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Category: Technology Licenses
Created On: 2022-04-28
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 203473

License Grant
Licensor grants to Licensee a world-wide license under the Licensors Patent Rights and the Licensor Licensed Technology, to make, have made for it, use, sell, or import into the United States, the Licensed Products. The license granted herein is exclusive under the patent rights with respect to the exclusive products and non-exclusive with respect to the non-exclusive products.  The license granted herein does not include the right to sublicense and is expressly limited to the specific licensed products defined herein.
License Property
1. United States Patent No . 6,214,901 Bl to Chudzik et al, issued April 10, 2001, titled Bioactive agent release coating

2. United States Patent No . 6,344,035 Bl to Chudzik et al, issued February 5, 2002, titled Bioactive agent release coating

3. United States Patent Application Ser. No. **10/175, 212, FILED 6/1 8/02, Titled Method and System for providing Bioacive agent release coating

4. United States Patent Application Ser. No . **10/174, 635, FILED 6/18/02, Titled Bioactive agent release coating with aromatic poly (meth) acrylates

5. United States Patent Application Ser. No . **10/17 5, 2 10, FILED 6/18/02, Titled Bioactive agent release coating and controlled humidity method

6. United States Patent Application Ser . No . **09/98 9, 033, FILED 11/21/01, Titled Bioactive agent release coating, Publ.  U. S. 20020032434**

7. United States Patent Application Ser. No . * *10/ ___ FILED 10/10/02,Titled Bioactive agent release coating

8. United States Patent Application Ser . No . ** 10/ ___ , FILED 12/6/02, Titled Barriers for polymeric coatings

Licensor Licensed Technology means those items described, including, to the extent those items that were not known to the public at the time of their disclosure by Licensor to Licensee.
Supplier of PEVA/ PBMA
Purification Solvents
Purification process (if obtained from escrow)
Additive detection methods
Polymer purification equipment
Receiving inspection procedures for PEVA, PBMA
CP02 ( PEVA) Specification
CPOl (PBMA) Specification
PEVA and CP02 Test Requirements
PBMA and CPOl Test Requirements

Field of Use
This agreement pertains to the medical industry relating to coating composition for use in coating implantable medical devices.

IPSCIO Record ID: 5512

License Grant
The Licensor hereby grants to the Licensee the exclusive worldwide license for certain patented technologies marketed under the trade names PROstent (TM) and Liprostin / PROstent (TM), and the Licensor's referenced technologies with multiple stent coating applications for use with other medical devices, including catheter delivery of PROstent.
License Property
The technology being licensed includes Patent Application No. 09/309,949; Filed on May 11, 1999; 'Prosthesis With Biodegradable Surface Coating and Method For Making Same.' This application is a continuation-in-part application of U.S. Patent Application Serial No. 08/797,743 filed on February 7, 1997.
Abstact A vascular structure includes suitable mechanical properties needed to open and maintain a vessel, duct, tract, or organ and precise chronicity controlling the release and delivery of a bioactive agent carried on the vascular structure. The bioactive agent is capable of acting upon and altering the mechanisms of biologic systems in a manner providing a medicinal therapy. The vascular structure includes at least one layer or coating of the bioactive agent overlaid by a permiable membrane for controlling the osmotic release of the bioactive agent.

Technology also includes Patent Application Serial No. 08/797,743; Filed on February 7, 1997; 'Composition and Method For Making a Biodegradable Drug Delivery Stent'.  Licensee is from Canada and licensor from U.S.
Abstract A stent or vascular graft for supporting a blood vessel or organ lumen is coated with a biodegradable, resorbable and hemocompatible surface substrate. Biologically active microspheres which controllably release the biologically active agent into the vessel wall or organ to inhibit restenosis of the stent is embedded in the stent substrate. The biologically active microspheres include encapsulated PGE1 in a water soluble polyethylene glycol mix, which over a period of time dissolves and releases the PGE1 into the vessel wall or organ.

USE OF TRADEMARKS. The Licensee will be allowed to use any and all trademarks of the Licensor with respect to the Technology, Products and any Improvements.

IPSCIO Record ID: 4143

License Grant
The Licensor hereby grants to Licensee an exclusive royalty-bearing right and license to use the Licensor Technical Information and Licensor Patents to make, have made, use, offer for sale, and sell Agreement Product in The Territory for use solely within the Agreement Field.
License Property
Licensor has developed certain 100% solids UV curable pigmented and clear paint coating compositions for the metal cylinder treatment market and as a result possesses certain technical information, know how, trade secrets and patent rights relating to the manufacture and use of such coatings.

U.S. Patent Applications
Composition of matter comprising UV curable material, photoinitiators, fillers, and solid pigment dispersions. 10/872,531

A process for coating propane tanks and similar articles with a 100% solids, UV curable coating. 60/549,669

Environmentally friendly, 100% solids, actinic radiation curable coating compositions and coated surfaces and coated articles thereof. 10/983,022

Environmentally friendly, assemblages, facilities, and processes for applying anopaque 100% solids, actinic radiation curable coating of objects. 10/982,998

Environmentally friendly, 100% solids, actinic radiation curable coating compositions for coating thermally sensitive surfaces and/or rusted surfaces and methods, processes and assemblages for coating thereof. 11/003,159

Presented herein are environmentally friendly actinic radiation curable, substantially all solids compositions and methods for coating metal objects or plastic objects. Also presented herein are environmentally friendly actinic radiation curable, substantially all solids compositions and methods to obtain flexible, and/or abrasion and scratch resistant, and/or impact resistant and/or smooth, and/or hard coatings, which also exhibits enhanced adhesion and/or slip properties.

10/872,531 (US Patent 7498362) Disclosed are environmentally friendly, substantially all solids coating compositions which are curable using ultraviolet and visible radiation. In certain embodiments, the disclosed coating compositions are suitable for coating flexible objects and/or objects having angular features, such as, but not limited to, flexible metal objects with angular features. In other embodiments, the cured coatings have improved slip properties and at least 6 H hardness. Such embodiments can served as substitutes for hard chrome coatings, TEFLON® coatings, coatings comprising TEFLON®, or TEFLON® like coatings. In addition, methods are disclosed for coating surfaces, or at least a portion of the surfaces, and curing of the coated surface to obtain partially or fully cured coated surfaces. Furthermore, articles of manufacture incorporating fully cured coated surfaces are disclosed, including, for example leaf springs, hydraulic rods and cylinders. Also disclosed are methods, processes, production lines, articles of manufacture, and factories which incorporate these environmentally friendly, substantially all solids coating compositions curable using ultraviolet and visible radiation.

Field of Use
Agreement Field means the Metal Cylinder Treatment Market.  Metal Cylinder Treatment Market means the application of paint, resin and other coating materials over 20lb metal cylinders.
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