Property and to Licensors rights in the Invention(s), with the right to sublicense, to develop, make, have made, use, import, offer for sale and sell Surgical Products, including any Surgical Products offered by Licensor and accepted by Licensee pursuant to the Distribution Agreement at the time of, or prior to, such termination, in the Territory,
License Property
Products means products, processes, technology and services, along with accessories related to the use thereof.

Surgical Products means Products related to or with applications in the Field of Use.  The Phase 1 surgical products include
• Endocardial probe for use with a diode laser power source (980 nm wavelength) to create endocardial lesions on the heart to treat atrial fibrillation.
• Encircle wand for use with a diode laser power source (980 nm wavelength} to create epicardial lesions through a less invasive point of access to treat atrial fibrillation.
• Universal disposable probe for use with a laser power source to create endocardial and epicardial lesions on the heart to treat atrial fibrillation.
• Diode laser power source ( 980 nm wavelength).
• All other enabling accessories and operating and maintenance manuals related to any of the above.

The Phase 2 products include
• Conduction block indicator for use with the Encircle device and the Universal disposable probe.
• All other enabling accessories and operating and maintenance manuals related to any of the above.

Field of Use
The Field of Use means the surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter, including, without limitation, minimally invasive surgical treatment of atrial fibrillation and atrial flutter.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4178

License Grant
Licensor grants to Licensee a personal, nontransferable exclusive, royalty-bearing license in the Territory under the Invention Rights to  practice the technology described in the Invention Record and to sell Licensed Products.
License Property
Licensed Products – Lasers, laser subassemblies, and discrete laser components and devices in lasers thereof.

Licensor is in possession of at least license rights in the invention disclosed in Invention Record P.D. File 82-2716 entitled 'R-Line Optical Pumping of Alexandrite Lasers Using Semiconductor Diode Lasers' ('Invention Record') and claimed in U.S. Patent Nos. 5,488,626 and 6,009,114, (such license rights being referred to herein as 'Invention Rights').

IPSCIO Record ID: 4853

License Grant
Licensor, an individual, hereby grants and Licensee hereby accepts an exclusive irrevocable license for use of the Technology in the human and veterinary medical fields, to produce, have produced, manufacture, have manufactured for it, to use and/or sell Patented Products to any distributor, reseller or end user (i.e., physicians, veterinarians, hospitals, clinics, universities or any other user), either separately or in combination with other products, and to use the Technology and Licensor Know-How in the specified fields, with the right to sublicense its Subsidiaries.
License Property
Licensor has invented, developed and filed patent applications relating to certain electronic endoscopes, flexible optical catheters, complementary viewing systems, and related disposable products for use in connection with detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease or injury in humans and animals.

1. OPTICAL CATHETER. All methods, apparatus, claims and products relating to certain products, processes and techniques described for use in and for a system consisting of a small diameter endoscope comprise of a sterilizable optical catheter which carries a coherent fiber-optic bundle capable of transmitting an image, and parallel fiber-optic bundles capable of transmitting light, which is coupled to an apparatus consisting of an eyepiece and/or console containing light source(s), camera(s) and viewing screen(s), as described in that certain patent application (No. 018,630) filed by Licensor with the U.S. Patent Office on February 25, 1987 (the 'Patent Application').

FLUORESCENCE DETECTION. A methodology of fluorescence detection allowing for the visualization of light emitting compounds from biological tissues and certain treatment applications thereon, using the Optical Catheter.
The optical catheter and fluorescence detection system includes, but is not limited to, the following
Endoscope with removable eyepiece, #018630
Optical catheter, ## 1,194,849 and 4,417,710
Laser endoscope, #4,589,404
Laser illuminator, #4,011,403
Steerable sheath for use with selected removable optical catheter, #5,325,845
Imaging tissue or stone removal basket, #5,311,858
Method and system for embollizing blood vessels, #4,869,246
Deflectable sheath for optical catheter, #07,581,592
Deformable and removable sheath for optical catheter, #07,581,591

2. THE ADAIR/VERESS NEEDLE. This device allows the introduction of gas, instruments, viewing devices and catheters into body cavities, particularly the abdominal cavity (peritoneum) including (but not limited to) the following
Gas insufflation needle with instrument port, #4,869,717

3. ELECTRONIC VIDEO LAPAROSCOPE. (a) All rigid video endoscopes with sterilizable sheath (all angles of view); (b) video endoscope with operative channels; thoracic endoscopes (rigid and deflectable); (c) 3-D technology on all endoscopes; sterile sheaths on all rigid endoscope products; and (d) all patents pending related to 'flipping of chip and bump bonding' for use in all endoscopic applications; all of which, (being described in clauses (a), (b), (c), and (d) above, including (but not limited to) the following
Rigid video endoscope with sterilizable sheath, #4,878,485, reissue #33,845
Heat sterilizable electronic video laparoscope, #5,188,094 Stereoscopic endoscope, #5,381,784
Operative electronic video laparoscope, subsequently abandoned
Miniaturized electronic imaging chip, #07,954,550, subsequently abandoned, continuation in part, #08,155,996

Field of Use
The term 'veterinary medical field' shall mean the field of veterinary applications and uses of the Technology to nonhuman animals including mammalian animals, and for the maintenance or improvement of health and/or growth or for the diagnosis, alleviation or cure of disease.
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