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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 20

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IPSCIO Record ID: 227278

License Grant
University hereby grants to Licensee in the territory and in the field an exclusive commercial license under University patent rights, to make and have made, to use and have used, to sell and have sold the licensed products, and to practice the licensed processes, for the life of the university patent rights. Such licenses shall include the right to grant sublicenses.
License Property
Universitys rights in the United States Patents listed below, and the inventions described and claimed therein
U.S.P.N. 5,019,559 – Wound healing using PDGF and IGF-II
U.S.P.N. 4,861,757 – Wound healing and bone regeneration using PDGF and IGF-I
U .S.P.N. 5,124,316 – Method for periodontal regeneration
U.S.P.N. 4,874,746 – Wound healing composition of TGF-alpha and PDGF
U .S.P .N. 4,983,581 – Wound healing composition of IGF-I and TGF-.beta.
U.S.P.N. 5,256,644 – Wound healing using IGF-II and TGF
U.S.P,N. 5,034,375 – Process of wound healing using PDGF and EGF
U.S.P.N. 5,035,887 – Wound healing composition of IL-1 and PDGF or IGF-1
U.S.P.N. 5,516,699 – Pyridinoline crosslinks as markers of periodontal and peri-implant disease activity

rhPDGF is a bio-active protein that is a key mediator of wound healing and tissue regeneration.

Field of Use
rhPDGF is a key stimulator of the body's natural wound healing process. It has a well-established mechanism of action that leads to stimulation of certain cell types, including those important to bone, cartilage, tendon and ligament healing.

IPSCIO Record ID: 372627

License Grant
By the 2003 agreement, Licensor granted an exclusive worldwide sublicense for the Licensed Technology in the Field of Use and the Field of Extended Use.  This amended and restated agreement is to continue the Exclusive Sublicense with the amendments.

Licensor grants an exclusive worldwide license under the Licensed Technology to use, offer to sell, sell, and otherwise commercialize, solely in the Field of Use and the Field of Extended Use, Licensed Products which include rhPDGF-BB purchased from Licensor.

For the Sublicenses, Licensor grants the right to grant sublicenses under the Licensed Technology to Distributors to use, offer to sell and sell, in the Field of Use and the Field of Extended Use, Licensed Products purchased from Licensor.

License Property
Licensed Products means any product consisting essentially of rhPDGF-BB in the absence of other growth-promoting proteins and in combination with a synthetic or natural matrix, or any part thereof i.e., any product consisting essentially of rhPDGF-BB in the absence of other growth-promoting proteins without a matrix, or a synthetic or natural matrix alone, that is covered by the Licensed Patents; is developed through the use of a process that is covered by the Licensed Patents or could not be manufactured, used or sold without the incorporation or use in whole or in part of some or all of the Licensed Patents.

Proven rhPDGF technology is FDA approval of GEM 21S for periodontal bone regeneration suggests potential for efficacy in other bone and musculoskeletal applications.

Field of Use
GEM 21S was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration the treatment of periodontal bone defects and gum tissue recession associated with periodontal disease.

GEM 21S® growth-factor enhanced matrix is indicated to treat the following periodontally related defects intrabony periodontal defects; furcation periodontal defects; and gingival recession associated with periodontal defects.

GEM 21S® growth-factor enhanced matrix combines a bioactive protein – highly purified rhPDGF-BB – with an osteoconductive matrix, ß-TCP.

GEM 21S® is the only dental therapy containing rhPDGF-BB, one of the main growth factors found in the human body and well known for its stimulatory role in wound healing.

This completely synthetic grafting system is engineered to stimulate wound healing and bone regeneration when implanted in the body by triggering a cascade of molecular events that continues on even after the implanted rhPDGF-BB is gone.

The Field of Use means all uses related to the treatment, cure, or relief of mammals for periodontal diseases and/or the repair, restoration or reconstruction of oral and cranio• maxillofacial osseous defects.

The Field of Extended Use shall mean all uses outside the Field of Use that are related to the treatment and healing of bone, cartilage, tendon and ligaments of the skeletal tissue system in animals, excluding humans, excluding the treatment and healing of soft tissue wounds.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26656

License Grant
A U.S. pharma has granted the worldwide rights to a U.S business unit of an Italian company the Knighton patent for all applications relating to the use of autologous platelet releasate therapies for healing purposes (wound-healing and tissue repair therapies).  U.S. Patent No. 5,165,938 entitled Wound Healing Agents.
License Property
5,165,938 A process for treating a wound of a live animal which comprises applying over the wound an effective amount of a treating composition containing the materials released by platelets during the platelet release reaction and facilitating healing of the wound.
Field of Use
Licensed Fields means any and all fields of use.

IPSCIO Record ID: 279344

License Grant
Licensor grants an exclusive option, for the duration of the Option Period, to acquire an exclusive right and license, with a right to grant and authorize sublicenses under the Patent Rights and Related Technology, to make, use and sell Licensed Products, to practice any process, method or procedure of the Patent Rights and Related Technology and to otherwise exploit the Patent Rights and the Related Technology.
License Property
The patents are for Compositions containing protease produced by vibrio and method of use in debridement and wound healing .
Field of Use
Licensee is a developer of carbohydrate enzyme therapies for debilitating, life-threatening, chronic genetic disorders and other diseases and conditions.

IPSCIO Record ID: 299291

License Grant
Licensor grants Licensee of the Cayman Islands an exclusive license under the Licensed Patents and Licensed Technology in both cases to make, have made, use, sell, offer to sell, import, and otherwise distribute and dispose of Products in each case solely in the Field throughout the Territory.

Licensor grants a non-exclusive license to use the Licensor Marks solely in connection with the marketing, promotion and sale of the Product(s) in the Field.

License Property
Licensor is the sole owner of Patent entitled Use of physiologically balanced, ionized, acidic solution in wound healing.

Product shall mean any product comprising any formulation containing hypochlorous acid as its principal active ingredient including that product known as NVC-101.

NVC-101 is a topical antimicrobial that can decrease the bacterial bioburden of chronic wounds.

Field of Use
The Field shall mean, with respect to Products, all commercial uses of the Products for wound care, wound healing, wound cleaning, wound debridement, wound disinfection, wound inflammation, wound exudate management, wound granulation, wound reepithelialization and any other form of wound treatment or wound management including use in surgical wounds and associated disinfection as well as any other treatments that may be adapted to be assisted by reduced pressure, all in humans, but shall exclude for all purposes any products or uses intended for the eye, ear or nose, including the prevention or treatment of any infection thereof.

IPSCIO Record ID: 180166

License Grant
The Israeli Licensor grants to the Israeli Licensee an exclusive, perpetual, worldwide license under the Licensed Information to research, develop, make, have made, manufacture, use, sell, offer for sale, sublicense, import, export, commercialize and distribute, and grant sublicenses with respect to any and/or all of the foregoing, Licensed Products.

Licensee shall be entitled to grant Sublicenses to third parties at Licensee’s discretion, provided Licensor’s rights are not adversely affected by such Sublicenses, and provided that Licensee shall guarantee performance of all financial liabilities hereunder by any Sublicensee.

License Property
Licensor represents that it owns all rights in and to the patent application known as PCT/IL2009/000946, which Patent relates to a wound dressing and methods of preparation and use thereof for promoting healing of wound bed.  The wound dressing is advantageous for application to a debrided wound bed. The wound dressing comprises an open conduit polymeric foam matrix, and a hydrophilic polymer which is disposed in dry form on the inner surfaces of the conduits within the matrix.

The present invention provides a wound dressing for application onto a wound bed following debridement, and methods of use thereof to create an interface layer microenvironment (ILM) conducive to wound healing.

Field of Use
This agreement related to the medical industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 304408

License Grant
The Company has an exclusive sublicense to distribute CellerateRX® Activated Collagen® products into the wound care and surgical markets in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
License Property
CellerateRX® is a wound and skin care product for use by surgeons on surgical wounds consisting of a Surgical Powder that is a medical hydrolysate of Type I bovine collagen.  When applied to a surgical wound, the hydrolyzed collagen is ready to aid in the natural wound healing process.

Licensor manufactures the products and owns the CellerateRX registered trademark.

Field of Use
CellerateRX Surgical Powder is a medical hydrolysate of Type I bovine collagen indicated for the management of
Surgical wounds
Traumatic wounds
Partial- and full-thickness wounds
First- and second-degree burns

Licensee will utilize the wound and skin care products for external wounds, including the treatment of external, tunneled or undermined wounds.  These products are used by surgeons in the medical industry. This would include pressure ulcers (Stages I-IV), venous stasis ulcers, diabetic ulcers, ulcers resulting from arterial insufficiency, surgical wounds, traumatic wounds, first and second-degree burns, superficial wounds, cuts, scrapes, skin tears, skin flaps and skin grafts.

The Licensees business is developing, marketing, and distributing wound and skin care products to physicians, hospitals, clinics and post-acute care settings.

IPSCIO Record ID: 25962

License Grant
The Company entered into Development and Technology Agreements for the Company’s wound healing drug candidate.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7497

License Grant
Licensor grants a nonexclusive, worldwide license to Licensee to make, have made, use and sell TGF- beta 2 and TGF-beta Heterodimer as part of a Licensee's Licensed Product (i) for systemic administration for the treatment or prophylaxis of autoimmune diseases or conditions ('Autoimmune Use'), osteoporosis ('Osteoporosis Use'), and soft tissue wound healing (other than the healing of soft tissue wounds caused principally by vascular ischemia or reperfusion injury) ('Wound Healing Uses') and for bone marrow and stem cell protection allowing high dose cytotoxic chemotherapy in cancer patients ('Chemotherapy Use'), and (ii) for systemic or local or regional administration for direct anti-proliferative effects on solid cancerous tumors and lymphomas ('Cancer Use') and for the treatment or prophylaxis of prostatic hypertrophy ('Prostate Use') (collectively these six Uses are referred to as 'Systemic Uses').
Licensee may grant one sublicense under this license only to one other party in any country for each Systemic Use at any one time.
License Property
Licensor has certain patent rights relating to TGF-beta and the TGF-beta receptor.

'TGF-beta' shall mean any protein which is a member of that class of proteins designated as TGF-beta or transforming growth factor-beta (but excluding TGF-beta 2 or TGF-beta Heterodimer), and/or (i) fragments, fusions or precursors of the foregoing, and/or (ii) any derivative protein which results from making deletions, substitutions and/or additions of one or more amino acids to the structure of a TGF-beta (but excluding TGF-beta 2 or TGF-beta Heterodimer), provided that such derivative protein is more similar in structure to the TGF-beta from which it was derived than it is to TGF-beta 2 or TGF-beta Heterodimer and provided that the primary biological activity of the derivative protein is substantially the same as the primary biological activity of the TGF- beta from which it was derived.

'TGF-beta 2' shall mean a protein comprising the amino acid sequence hereto, and/or (i) fragments, fusions or precursors of the foregoing, and/or (ii) any derivative protein which results from making deletions, substitutions or additions of one or more amino acids to the structure.

'TGF-beta Heterodimer' shall mean the TGF-beta 2.3 heterodimer.

'TGF-beta Receptor' shall mean a protein, including a lipoprotein or glycoprotein, that interacts with TGF-beta so as to modulate its activity and that binds TGF-beta with high affinity (Kd 1000nM or less). Such TGF-beta Receptor may be cell associated or in soluble form.

Product' shall mean any pharmaceutical formulation or product or method or system which contains the protein TGF-beta 2, TGF-beta Heterodimer or TGF-beta Receptor.

'Phase I/II Clinical Trial' shall mean a controlled study in humans of the safety and efficacy of a Licensed Product for a particular indication or indications in subjects having the disease or condition under investigation.

IPSCIO Record ID: 26365

License Grant
The Licensee entered into an agreement with a national blood bank, under which the blood bank supplies the blood that serves as the raw material for, and manufactures, the Licensee's CureXcell product in Israel. Under the agreement, the blood bank produces CureXcell based on the Licensed Technology and based on the Licensee’s needs.
License Property
CureXcell is an injectable suspension of living human white blood cells, including macrophages, neutrophils and lymphocytes, that are crucial to initiating, promoting and completing the process of cellular regeneration and wound healing. The Licensee uses proprietary cell activation technology to trigger these cells to release growth factors and other biochemical factors that improve the healing environment in the wound bed and stimulate wound closure.
Field of Use
The CureXcell product is sold to health care professionals in Israel for clinical purposes as part of the Licensee’s research and development activities. The Licensee is a regenerative medicine company focused on developing, manufacturing and commercializing novel cell therapy products to address unmet needs in the treatment of chronic and other hard-to-heal wounds. Their product candidate, CureXcell, is an advanced wound care, or AWC, therapy to treat such wounds by injecting living human white blood cells that have been activated to facilitate the healing process. CureXcell is currently in two pivotal, Phase 3, double-blind clinical trials targeting a broad indication for the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers, or DFUs, and venous leg ulcers, or VLUs. The Licensee anticipates results from their DFU clinical trial and interim data from their VLU clinical trial in the second half of 2015. They already hold product approval for CureXcell as a medical device in Israel for the treatment of chronic and other hard-to-heal wounds, and have effectively and safely treated more than 5,000 patients in commercial or clinical study settings in Israel.

IPSCIO Record ID: 6107

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee a non-revocable, royalty-bearing exclusive right within the Territory to the Patent Rights in the Field, including the right to sublicense to third parties within the Field, provided that any third party sublicensee shall be subject to all of Licensee's obligations.
License Property
The Parties entered into a joint patent ownership and License Agreement dated as of August 16, 2004, which was later amended and restated as of May 23, 2006, for consideration the sufficiency of which was acknowledged in each Agreement, pursuant to which Licensor granted Licensee a 50% ownership interest in certain patents and patents applications listed in the Joint Ownership Agreement, as well as certain future patent rights, and the parties acknowledge that Licensee would have exclusive rights within a defined filed, while Licensor would have exclusive rights outside that field. Licensee and Licensor now wish to enter a new Agreement superseding the Joint Ownership Agreement so as to specify those future patents and patent applications that are to be subject to joint ownership and so as to restate the Licenses granted in the Joint Ownership Agreement. The Parties acknowledge that the jointly owned and cross-Licensed rights are vital to the parties’ respective plans for development and commercialization and wish to further clarify the parties’ respective rights and provide for continued access to the necessary rights in the event of insolvency.

Jointly Owned Patent Applications shall mean the pending Foreign Patent Applications listed below, including any foreign national patent applications which claim priority to the Foreign Patent Applications and any Future Patent Applications, including any continuations, divisionals, re-exams, reissues and continuations-in-part and any other forms of related applications, that claim domestic or international priority to any of the Issued United States or foreign patents, or pending international or foreign patent applications, specifically listed by patent or application number herein.

(a) Issued US Patents

(i) U.S. 6,268,178 entitled Licensor-Dependent Super-Production of Biologically Active Protein and Peptides; and

(ii) U.S. 6,642,026 entitled Method of Producing Biologically Active Human Acidic Fibroblast Growth Factor and its Use in Promoting Angiogenesis.

(iii) U.S. 6,773,899 entitled Licensor-Dependent Super-Production of Biologically Active Protein and Peptides;

(iv) U.S. 6,794,162, entitled Licensor-Dependent Super-Production of Biologically Active Protein and Peptides;

(b) Foreign Patent Applications

(i) International Patent Applications. All foreign patent applications related to the above-referenced U.S. patents and applications and claiming priority to the following international patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

A. International Patent Application No. PCT/US00/40020, published as International Publication No. WO 00/71731 A2 on November 30, 2000 entitled Licensor-Dependent Super-Production of Biologically Active Protein and Peptides.

Field of Use
The Licensee plans to develop and commercialize therapeutic methods related to the induction of angiogenesis or wound healing by administration of Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF); and, the Licensor plans to develop and commercialize recombinant DNA methods for producing peptides/proteins.

Field shall encompass any angiogenic or wound healing compositions, (including in particular, but without limitation, all FGF species, fragments, derivatives, and analogs thereof, nucleic acid sequences encoding angiogenic or wound healing proteins/peptides), vectors and host cells comprising said DNA sequences, methods of making the angiogenic or wound healing compositions, and methods of inducing angiogenesis or wound healing employing the said compositions. CARDIO-developed devices and methods of use thereof for delivery of angiogenic or wound healing compositions are not included within the Field, and are not subject to joint ownership or any other terms of this Agreement.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3180

License Grant
In this agreement, the Licensor established a joint venture company with a German Company, the entity is the Licensee.

The Licensor has granted the Licensee global distribution rights in this regard.

This new enterprise is charged with obtaining the CE mark certification authorizing the distribution of the Hemospray wound spray in the member states of the European Union.

License Property
Hemospray Wound Spray

The Licensor has developed a novel medical product aimed at the healing of chronic wounds. Chronic wounds are a medical problem of increasing importance as they originate from widespread risk factors such as diabetes, obesity, smoking etc. Lack of oxygen supply to the cells in the wound ground is the main reason why those wounds lose their genuine healing power. Based on its concept of artificial oxygen carriers, our Hemospray wound spray product bridges the watery wound surface and permits an enhanced afflux of oxygen to the wound ground.

IPSCIO Record ID: 27675

License Grant
The agreement licensed certain bone wax rights to develop products in the field of bone remodeling, based on patent number 7,074,425 for use in the human skeletal system.  The license agreement excludes the fields of (1) a resorbable hemostat (resorbable bone wax), (2) a resorbable orthopedic hemostat (bone wax) and antimicrobial dressing, and (3) veterinary orthopedic applications. In January 2014, Licensee received 510k approval for their first product under the license, a bioactive bone graft putty and bone graft extender.  In February 2014, Licensor granted a Commercial License to Licensee according to the terms of the development and license agreement.
License Property
The Licensor acquired patent 7,074,425 in September 2009.  It is for a resorbable bone wax and delivery system for orthopedic bone void fillers. The patent offers innovative, safe and effective resorbable orthopedic products that are complementary to the already existing Licensor products.  The bone wax and delivery system address issues such as bone wax granuloma and the cost-effective delivery of materials that manage bone wound healing. The resorbable orthopedic products covered by the patent are (a) a resorbable orthopedic hemostat (resorbable bone wax) used to stop blood flow, (b) a delivery system for osteogenic/osteoinductive orthopedic products (bone void fillers), and (c) the formula as a delivery system for bone growth factors.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5290

License Grant
The Licensee entered into a five-year license agreement with Licensor relative to a technology known as OPLA. The Licensee and Licensor are committed to research and development of specified uses of the OPLA technology.
License Property
The Open-cell Polylactic Acid or OPLA is a porous polymer foam technology, and to our biomaterials technology platform in the orthopedics drug and delivery markets.  This porous tissue matrix technology facilitates wound healing in both bone and soft tissue and is bio absorbable at controlled rates for specific functions and tissues.  This technology adds a series of products, development programs and intellectual property related to porous biodegradable regeneration matrices.  Specifically, we are researching applications for articular cartilage regeneration, bone growth scaffolds for spinal and trauma applications and for the delivery of drugs and growth factors.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5492

License Grant
LICENSOR hereby grants to LICENSEE, to the extent of the LICENSED FIELD and LICENSED TERRITORY, a license under PATENTS, to fully practice PATENTS, including the right to make, use, offer for sale, sell and import PRODUCTS and promote the methods and compositions recited in the claims of PATENTS using PRODUCTS in the LICENSED FIELD.
License Property
The U.S. and foreign issued patents relates to platelet-based growth factors (used in platelet rich plasma gel used in wound care in the specific field of use covering diagnostic and therapeutic spinal, neurosurgery and orthopedic surgery. U.S. Patent No. 5,165,938 entitled “Wound Healing Agents,” issued 11/24/92.
Field of Use
2760-40-101       Disposable Processing Kit – Single
2760-40-102       Disposable Processing Kit – Double

Disposable Processing Kits contain the items required for containing blood during processing in the centrifuge

2760-40-000       Centrifuge
2760-40-310       Centrifuge and Cart Assembly

2760-40-200       Applicator Kit

IPSCIO Record ID: 203522

License Grant
For the License to Finished Products,  Licensor grants the Licensee of Portugal, only in the Territory, the sole and exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable right in the Field of Use under the Know-How, the Documentation, the Licensor Improvements, Joint Improvements and the Patents
– to use Bulk Active Material to produce or have produced Finished Products only for making Sales in the Field of Use, either directly, through its Affiliates or through Distributors or Sub-Licensees, in the Territory; – and, to use Bulk Active Material to conduct internal research and development activities relative to and for the benefit of making Joint Improvements or Licensee Improvements to Finished Products.

For the License to Trademark for the Bulk Active Material, Licensor grants, only in the Territory, to Licensee a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable right in the Field of Use to use, copy, publish, display, distribute and disseminate, on or in any tangible form or electronic media, the Trademark for the Bulk Active Material only in connection with the Sale of Finished Products in the Field of Use and associated marketing collaterals and packaging in accordance with the Trademark Style Guide and Requirements.

License Property
Thymosin beta 4 (TB4) is a novel drug undergoing human clinical trials for chronic wounds.

TB4 is a naturally occurring 43-amino acid peptide present in virtually all human cells. TB4 represents a new class of wound healing drug and is different from other wound repair factors, such as growth factors, in that it promotes endothelial cell differentiation and keratinocyte cell migration, down-regulates a number of inflammatory cytokines and chemokines, and has a very low molecular weight, allowing it to diffuse relatively long distances through tissues. A key mechanism of action is TB4's ability to regulate the cell-building protein, actin, a vital component of the cytoskeleton. It has been the subject of a significant amount of research at the NIH and a number of other academic institutions, and has been reported to be effective in the repair of dermal and corneal wounds in numerous animal models under a variety of conditions.

Patents are for Methods of treating Epidennolysis Bullosa and Other similar Dermatological Indications with Thymosin Beta 4, Analogues, isoforms and Other Derivatives, Treatment of Infections and Other Disorders, Thymosin B4 Promotes Wound Repair,  Methods of Treating and Preventing Anthrax Induced Pathologies with Thymosin Beta 4 Analogs, isoforms and Other Derivatives incorporated into 2600-108, Methods of Healing or Preventing Inflammation, Damage and Other Changes that Occur prior to, During or Immediately after a Myocardial Event with Thymosin Beta 4, Analogues, isoforms, and other Derivatives, Methods of Healing, Treating and/ or Reversal of Stenosis or ·Restenosis of the Myocardium and Coronary Vessels, Heart Valves and Septa Injuries or Defects Using Thymosin Beta 4, or TB4 Analogues, isoforms, Antibodies or anti-sense Peptides, and, Methods of Treating and Preventing Physical, Cognitive and Biological Damage Due to Ionizing Radiation Exposure by Administering LKKTET Peptides, TB4, analogues, isoforms and Other Derivatives.

Finished Product means any prescription or over-the-counter pharmaceutical product, or a medical device, in the Field of Use containing the Bulk Active Material.

The trademark will be determined by Licensee and approved by Licensor.

Field of Use
The field of use means the availability and use of the Finished Products formulated for the prevention and/or treatment of any indication for external wounds and internal wounds. For the sake of clarity, such indications shall include, but not be limited to, the gastrointestinal tract and burns; and shall not include ocular wounds. It is understood that any treatment or use of the Finished Products may not be incorporated into the form of any type of cosmetic product.

IPSCIO Record ID: 287764

License Grant
Under the terms of this agreement, the Company recognizes royalty revenue on sales of products containing the Companys patented resorbable bone hemostasis.
License Property
The Companys products are primarily purchased by hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers for use by surgeons on surgical wounds.
Field of Use
Licensed refers to certain bone wax rights to Licensee to develop products in the field of bone remodeling, based on Resorbable’s patent number 7,074,425 (see Note 9 “Intangible Assets”) for use in the human skeletal system.

The Company’s business is developing, marketing, and distributing wound and skin care products to physicians, hospitals, clinics and post-acute care settings.

IPSCIO Record ID: 160766

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee a series of options to acquire exclusive United States and worldwide licenses, as set forth below, to make or have made, use, sell and sublicense Licensed Products under the Technology Rights for Orthopaedic Applications of the type described. Each such license shall run for the lives of all Patents and other patents owned by or licensed to Licensor, and related to any Licensed Product, which are appropriate for the territory licensed.
License Property
Licensed Products means devices or materials including but not limited to TP508 and related peptides, all products using any of such materials, Licensor Technology or any of the Technology Rights, and all other products which, in the course of their manufacture, use, or sale would, in the absence of this license, infringe one or more claims of any of the Patent Rights which have not been finally adjudicated to be invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Licensor Technology means the core technologies related to the Patents, including the TP508 Peptide.

Licensor Product means TP508 or any related peptides, or any other materials or products manufactured by or for Licensor and sold to Licensee for research, treatment of patients or resale.

Patents means U.S. patents Number 5,352,664 and 5,500,412, all related foreign patents, including patents issued in Europe, Canada and Japan, and any divisional, continuation, and continuation-in-part applications and patents based thereon, any reissues or extensions thereof, and any corresponding or additional United States and foreign patent applications.

Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the medical industry relating to Orthopaedic Applications that shall include, and be limited to, the use of the Technology Rights in connection with Treatment of fractures, osteoarthritis or osteoporosis, treatment of damage to meniscus, ligament, cartilage or tendon, preparation or application of segmental bone filling, coating or preparation of bone or joint implants, and spinal fusion (bone related).

IPSCIO Record ID: 2550

License Grant
The Company hereby grants a worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-assignable, non-sublicensable  terminable license under the Intellectual Property that is the subject of Medtronic’s infringement, to make, have made, use, import, distribute, sell, have sold the Licensed Products incorporating or utilizing such Subject Technology within the Medtronic Area of Interest.
License Property
Medtronic Area of Interest means the areas of cardiovascular (excluding the tissue-engineered vascular grafts), endocrine, neurological, and spinal conditions or diseases.

4,721,096   Process for Replicating Bone Marrow In Vitro and Using the Same
4,960,489   Three-Dimensional Cell and Tissue Culture System
5,032,508   Three-Dimensional Cell and Tissue Culture System
5,160,490   Three-Dimensional Cell and Tissue Culture System Apparatus
5,266,480   Three-Dimensional Skin Culture System
5,443,950   Three-Dimensional Cell and Tissue Culture System
5,460,939   Temporary Living Skin Replacement
5,478,739   Three-Dimensional Stromal Cell and Tissue Culture System
5,510,254   Three-Dimensional Cell and Tissue Culture System
5,512,475   Three-Dimensional Skin Cell and Tissue Culture System
5,516,680   Three-Dimensional Kidney Cell and Tissue Culture System
5,516,681   Three-Dimensional Pancreatic Cell and Tissue Culture System
5,518,915   Three-Dimensional Mucosal Cell and Tissue Culture System
5,541,107   Three-Dimensional Bone Marrow Cell and Tissue Culture System
5,559,022   Liver Reserve Cells
5,578,485   Three-Dimensional Blood-Brain Cell and Tissue Culture System
5,580,781   Three-Dimensional Tumor Cell and Tissue Culture System
5,599,788   Method for Accelerating Skin Wound Healing with H3 Protein
5,624,840   Three-Dimensional Liver Cell and Tissue Culture System
5,714,588   Enhancement of Cellular Attachment Using H3 Protein
5,763,267   Apparatus for the Large Scale Growth and Packaging of Cell
            Suspensions and Three-Dimensional Tissue Cultures
5,785,964   Three-Dimensional Genetically Engineered Cell and Tissue Culture
5,792,603   Apparatus and Method for Sterilizing, Seeding, Culturing, Storing,
            Shipping and Testing Tissue, Synthetic or Native, Vascular Grafts
5,827,729   Diffusion Gradient Bioreactor and Extracorporeal Liver Device
            Using a Three-Dimensional Liver Tissue
5,830,708   Methods for Production of a Naturally Secreted Extracellular Matrix
5,842,477   Method for Preparing Cartilage
5,843,766   Apparatus for the Growth and Packaging of Three Dimensional
            Tissue Cultures
5,846,828   Apparatus and Method for Sterilizing, Seeding, Culturing,
            Storing, Shipping and Testing Tissue, Synthetic, or Mechanical
            Heart Valves or Valve Segments
5,849,588   Methods of Use of a Three-Dimensional Liver Cell and Tissue
            Culture System
5,858,721   Three-Dimensional Cell and Tissue Culture System
5,863,531   In Vitro Preparation of Tubular Tissue Structures by Stromal Cell
            Culture on a Three-Dimensional Framework
5,902,741   Three Dimensional Cartilage Cultures
5,919,702   Production of Cartilage Tissue Using Cells Isolated From
            Wharton's Jelly

5,928,945   Application of Shear Flow Stress to Chondrocytes or Chondrocytre
            Stem Cells to Produce Cartilage
5,962,325   Three-Dimensional Stromal Tissue Cultures
6,008,049   Diffusion Gradient Bioreactor and Extra-Corporeal Liver Device
6,022,743   Three-Dimensional Culture of Pancreatic Parenchymal Cells
            Cultured Living Stromal Tissue Prepared In Vitro
6,027,935   Gene Up-Regulated in Regenerating Liver
6,060,306   Apparatus and Method for Sterilizing, Seeding, Culturing, Storing,
            Shipping and Testing Replacement Cartilage Tissue Constructs
6,121,042   Apparatus and Method for Simulating In Vivo Conditions While
            Seeding And Culturing Three-Dimensional Tissue Constructs
6,140,039   Three-Dimensional Filamentous Tissue Having Tendon or Ligament
6,218,182   Method For Culturing Three-Dimensional Tissue in Diffusion
            Gradient Bioreactor and Use Thereof
6,284,284   Compositions and Methods for Production and Use of an Injectable
            Naturally Secreted Extracellular Matrix
6,291,240   Cells or Tissues With Increased Protein Factors and Method of
            Making Same

08/488,165  Three-Dimensional Human Cell Cultures on Cardiac Valve Frameworks
            and Their Uses – on appeal
08/660,787  Compositions and Methods for Production and Use of an Injectable,
            Naturally Secreted Extracellular Matrix
09/256,649  Living Chimeric Skin Replacement
09/313,538  Conditioned Cell Culture Medium Compostions and Methods of Use
09/362,948  Genetically Engineered Cells Responsive to Environmental Cues
09/350,386  Human Naturally Secreted Extracellular Matrix-Coated Device and
            Methods for the Production and Uses Thereof
09/401,445  Three Dimensional Human Cell Cultures on Cardiac Valve Frameworks
            and Their Uses
09/411,585  Methods of Using a Three-Dimensional Stromal Tissue to Promote
09/457,519  Application of Shear Flow Stress to Smooth Muscle Cells for the
            Production of Implantable Structures
09/482,203  Apparatus and Method for Sterilizing, Seeding, Cultiring, Storing,
            Shipping and Testing Tissue Synthetic or Native Vascular Grafts
09/603,642  Monitorable Three Dimensional Scaffolds and Tissue Culture
09/724,410  Cells or Tissues with Increased Protein Factors and Methods for
            Making Same
09/847,902  Container for Shipping Tissue
60/297,177  Compositions Comprising Conditioned Cell Culture Media and Uses


4,418,691   Method of Promoting the Regeneration of Tissue at a Wound
4,458,678   Cell-Seeding Procedures Involving Fibrous Lattices
4,505,266   Method of Using a Fibrous Lattice
4,638,045   Non-Peptide Polyamino Acid Bioerodible Polymers
4,806,621   Biocompatible, Bioerodible, Hydrophobic, Implantable Polyamino
            Carbonate Article
4,947,840   Biodegradable Templates for the Regeneration of Tissues
5,041,138   Neomorphogenesis of Cartilage In Vivo From Cell Culture
5,128,420   Method of Making Hydroxamic Acid Polymers From Primary Amide
5,399,665   Biodegradable Polymers For Cell Transplantation
5,514,378   Biocompatible Polymer Membranes and Methods of Preparation of Three
            Dimensional Membrane Structures
5,516,532   Injectable Non-Immunogenic Cartilage and Bone Preparation
5,654,381   Functionalized Polyester Graft Copolymers
5,736,372   Biodegradable Synthetic Polymeric Fibrous Matrix Containing
            Chondrocyte For In Vivo Production of a Cartilaginous Structure
5,759,830   Three-Dimensional Fibrous Scaffold Containing Attached Cells for
            Producing Vascularized Tissue In Vivo
5,770,193   Preparation of Three-Dimensional Fibrous Scaffold For Attaching
            Cells to Produce Vascularized Tissue In Vivo
5,770,417   Three-Dimensional Fibrous Scaffold Containing Attached Cells for
            Producing vascularized Tissue In Vivo
5,804,178   Implantation of Cell-Matrix Structure Adjacent Mesentery, Omentum or
            Peritoneum Tissue
6,123,727   Tissue Engineered Tendons and Ligaments
6,095,148   Neuronal Stimulation Using Electrically Conducting Polymers
6,224,893   Semi-Interpenetrating or Interpenetrating Polymer Network for Drug
            Delivery and Tissue Engineering

5,650,299   Cells Producing Stem Cell Proliferation Factor
5,981,708   Stem Cell Proliferation Factor

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The Licensee will commercialize the Licensor technology in the medical products industry, with an initial focus on advanced wound care. The advanced wound care products combine broad-spectrum antimicrobial capabilities with iodines natural and well-understood metabolic pathway to promote healing.
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