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Created On: 2020-07-15
Record Count: 3

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IPSCIO Record ID: 2012

License Grant
The Company granted exclusive rights to FLT-3 ligand outside North America; oncology product.
License Property
MOBIST(TM) (Flt3 ligand, or Flt3-L), a cytokine that induces the proliferation of blood progenitor cells and specialized immune cells (dendritic cells).  Flt3-L binds to a receptor located on primitive hematopoietic cells, and has been shown to be capable of mobilizing PBPCs alone, and in combination with other cytokines such as Leukine or granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF). Development Status: Phase II.
Field of Use
The rights granted apply to the healthcare industry.

IPSCIO Record ID: 195780

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to Licensee, a subsidiary, an exclusive worldwide license with the right to sublicense others, to make, have made, use, sell and lease the Products described in the Licensed Patent Rights with reach-through rights reserved to Licensor.  Patent Application is titled as “Methods of Re-Activating Dormant Memory Cells with Anticancer Activity” and commercially named “MemoryMune”. Product Shall mean any materials including compositions, techniques, devices, methods or inventions relating to or based on the Licensed Patent Rights.
License Property
The invention teaches that cancer associated molecules, including production of glucocorticoids and HPA activation, have a general suppressive activity on the immune response which blocks ability to elicit effective anticancer immunity.

Licensor owns the rights to Patent Application Serial No. 62/478520 filed 03-29-17 “Methods of Re-Activating Dormant Memory Cells with Anticancer Activity” and commercially named “MemoryMune”.

The patent licensed provides means to recapitulate a natural immune response ex vivo through activation of innate immune cells, and subsequently utilizing products generated by said cells to stimulate adaptive immune cells to acquire ability to induce killing or inhibiting proliferation of cells expressing oncogenic transformations. In one embodiment of the invention, innate immune cells are activated with stimuli capable of inducing production of cytokines associated with induction of immunity to intracellular abnormalities; said cytokines are further administered to adaptive immune cells in a patient in need of treatment.

Field of Use
Licensee desires to use the rights to MemoryMune, a product derived from donor blood cells, developed to reawake dormant immune memory cells to develop marketable Product(s).

Licensee intends to develop products that can be used together to attack cancer at different levels, as well as to be used alone or in combination with existing therapies.

Developing the novel immunological use of mifepristone in the area of oncology adds another weapon in the fight against cancer using the patient’s own immune system.  Natural killer cells are a unique arm of the immune system that is capable of killing cancer cells without prior sensitization. The findings that mifepristone is capable of reducing cancer associated suppression of the natural killer cell compartment, we believe, positions mifepristone as a potentially valuable therapeutic in utilization of the immune system to kill tumors.

IPSCIO Record ID: 275802

License Grant
Licensor hereby grants to the German Licensee, an exclusive (even as to Licensor), transferable, royalty-bearing license under the Xcellerateâ„¢ Technology, with the right to sublicense as permitted, to research, develop, make, have made, use, import, sell and offer for sale Products in the Field in the Territory.
License Property
Product means any and all products where the manufacture, sale or use of such products would (i) in the absence of the licenses granted in this Agreement infringe at least one Valid Patent Claim of the Licensor Patents in the Territory, or (2) use the Licensor Know-How.

Xcellerateâ„¢ Technology means the Licensor Patents and Licensor Know-How.

Licensor Patents means, to the extent owned or Controlled by Licensor, or owned or Controlled jointly by Licensor and Licensee:
6,352,694 – Methods for inducing a population of T cells to proliferate using agents which recognize TCR/CD3 and ligands which stimulate an accessory molecule on the surface of the T cells
5,858,358 – Methods for selectively stimulating proliferation of T cells
5,883,223 – CD9 antigen peptides and antibodies thereto

Licensor Know-How means any and all technical information, processes, formulae, data, engineering, inventions, chemical compounds, know-how and trade secrets owned or Controlled by Licensor that relate to the Xcellerated T Cellsâ„¢, Xcellerateâ„¢ II Process and the Xcellerateâ„¢ III Process and any other proprietary information.

Xcellerated T Cells™” means the T cells that are produced by the use of the Xcellerate™ Technology, including but not limited to the use of the Licensor Dynabeads®, Xcellerate™ II Process or Xcellerate™ III Process or derivatives thereof.

Xcellerate™ II Process” means a static process configuration as it exists as of the Effective Date and is defined in Xcyte Therapies Master Production Records MPR 11-0002 & 11-0005 submitted to FDA on September 19, 2001.

Xcellerateâ„¢ III Process means the process configuration based on the WaveBioreactor as it exists as of the Effective Date and is defined in Licensor Therapies Master Production Records MPR 11-0006 & 11-0007 submitted to the FDA on May 15, 2003.

Licensor Dynabeads®” means XR-CD3 and XR-CD28 antibodies produced at Lonza Biologics that are conjugated to super-paramagnetic Dynaspheres MS-4.5-REK particles at Dynal Biotech A.S.A.

Field of Use
Field means any and all HIV retroviral gene therapy applications for human or animal use; provided that use of the technology sublicensed under the Licensor In-Licenses shall be further limited to the Field defined in the respective Licensee In-Licenses, as applicable.
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