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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 4

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IPSCIO Record ID: 204162

License Grant
The Court awarded Licensor enhanced damages and attorneys’ fees and entered judgment with the Company for patent infringement claims accusing our products and services in the area of network intrusion detection of infringing two U.S. patents.
License Property
Patents (1) U.S. Patent No. 6,711,615 ('Network surveillance') and (2) U.S. Patent No. 6,484,203 ('Hierarchical event monitoring and analysis').

The patents monitored computer networks for intruders and created suspicious-activity reports.

Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the Internet industry relating to networking, security, collaboration and the cloud technology.

IPSCIO Record ID: 3010

License Grant
The Company, an operating subsidiary of Acacia, received a $12.4 million final judgment stemming from its May 2009 trial verdict and corresponding $6.6 million damages award in its patent infringement lawsuit with Licensee.  The District Court for the Eastern District of Texas awarded enhanced damages for willful infringement of $4.5 million. The District Court also awarded prejudgment interest of $1.1 million, as well as supplemental damages, bringing the total award to approximately $12.4 million.
License Property
IMVironments or IMVs are interactive backgrounds that you can add to your IM conversations.
Field of Use
The Field of Use apply to the IM market.

IPSCIO Record ID: 240883

License Grant
The Licensor, a non-profit organization formed for the benefit of the University,  grants to the Licensee and its Affiliates a royalty-bearing non-exclusive license, with the right to sublicense under the Licensed Technology and Patents in the Cyber Security field and to develop, make, have made, use, sell, lease, and import Licensed Products in all Fields of Use.  After the twenty-four months of the effective date of the Agreement, Licensor shall grant exclusive license to Licensee.
License Property
Patents in the Cyber Secutiry field A tangible computer-readable medium encoded with a computer program for minimum-cost network hardening. Disclosed is a system for modeling, analyzing, and responding to network attacks.  a system for correlating intrusion events using attack graph distances.
Field of Use
The Licensee is a cyber security company providing technology and cyber security tools and services.

This technology will provide Licensee with exceptional capabilities that can address a wide range of cybersecurity needs including comprehensive network risk assessment, vulnerability assessment, threat detection, and intelligence correlation.

IPSCIO Record ID: 7232

License Grant
The Licensee entered into an exclusive License Agreement with the Licensor, a University.  The Agreement was amended on January 30, 2008 and November 3, 2008. Under this Agreement, the Licensee obtained exclusive rights to various patents and patent applications owned by the Licensor that will allow the Company to make, use, sell and otherwise distribute products anywhere in the world.
License Property
The Licensee is developing network security solutions for detection and awareness of external intrusions to computer networks. The technology utilized by the Licensee is based on three patents licensed from the Licensor.
Field of Use
The Licensee is provider of cloud security and compliance solutions that enable organizations to identify security risks to their IT infrastructures, help protect their IT systems and applications from ever-evolving cyber attacks and achieve compliance with internal policies and external regulations.

The Licensee's cloud solutions address the growing security and compliance complexities and risks that are amplified by the dissolving boundaries between internal and external IT infrastructures and web environments, the rapid adoption of cloud computing and the proliferation of geographically dispersed IT assets.

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